Superhero Wedding

Fantasy Friday ~ An Amazing Avenger Themed, Seriously Kickass, Mostly Etsy, Indiana Wedding

I probably should have called this, "A Kickass Esty Wedding Rockin' an Avenger Theme". Aside from the cake (although some elements of the cake are via Etsy!), the venue and the photographer, I think it's safe to say that pretty much everything else was the DIY fabulousness of the bride + Etsy. I mean... WOW! If you're that kind of girl, then you are officially my superhero! Although, I totally got my hus this ('cause I'm super classy) for Valentine's Day, and it's obvi from Etsy! But, that's about as far as I go. That said, I'm wholeheartedly impressed with Erica and James' theme and creativeness! Just wait until you scroll, bridey. This wedding is really pretty amazing.

But, before you scroll, can we just talk about the bridesmaids shoes? They're wearing COMIC BOOK SHOES! Which of course the bride MADE (Hold please... Can I get a,"holy shit!"?), not too mention the fucking FAB bridal bouquet that Erica also made... OMG. Anyway... I could blab on and on (must be the booze)... So, go! Enjoy this cool, fun and exceptionally awesome wedding of Erica and James!

STFU! Love!!! Yeah... Comic book shoes!! WOW! 
Ummmmm. HOLY.FUCKING.SHIT. That's incredible!!! WOW! A bouquet made out of comic books, with a l'il glitz and glam!
OMG. You have no idea how good this looks to me right now.
That's one hell of a boutonniere! Super impressive!
Bridesmaids, bouquets and books! Oh, and Avengers necklaces that Erica gave her 'maids too! 
Can we just talk about how the groomsmen are wearing vests that are all a different color? I mean... I get it...  Colors to represent Iron Man, Hawkeye, Thor, Hulk and Captain America, but it's also quite awesome!
How cool is that?
Such a FAB idea! 
That cake! It's "superhuman". Sorry, couldn't help it! 
Greatest shot ever! Although, I woudn't want to throw that GORGE bouquet! 
Oh wait! THIS is the best shot ever!!
Thank you Erica and James for sharing your cool and awesome wedding with Bitchless Bride!!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Westley Leon Studios
Venue: The Uptown Center
Cake: The Uptown Center
Fondant Cutouts: IEF Design
Flowers: The Bride!!
Bridesmaids Shoes: The Bride!!
Hair Comb: Glamorous Bijoux
Stamps on the Escort Cards: Kindred Stamps 
Flasks: Scissor Mill 
Hulk Cufflinks: Watary 
Iron Man & Capt America Cufflinks: Hot Mouse
Hawkeye Cuffflinks: Cufflink Sky

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Diana & Kyle's Superhero Wedding!!!!

Remember the super kickass superhero engagement shoot I posted last month? Well, I told Jules, their photographer, that I just HAD to post their wedding, and... here it is!!!! I seriously could not be more excited to share these fucking FAB pics with you, bridey. I mean... They are absolutely exceptional! Seriously, wait until you see how bright and plain ol' cool this wedding is. Diana and Kyle did a phenomenal job creating a day that represents who they are, what they love and their love for each other. 

Not only is this wedding so fucking cool, but it's original and personal and fun. Bridey, there is no way you're not going to want to see these pictures over and over again. I mean... there is so much inspiration here (superhero and otherwise), that you just might fall over. But, don't worry, I'm sure somebody will swoop in and save you from hitting your head...

This pic of Diana and one of her bridesmaids literally made me laugh out loud!Loving all of the color! The dresses, the bouquets, the hair pieces!!! OH MY!!Need a something blue? Never fear (see what I did? Superhero reference...), just get a blue mani or pedi!These are hilarious!!!Usually the hus ends up holding the purse. I love that Kyle is holding the shoes!Who needs a flower girl when you have a GLITTER GIRL?Superhero kiss for sure. Check out Diana's cuffs!Fuck yeah! Oh wait... Ring fingers!