Summer Wedding

A Beautiful Summer Wedding Rockin' a L'il Bit of Star Wars and a Lot of Love!

I love this wedding. I know I say that a lot on Bitchless Bride, but Ying + Kevin's wedding is just so lovely! It's a perfect mix of elegant and fun. As you scroll down, bridey, you'll clearly see that a lot of thought went into all of the details, and yet it's not overdone or over-themed. The B+G love Star Wars and incorporated this angle gently into their wedding day; something that is hard to do, but was done well. And, OMG! Just wait until you see the incredible flowers at the altar! Holy shit they are amazing!

Ying + Kevin met at the University of Alberta while completing their masters program. And while they moved to the US after graduation, they decided to get married back in Canada where Kevin is from originally. Bridey, I know you're going to enjoy this beautifully romantic and simply elegant wedding! 

Look how stunning and luscious those flowers are!!  

I mean... Holy shit. This is a truly stunning arch...

Kevin! I love how you're looking at Ying! I'm gonna need a tissue!

I can't with the flowers... Totally exquisite bouquet!!

I love how they're totally giggling!!

It really doesn't get much sweeter.... Right?

I love the B+G's take on Star Wars!!

Thank you Ying and Kevin for sharing your beautiful wedding day with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Daphne Chen Photography
Event Planner: J'Adore Design and Events
Dress Designer: Maggie Sotteso
Floral Designer: Studio Bloom
Reception Venue: The Faculty Club
Hair Stylist: Umi & Co. Beauty Shop

A Beautifully Casual, Beautifully Bitchless, Stunning Outdoor Wedding...

OMG, bridey, I'm think I'm on to something... like, for real, really on to something (potentially life changing). What has me so excited? Well, as you scroll, you'll see the B+G's adorable golden retriever walking down the aisle, and captured in quite a few of the photographs. Not only is he a beautiful dog, but he's happy too. So, it got me thinking that dogs should be at every wedding! Right? Seriously, how soothing would it be for a bride + her guests to have a sweet pooch to pet and enjoy throughout the wedding day? I mean, they do say that petting a dog (or cat) can lower your blood pressure and relaxes you. I'm sorry, but isn't that PERFECT for a wedding?! It's probably the best prescription for wedding day stress, like ever! The crazy thing is that I am a cat person, but I do melt over a sweet dog.

Anyway, Erin and Nick had the coolest, most laid-back, outdoor FAB wedding that I've seen in a long time. The beer was a flowin', the weather was perfect, and they had a delicious looking red velvet cake. What else do you need? Enjoy!!!

I love E+N and totally love Erin's bouquet!

I really love this sign. (Notice how short the ceremony is? Quick, and to the point! LOVE IT!)


I am calmer and more relaxed simply by looking at this pic!

Maple syrup escort cards! TOTALLY FAB! One of my brides said that she loved maple syrup so much that she drinks it!! And you know what? I really can't blame her! Although I might be known to add some whiskey to it...

STFU. SO SO SO cute!

Simple. Gorgeous. Elegant. And, red velvet (my fave!)...

It's really perfect...

Thank you Erin + Nick for sharing your beautiful wedding with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer:  Stevi Sayler Photography 
Floral Designer: Bestow PDX
Favors & Gifts: Butternut Mountain Farm
Event Venue: McMenamins
Dress Store: The English Department

When Rustic Meets French Country with a Dash of Vintage... A Gorgeously Colorful, Outdoor, Summer Wedding

What I love most about Heather and Dave is that they combined pretty much everything they love about their life together, and infused it into their wedding. Seriously, I fucking love that they took pieces of who they are and created a day so unforgettable and dare I say, enchanting, not only for them, but for their guests too. With a genuine enthusiasm for the outdoors, the B+G got married in a BE AU TI FUL outdoor venue under the most exquisite and colorful altar I think I've ever seen (just wait until you scroll down!). As passionate animal lovers, Heather and Dave took pics with the horses on the farm, and Heather arrived to the ceremony via horse and carriage. 

I really could go on and on (you totally know that's true!) about everything I love about Heather and Dave's wedding, but why should I when all you have to do is use your thumb and see for yourself. Right? Bridey, enjoy this deliciously juicy and colorfully fantastic wedding!

