Tented Wedding

An Funny Anecdote from a Beautiful Wedding... Proving Once Again Why Wedding Planners are a Necessity!

Bridey, you know that over the years I have strongly suggested that you hire a wedding planner no matter your budget, and no matter how large or small your wedding is? Well, I haven’t been blowing smoke up your ass. There are some seriously solid reasons to hire a wedding professional to help you with your wedding plans, logistics and the several other moving parts for your big day. And, as I have preached this sentiment over and over again on Bitchless Bride until I am fucking blue in the face, some of you still would rather wing it. And, I get it. I really, really do. We are not cheap. We feel unpractical. We feel superfluous. But, we are not. We are “fixers”, not in the Ray Donovan kind of way (we aren’t hiding any bodies or embezzling money), but in the true sense of the word, FIX. We clean up some pretty big messes, literally and figuratively, and we make sure that you never know there was a mess in the first place. And, frankly, that alone is worth our price, and then some.

I’d like to share an anecdote with you based on a recent wedding that went off without a hitch (pun absolutely intended)… Well, that’s what the B+G would tell you because they didn’t know what really happened behind the scenes. They didn’t know about how I re-iced part of their wedding cake after somebody literally rammed into it (before the B+G saw it), scooped dog shit off of the dance floor, filled a gaping hole in the floor of the tent with rocks so that ankles wouldn’t be broken, adjusted the diagram so that the tables matched the wishes of the bride (and people wouldn’t sit at the wrong table), and creatively hid some of the filthy linen that was provided by a third party vendor. Bridey, would these mishaps have ruined their day? Probably not. Would they have caused unnecessary drama and stress? Absolutely.

“Are you the wedding planner?”, she asked. 

Uh-oh… That was not a good question when the face staring back at me looked frightened and mortified all wrapped up into one. 

“I am.” I said confidently.

“I am SOOOOO sorry, but I just tripped and bumped into the cake.” she said with embarrassment (and fear). 

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.” I said as I began heading towards the cake, not knowing what I was up against. 

HOLYSHITGODDAM. Yeah, that’s what I thought when I saw that fucking cake. I mean… She FELL into the cake. Seriously, I’m surprised she didn’t have frosting dripping from her elbow. Fuuuuuccckkkk…. So, I took a deep breath, remembered that I studied pastry a lifetime ago, and went into action. I borrowed a flat spatula from the caterer, stole icing from the extra cakes we had for service (the ones in which wouldn’t be seen by the guests), and fixed that cake. The guest was relieved and I was the hero that nobody would ever know existed. Phew!

“Is that shit?” asked the DJ. 

“Huh?” I responded.

“Is that shit on the dance floor?” he asked (again).

“Yup. That’s shit.” I said. 

SERIOUSLY? Yup. There was shit on the dance floor. Not human (THANK GOD), but dog shit. In retrospect, I really shouldn’t have been surprised. We were in a GIANT tent in a beautiful backyard and there were dogs. Not running around during the wedding, but I’m thinking they went out prior to, pooped, and were then stowed in the house. Somebody must have stepped in the poop and then headed to the dance floor. UGH. So, I got a hot, wet rag, dropped it on the floor (all very casually), and pretended to dance a little bit all while wiping the shit from the floor. Certainly a new experience for me.

“There’s a hole.” a dude from catering staff said.

“In in bucket?” I couldn’t help myself! 

“No. In the floor near that guest table.” he said pointing to a FUCKING hole in the floor next to a guest table (that couldn’t be moved at this point in game).

“Ugh.” I mumbled.

What to do? What to do? ROCKS! There were tons of rocks on the property that I could stuff into that fucking hole. I had pockets in my suit coat… So, my assistant and I filled our pockets with rocks, dropped them into the hole in the floor, stomped on them, and took care of a potential liability. Again, a hero that nobody would ever know about.

“The tables are backwards.” I said as the rental company was leaving.

“No they’re not.” he said.

“Look.” I said as I showed him the diagram that the bride worked her ass off on.


