Fantasy Friday ~ A Summer Solstice, Stunningly Hot, Desert Wedding at a Succulent Sanctuary

When you exchange vows at a succulent sanctuary (um, how cool is that?!!), it's only fitting that succulents line the dinner table, right? And, seriously, look how gorgeous they are!! OMG! I'm such a sucker for succulents! Anyway, bridey, I love everything about Emily and Rob's wedding. The succulents, the trip down the hacienda stairs to the aisle, the DIY elements and dinner at the FAB French restaurant, Le Valluris. I'm like a broken record when I say that your wedding day should completely encapsulate who you are as a couple, and obviously, that means different elements for each couple.

Emily and Rob certainly succeeded in capturing their nuptial spirit (Whoa... just go with it... No, I'm not high, just intoxicated by this lovely wedding...). Between the desert heat, the sanctuary and the La Vallauris, I'd say I have a pretty good feel of who they are as a couple even without ever having met them. So, bridey, go meet Emily and Rob and be inspired!

LOVE Emily's dress!! So FAB and delicious!I'm a 'lil bit obsessed with the bouquet... Fans were definitely necessary. The temperature topped out at 108 degrees!!! OMG!Yup! Emily is fabulous barefoot bride! Look down!LOVE how they are looking at each other!Gotta put some sneakers on to wander around the Palm Springs desert!Entirely breathtaking!Succulent place cards/favors... I mean... Awesome! Fantastic DIY aspects!FREEZE FRAME! Who else wants one? Fuck yeah!!I'll have one of those too!I want one of everything! Cuban cigar and some Crown Royal anybody? Thank you Emily and Rob for sharing your fantastically awesome HOT wedding day with BB!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Viera Photographics
Reception Venue: Le Vallauris
Ceremony Location: Moorten Botanical Garden

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Country Wedding with a Modern Twist

I've never been Albuquerque, NM. In fact, I have a hard time spelling it (true story). But, after taking in Julia & Seth's wedding photographs, I think I may have to add Albuquerque to my bucket list. Right??! Who's with me?! Their venue? Los Poblanos Historic Farm, is absolutely stunning and quaint! Not too mention that when you scroll down, you will see a few peacocks just wandering around! LOVE IT!

But, what I think is so cool about Julia and Seth is how they were able to incorporate a fabulous mix of country and modern into their wedding. It's completely clear that these two have a genuine love for one another (wait until you see the kickass video!) and that their guests had a really, really good time.

A gorgeous peacock! Seriously, something I don't often see in wedding photographs!Julia, you are incredibly stunning! Seriously, you could get married in your polka dot robe, and you'd still look beautiful!How about a toast? Oh, you want to see more? I do! Check out the video: Awwwwww....The first look as captured so well in the photographs and in the video! Be sure to watch it!Lovin' the light blue bridesmaids dresses and succulent infused bouquets!It really doesn't get much cuter.Oh yeah!! We did it!! Hell yeah!

Fantasy Friday ~ A Ventura Beach, Ocean Front, Mismatched Bridesmaids Wearing Kickass Wedding

If I had to guess, I would say that the bride and groom are definitely water signs. And you know what, bridey, you’re probably going to agree with me after you browse these beautiful photographs. You see, Shelby and Daniel are avid water sports enthusiasts. Wake boarding and surfing is their passion, so it would only make sense to get married at the beach, right? Right. They wanted their wedding photos to reflect their love of the sea and the sand, and I would say that they did a wonderful job building their mutual charisma for the ocean into their wedding. 

Another cool ‘lil tid bit? The wedding was held on the beach near their new home. I mean, how fucking FAB is that? Talk about having everything come together!! New home, new hus and a kickass wedding down the beach? Pretty cool! Plus, I’m a little obsessed with the colors scheme for this wedding. Seriously, Shelby did an amazing job choosing her palette! Coral and ocean blue! FABULOUS! Check out the mismatched bridesmaids dresses; they are absolutely GORGE. I totally love how they are within the same orangey color spectrum, and yet each are entirely different, but in complete harmony. Go see for yourself!!

Just LOOK at those bridesmaids dresses!! I really love them!Those are the RSVPs. Not only are they awesome, but I love that they are hanging up and that Shelby and Daniel's guests had the chance to write something fun on the card!!Such a fine looking couple! Love the pedi, Shelby!It really doesn't get better than that, huh? Great shot!!Lovely succulents!Amazing idea for escort cards! 

Fantasy Friday ~ A Stunning, Southern California Wedding... Rustic, DIY, and Succulents... Oh My!

Brideys, do me a favor. I want you to scroll down and take a look under "Industry Peeps" specifically, the event designer. Notice anything? Yeah, the bride designed this beautiful wedding. Not an industry peep, but the bride!! And I cannot get over all of the kickass details she incorporated into her wedding! Seriously, I love the framed photographs you see in the opening pic, but I also love how they are hanging from the tree. 

Soooo... Erika and Nathan got married at their private residence in Southern California. And not only do I love that they got married at their home, but I love how they took so many steps to create a marriage between their home and their wedding... Pretty fucking fantastic, right? Between the lovely DIY elements (thank you Erika) all the way down to the rustically AWESOME wedding cake, I just cannot get enough of this wedding. And neither will you.

Gorgeous bouquet!And a gorgeous bride!Erika! I LOVE your stunning veil!!I'm sorry, but could you bust? Amazing first look pics and amazing kiss!If it weren't weird, then I'd totally hang this in my house. FAB centerpieces! Just FAB!!!