I'm OB SES SED with the lace and the colors!!

Um, check out the fucking amazing nails!!!


Boots with the flowers... LOVE IT!

C'mon! Eat the apple!!

Totally GORGE!!

Heather: My veil fell off while walking up the aisle with my father. He wanted to grab it, but I told him to forget it. It was too windy, and wouldn't have stayed on anyway!

Fantastic photograph!!

Fantastic escort cards!!!

Such a stunning set! 


Thank you Heather and Dave for sharing your truly lovely wedding with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Victoria Sprung Photography
Venue: Oak Hill Weddings
DJ: Global Music Vibes
Florist: Hand Pickd
Caterer: The Rafters
Music: Ralph Kluseman

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Mad Little Tea Party Wedding

A canary yellow and lace vintage wedding dress. OMG! Right? Absolutely stunning! I love that Danielle is wearing yellow, and I love that her fabulous yellow dress is tea length; perfect for their high tea dinner reception! Seriously, perfect! Right? So, this wedding was submitted to Bitchless Bride and described as, "...a loose Alice in Wonderland theme with a high tea dinner..." And, a truer description really is not possible. Just wait until you see all of the intricate details. OMG... Danielle and Darryl might have some of the most superb wedding favors/place "cards" I have ever seen!

Bridey, Danielle and Darryl really had the best of of everything. Aside from the beautiful outdoor ceremony, the gorgeous "high tea" dinner reception hosted at a cool ass barn, and the amazing canary yellow wedding dress, D+D are fucking funny. I love how their sense of humor seeps through the photographs, spilling all over the page. It's 100% clear they adore each other and have fun together! I mean, what more can you ask for on your wedding day and for life? Enjoy!
Danielle made her lavender bouquet (and her bridesmaids!) from flowers she got a local farm.
OB SESS ED with the dress and the shoes!
Notice how all of the 'maids are wearing something completely different?!!
Amazing shot!
Some serious personality emanating from this pic!
That's funny!
FAB décor, and totally LOVE the tea cup place cards!!
Thinking this may be a dream bridal party. I have a crush... On ALL of them!
Ha!!! No problem!
Thank you Danielle and Darryl for sharing your truly FAB wedding with Bitchless Bride! 

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: HRM Photography
Floral Designer: Steed & Co Lavender Farm
Makeup Artist: Alycat Makeup and Hair
Museum: Fanshawe Pioneer Village
Cake: Hey Cupcake!
DJ: Music Central
Caterer: Sticky Pudding

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ When Runners Wed... On Your Marks, Get Set Go!

OMG! Just wait until you see Emily and John's send-off! Seriously! It's something that in all of my experience planning weddings I have never seen! Stumped? I'll give you a few hints. See those neon running shoes? Well, they're going to need them. And, it's something that I, nor my sig other, would ever do in a million years (well, not without making complete asses out of ourselves)! Figure it out yet? No? Well, don't worry! Scroll down to the very last pic, and you will see just how phenomenal Emily and John's send-off was!

Anyway, besides the fucking FAB send-off, the DIY deets and the sheer whimsical feel of pretty much every single detail of Emily and John's wedding day, you bridey, will fall in love with the whole package. As I was putting this post together, I found myself getting completely lost in the soft colors, the beautiful day and the nearly perfect execution. So, have at it! It's just so good!

Amazing dress, and fantastic beaded sash!It's just so lovely!Whimsy, right?I am OB SES SED with the B+G! Obsessed! I LOVE how they walked each other down the aisle!Perfect bubbles.Yeah... You know it looks good!! I'll have two, please!Super light and airy...GORGE cake! Totally amazing (and you know I love the "B"!!)!

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ So Good... It'll Take Your Breath Away

I don't know why, but this photograph completely reminds me of Reservoir Dogs. Right? Anybody else feeling it? Or have I completely lost it? I don't know... Maybe it's because of the angle or the way everybody is looking "just so", but either way, it's really cool and I love it. Plus, I feel like this pic is a glimpse into how FAB Erica and Matthew's wedding is. Truly, bridey, their wedding is so elegant and exquisite that it will take your breath away. 