Yeah. Oh! That simple mistake could have cost a shitload of confusion as guests were taking their seats. So, I fixed it, and I have a large bruise to prove it. 

Bridey… All of this happened on the day of the wedding. Quite frankly, there’s a few more details I could share, but those were the highlights. And, after all of that hard work + planning that went into this FABULOUS event, those “things” that happened ON THE WEDDING DAY, could have very well undone everything. We went round and round over the logistics, food, music, budget, YOUNAMEIT!!!! So, even if you’re working with a small budget, consider hiring a wedding planner as your “happiness insurance”. Can’t afford a full-time planner? Then hire a “day of” or “month of” planner to help you, and to be there on the day of your wedding so that you’re not faced with potential disaster. Got it? Good! Stay bitchless!!!

Photo by Aidan Hampson on Unsplash

An Incredibly Romantic, Super Whimsical and Highly Gorgeous Summer Wedding

The back of Caitlin's dress is A MAZ ING. Right? Like, fall over amazing! But, just wait until you see the front, bridey! Holy.Jenny.Packham. Wow. Just, wow! Not to mention that our beautiful bride has the most exquisitely fabulous figure, and is just rockin' the shit out of this dress! Anyway, aside from the show-stopping wedding gown, the wedding in it's entirety is simply captivating. Maybe it's because I am craving summer, and all of the juiciness that comes along with it, and this wedding epitomizes summer to the soul, but no matter what, this post is just awesome!

I love the elegant earthiness encapsulated throughout the details all the way down to the wedding cake. And, I love how the B+G are so at ease and in love. I really just love everything about Caitlin + Ryan's wedding, so I'm going to stop blabbing and have you start scrolling. Enjoy!

I mean.... And, when you see Caitlin in it? AMAZE!!

Oconnel McGettigan.003.jpeg

STFU! Caitlin you are so stunning!

Not sure what that's all about, but I love it.

Last moment of obsession with the dress...


Uh-oh! Cuteness overload!


Ryan! I can't get enough of how you're taking in Caitlin.

Love a fun group of 'maids + 'men!


LOVE.LOVE.LOVE. Truly a great way to "provide" a favor.


Oh yeah!!

Caitlin's father said in his speech that he believed that Caitlin's mom was looking down on them and sending her blessings.... Sniff! Sniff!!


The fun is totally starting!!

Thank you Caitlin + Ryan for sharing your gorgeous wedding with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer:  Abbie Mae Photography
Event Venue: Anthony Wayne House Weddings
Floral Designer: Buttercup
Caterer + Cake Designer: Jeffrey A. Miller
Band: Felix Brown
Cinema + Video: From Here I Stand
Dress Designer: Jenny Packman
Groomsman Attire: Jos. A. Bank

A Non-St. Patrick's Day, Totally Stunning Destination Wedding

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I hope you all have a fabulous day/night celebrating! Due some heavy celebrations in my past that left way to much green food coloring in places where food coloring should never be, I have decided to go a different route today, and show you this totally delicious, totally kickass and totally gorgeous Cancun wedding. I mean... There's a ton of green in this post, but just not in the traditional St. Patty's Day way.  Seriously, bridey, not only do I wish I had planned Rebecca + Jeffrey's wedding, but I wish I could have been there as a guest and a friend. Just wait until you see this STUN NING destination wedding! The planner in me? Fucking OB SES SED with the design of the long table and décor. Just the fact that R+J were ballsy enough to have a one long table instead of round tables makes me shake with joy.  

Anyway, this gorgeous B+G met in college, stayed together throughout undergrad + grad school, and then got hitched! Um, did I mention that they met in an IT class? Clearly, it's meant to be if you meet your sig other in an IT class, and it works! RIGHT? Anyway, aside from their shared love of travel culture, and food, Jeffrey is quite the cook, and spoils Rebecca with his talents daily. While Rebecca is no cook, she dazzles him with her baking... I really could go on and on, so I'll shut up now so that you can get scrolling! Enjoy!

