Tea Ceremony

An Amazing Westminster Wedding That's Super Cool, Super Energetic and Super Cray!

Seriously bridey, I don't even know where to begin with Sarah and Will's FAB wedding... Like, there are so many cool details and incredible energy that it's kinda hard to put what I am feeling into words. It all starts with a beautiful tea ceremony, and ends with a fucking kickass party and a RuPaul inspired walk off... I mean, how could I possibly that into words? 

I will say that I am completely obsessed with Sarah's lipstick. I have a total love affair with lipstick, and the fact that Sarah's rocking dark lips (and dark, pointy nails), is awesome! Really, I just love everything about this wedding! The lighting, the cake (holy shit with the cake, and the "creatures" on top) and the insane dancing make me so happy! I love when a B+G truly make their wedding day about their favorite people and what make them, them. Enjoy!

Could they get any cuter?

Love Sarah's reaction here...

This is a great shot!


Check out that bouquet!! LOVE IT!

Damn girl. You're 100% owning this bride thing...

Sounds so cheesy, but I love all of the hand holding.

Such a great group shot!

Taxidermy creatures... Now, look down! STFU with this AMAZING cake!!!

I mean, you gotta cut the cake with a sword!

Not quite sure what is happening here, but I fucking love it!

Hacking Brian.003.jpeg

Thank you Sarah and Will for sharing your cool, fun and fucking fantastic wedding with Bitchless Bride!! I love everything about it!

Industry Peeps:
Photographer: York Place Studios
Venue: The Institute of Civil Engineering, One Great George Street

Super Stylish Sunday ~ A Gorgeous Tea Ceremony, A Stanley Cup Wedding Cake and Much, Much More!

Seriously, there are so many stunning details in Linda & Kurt's wedding that perhaps I got a little carried away the number of photographs included in this post... But, I just couldn't help it! WAIT until you see all of the amazing colors, fun photo ops, and all of the cool ass surprises as you scroll down the page! The best part? All of these goodies are mixed with a bit of tradition.

Soooooo..... I'll be honest, I am not much of a sports fan. Sure, I get excited if one of our teams is in the playoffs or something, but usually... Not so much. Linda and Kurt on the other hand? GIANT hockey fans!! I mean, their cake is a replica of the fucking Stanley Cup!!! Right?? That's pretty awesome! And you know what colors are hiding on the inside? Orange and blue! The official colors of their fave hockey team, the Edmonton Oilers. 

But, OMG... There are so many neat details shared in this wedding... School buses, classrooms, tea ceremonies, Plinko chips (yup! I said PLINKO!), you name it's there! So, bridey, if you're feeling short on inspiration, you won't be after browsing this FAB wedding! Enjoy!!

As much as this girl loves Jimmy Choo, Valentino or CLB... I seem to be drawn to green All Star sneakers too...

Fucking AWESOME! I am completely obsessed with bouquet!I know it's a little bit strange, but I love that Kurt is holding the bouquet in one of these photographs. Completely reminds me of when I make my hus hold my purse while I am busy doing something else!!

Yeah, Linda is a school teacher... Hence the school bus, classroom, etc..."Hey girl..."

It really doesn't get cooler than this!