So, please feel free to lose yourself while browsing the spectacular details. Seriously, the mint cupcake tree, the amazingly designed long guest tables, Erica's dress (and shoes and veil), the perfect summer day (something that those of us on the East Coast are dreaming of daily), the wedding favors, etc. etc. etc. Bridey, if you're anything like me, then allow yourself to get lost. Enjoy!

Absolutely LOVE the invites, etc.!
Erica, you look AWESOME! I love everything about your dress, veil, makeup... You name it!
Gorgeous couple.
Those mint bridesmaids dress are FAB!!!
The escort card display is really cool.
Now, this is a favor I could totally CHOW!
Seriously? This is amazing... Again, with the mint... LOVE LOVE LOVE!
Thank you for sharing your beautiful wedding with BB!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer:  Lyn Ismael: Evocative Imagery of Love Stories
Reception Venue: The Cambridge Mill

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ When Red Rocks Meet Denver... A Completely Natural, Urban Wedding

Meet Brittany and Nico. They are the FAB headless couple photographed above. And you know what? I'm not the only one who thinks they're fabulous. You see, I specifically asked that photographers submit their favorite weddings for me to post on Bitchless Bride, and the very talented Ashley Kidder of Urban Safari Photography, Ltd. gave me Brittany and Nico.

Ashley submitted this amazing Red Rocky Denver wedding not just because of the sensational details, but because each and every vendor Brittany and Nico touched said that same thing... That they LOVED this couple! And you will fall in love with them too, bridey. Do they have impeccable taste, genius wedding color selection, outstanding DIY creations, and fucking kickass shoes (you'll see)? Yes, but you know what else? Warmth and sincerity are exuded in every single photograph.

First of all, magnificent dress. Secondly, those awesome shoes? Brittany's sister wore them at her wedding. Hello something borrowed!Talk about stunning ranunculus in the rich yellow! Brittany, you look absolutely striking!What did I tell you about the shoes?!!! Was I right? I mean...Holy bouquet Batman!!! Specifically, the bouquet consists of dahlia, ranunculus, yarrow, craspedia, berzillia berries, vibernum berries, hydrangea, and dusty miller.Check out the scenery. Totally breathtaking.I love this photograph! Such a fun way to make sure you get a photograph of everybody who attended the wedding!Nico is wearing a cool tie.See ya' later Red Rocks! On to the more urban scenery!

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Mid Summer Night Dream in a Secret Garden

Here we go again... My obsession with the amazing photographer, Hilary Cam,continues. This wedding is so spectacular! Dare I say the words, swoon-worthy? Sorry, but it is! And although swooning really isn't my thing, this wedding is just fucking brilliant! I mean... Laura and Dylan created a day so fabulous and so intimate, that when you see the photographs and read a bit about all that went into making this day so lovely, you're probably going to drool... Drawing inspiration from a Midsummer Night’s Dream, their reception was quite heavenly and super romantic. They definitely went with some contemporary and daring twists reflecting their creativity and individuality.

From Hilary Cam: "Laura works as a freelance stylist and designer for The Styling Branch so we knew she had something fabulous planned for her own day. Dylan and Laura’s intimate reception was in absolute seclusion out on Scotland Island. Guests arrived by boat and climbed the sandstone stairs to a magical garden full of fairy lights. Their reception was ethereal; woodland tablescapes with moss, scattered tea lights, mason jars and flowers, with a canopy of Edison lights overhead. Their wedding was intimate, romantic and magical for all who were there."

This photograph says it all.. Brilliant!Hilary Cam: Describe  your wedding in one sentence.
Bride: ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream’ set within ‘The Secret Garden’

HC: What do you do for work?
Bride: I’m an Interior Designer / Freelance Stylist

For some reason, this pic reminds me of Entourage...HC: How long have you been together?
Bride: 2 years.

HC: What was the inspiration behind your wedding theme / style? 
Bride: I have always dreamt of having ‘a midsummer nights dream’ garden wedding. I wanted to create an intimate, romantic, magical feeling for us and for our guests. And it was EXACTLY as I had imagined it to be.

Oh yeah! Oh yeah! (Another Entourage reference...)FUCKING AWESOME!