Holy shit! Look up at that amazing dress! Now, look down at those shoes!!! OMFG!


Hello handsome!!

Jeffrey enjoys anything related to cars. This guy can name any car year, make and model he sees on the street... It makes sense considering he is in product marketing & strategy for Volkswagen of American.

So so so beautiful!

Probably my favorite pic ever!

Right? STFU. I can't. It's too good.

WOW!!! Just wow!

Simple and sensational!

Thank you Rebecca + Jeffrey for sharing your lovely and awesome wedding with Bitchless Bride! 

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Jonathan Cossu Photographer
DJ: Bryan Parris
Dress Designer: Eve of Milady
Accommodations: Finest Playa Mujeres
Makeup Artist: Sarah Garnier 

A 1950s Themed, Fun and Fabulous and Completely Rockin' Wedding

I love a wedding that breaks out of the "white" mold. I mean, I love a white wedding dress , but when I have the opportunity to share something a bit different with you, I kinda want to jump up and down. Seriously, just look at this pic, bridey. I am completely enamored with Mattie's red shoes, red gloves and the red trim of her wedding dress. You don't even have to see her face to know that she's awesome. Right? Mattie's fantastic taste coupled with Patrick's fucking awesome shoes have me really excited! And just wait until you see the bridesmaids dresses. OMG! So so so fun!

The B+G were set up by the bride's best friend, and from the moment they met, they were pretty much inseparable. Mattie fell in love with Patrick, and Patrick fell in love with her and her two kids. Within a year, M+P had a baby girl and got married...  Considering all of the crazy shit happening in the world right now, I do love a love story + a happy ending (in the non-dirty way). Enjoy this fun-filled, colorful 1950's wedding!

A great way to honor those we've lost...


Totally obsessed with those birdcage veils! And I love how Mattie is smooching her kids!

I love this pic!

See what I mean? Awesome bridesmaids dresses!

Awwwww.... Patrick! 

So sweet...


Just wait... It becomes fabulously uncivilized in one sec! Look down!

Great pic of the bride with her girls!

Thank you Mattie + Patrick for sharing your story and wedding with Bitchless Bride!

Industry Peeps:
Photographer: Tifanie Parry Photography

A Sentimental, Thoughtful and Beautiful "Backyard" Long Island Schoolhouse Wedding

I love this B+G. Like, so so so much... And, I am pretty obsessed with their wedding! Just look down at the photograph below... I mean... If that doesn't tell you a bit about our B+G... Katie, the bride, wrote a beautiful recap of the wedding planning experience and of the wedding day, most of which you will see in italics below. But, before I let you go crazy, soaking in the fabulous details of Katie and Phil's wedding, I thought I would share this tid bit from Katie with you... "My right hand has a ring on it with three stones. I created a ring for my mother, sister and myself with my maternal grandmothers ring to represent her three girls as their wedding gift for helping me during the process." I mean... How amazing is that? Super special and super sentimental! 

The coolest part of their wedding for me? Katie didn't even want a wedding!! Right?? She said that, "I didn't want a wedding, Phil did so the compromise was to make it a big 'backyard party.' I think we were successful in doing that. It took a lot of literal blood, sweat and tears to put our wedding together, and I wouldn't have had it any other way!" Now, bridey, you can go enjoy this kickass & fun wedding filled with food trucks, crazy dancing and shots of whiskey...

True.Story. The beginning!!! LOVE THIS!

My wedding dress was given to me at a great discount because my ex boyfriends sister in law contacted the designer for me. She used to work in the industry and when I found the dress he shipped it directly from the warehouse to me.

The pocket watch I gave Phil was a gift "from his mother" as a reminder that just like the pocket watch even though you don't always see it(her), she's there with him for all time. The handwriting on the front is hers and she always signed and said to him "love you lots".

Lovin' the headpiece!

Such a great shot!!

Bridey, that is how you want your sig other looking at you as you approach the alter. Can I get a "fuck yeah"?!!

The fork and knife on the thank you boxes were stamped by adults with autism.The utensil bags were stuffed and stamped by adults with autismThe menus were rolled up and sealed with the sticker by adults with autism.

I found all of our food trucks by stalking hashtags on Instagram. And I found our beer van by contacting every single brewery on Long Island and asking if they had a truck or van.

OMG. Is that a cheesecake wedding cake? Um. DELISH!

Thank you Katie and Phil for sharing your gorgeous and fun wedding with Bitchless Bride!! 

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Yellow House Images
Invitations: The Salt &  Sea

A Wedding That is Truly the "Life of the Party"...

Bridey, look at this photograph. I think it's clear that the B+G have an incredible sense of humor and an incredible sense of themselves. I mean... They're getting ready to make their grand entrance into the wedding reception, and they're doing with their dog, Bramble, rockin' hats and heart-shaped glasses! LOVE IT! Right? And, the reason I chose this photograph to open with as opposed to a more, refined, "beautiful" shot is because this shot completely defines and encapsulates who Amy and Teddy are... A fun, full of life and energetic couple who love the shit out of each other!

What could have been a relationship that began in high school (Amy totally knew from the second she met him the first week; it just took him a little while to catch up... Go figure!), but, took shape during a graduation party is now an amazing marriage. And, their wedding? A MAZ ING! An emotional ceremony followed by a raging yet gorgeous party is what we're left with, and I fucking love it! I'm obsessed with all of the cool and intricate details, and how they honored those who have past... But, mostly, I am obsessed with the spirit of the B+G. Enjoy!

Honestly? I don't know what it all means, but I don't care! I love it!

Great shot!  Surprisingly sexy, right?

Amy! You're beautiful! And, you look so sincerely happy!


Woot! Woot!

See the boat? Behind the tree? I LOVE that the entire wedding is waving!!

We did it!

Such a FAB way to honor those who could not be there with them...

See the sparkly, gold table runner? I love it!

Definitely not your average "wedding food".

Hi. That's an amazing, ombre wedding cake.

Break it down!

Photo booth!

Yes please!

Thank you Amy + Teddy for sharing your super fun and beautiful wedding with Bitchless Bride!

Industry Peeps:
Photographer: Freas Photography
Venue: Truman Little White House
Accommodations: Ocean Key Resort
Rentals: Prestige Party Rentals
Flowers: Love in Bloom
Ceremony Location: Fort Zachary Taylor State Park
Dress: For Love and Lemons
Hair: Kai & Co Salon

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Rocky Mountain, Rustically Beautiful, Tented Colorado Wedding

When I heard the story of how Gloria and Maggie met, I immediately pictured them in a movie. Why? Well, outside of their cinema looks, their story is pretty awesome. You see, they originally met in 2006, stayed in touch, but didn't really get together until 2013! Seven years later! I know, right? It's like they knew that if they were to get together any sooner, then perhaps it wouldn't have resulted with this STUN NING Colorado wedding! Seriously, I know that if I met my hus any sooner, we definitely wouldn't have dated! See what I mean? Total movie material!

Anyway... Gloria and Maggie's wedding is truly spectacular. Aside from the mountain views, the thoughtful décor and the sheer joy and excitement, the deets have me in wedding planning glory. I love everything about the tablescape and the food!! So go... Get inspired, and enjoy this wedding as much as I did!

Love the sunflowers!!

Dying over the socks and boots under the wedding dress!

Meanwhile, down the road... Another bride gets dressed in her wedding gown.

I love the raw emotion captured in this photograph.

Let's go get married!

Love the ceremony program! And, I love how it doubles as a fan!

Holy shit! Look at the backdrop! It almost looks fake!

Oh yeah!!!

Such a FAB pick!

Bring it!!

I love how each napkin is a different pattern!

Simple and elegant.


Fuck yeah!!!!!!

Thank you Gloria and Maggie for sharing your beautiful wedding with Bitchless Bride!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Katie Keighin Photography

DJ: Another Brother Production

Equipment Rentals: Colorado Event Rentals

Hair Stylist: Comb Goddess

Specialty Foods: Divino

Second Shooter: Erika Overholt Photography

Event Venue: Midnight Ranch

Caterer: Rex's Catering

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ An Elegant and Fun Backyard Wedding Complete with a Dinosaur!

There is SO much I love about Alexa and Kyle's lovely backyard wedding. Besides its absolutely charming and warm family moments, this wedding is chock-full of surprises! I mean... Look at the title of this post! Dinosaur? WTF? Well, scroll down, bridey, and you will see the coolest dinosaur this side of Jurassic Park has ever seen! And the flowers? Holy shit! Bill Muzuta, the florist (who I've had the privilege of working with), is a magician! Like... I really think he is! 

But, what I love most is that Alexa and Kyle had this truly stunning wedding, with a phenomenal tent, electrifying (no pun) lighting (gotta show off those flowers!) and exquisite décor, and then had a dinosaur cake! I know, right? AND, they really took care of their guests! They provided delicious food, and created a whole kids section with crafts and projects so that the parents could have a cocktail and relax a bit. As a parent, I likey... So, bridey, enjoy this GORGE wedding full of fabulous surprises along the way.
Amazing wedding dress and Alexa's bouquet is damn beautiful!
Love this pic! Just love it! It's so real...
See what I mean with the flowers? Each bridesmaid has a differnt bouquet!
Um. Hi. Gimme!
Fucking genius!
Can we just take a minute to talk about the lighting and the décor? Truly amazing!
Such a cool shot!
Yeah kid... That's a dinosaur! And the little tag around her neck says, "Please return to Alexa and Kyle."
When the hair is flying in the air, you know your guests are having a ball!
Thank you for sharing your beautiful wedding with Bitchless Bride! Amazing details, and lovely family shots!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Dana Siles
Hair: Kenneth Wildes
Floral Design: Bill Mizuta
Cake: Cakes To Remember
Caterer: East Meets West
Lighting: Suzanne Lowell Lighting
Makeup: Kartina Hess

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Beautiful, Outdoor and Fabulous Jewish Wedding

Bridey, I HAVE to start with this question asked by the very talented Christy of Christy Whitehead Photography and answered by the beautiful bride, Jillian: Anything you want to add about your wedding day?: "While the vision for our day was ours, it was brought to life by our amazing vendors! They made the day stress free for us so we could really enjoy each other and our friends and families. So we want to send a huge thank you to everyone who helped this wedding be the dream we envisioned it would be." Um, Can I get an AMEN? When you hire the right vendors, and you're kind to them, then your wedding will be the dream you envisioned!! 

All I have to say about this wedding is that it is truly gorgeous. Dripping with inspiration (and greenry), this wedding is a stunner! I LOVE how the B+G really took care of their guests. Go have a look!
The shoes! The dress! The bling! OH MY!!
Hello cleavage... 
OMG! Talk about personalized!!
Go get her, Michael!!
Damn girl. LOVE IT!
When did you know they were THE ONE?: "I think for both of us it was when we stopped leaning on our family and friends for advice and instead felt the other one's opinion was the most important."
I love the patterned bridesmaid dresses!
A MAZ ING!! Just amazing! That chuppah is unbelievable!
I love the DIY photo booth!
What was your theme or vision for your wedding day?: "... When we saw Epping Forest we looked at each other and instantly knew we needed to get married there. It is so romantic and there's so much natural beauty so I really wanted to keep that theme going. Instead of going with the traditional flower decorations I opted for lots of candlelight and greenery with antique furniture and some rustic elements. Earthy, romantic, warm, with a lot of personal touches. I wanted it to really reflect our personalities and I wanted our guests to feel at home."
WOW. Just WOW!
Was there anything you wish you would have done different?: "Actually....no! The weather was beautiful, everyone we love was there, andthanks to our wonderful vendors everything ran smoothly. It really was the perfect day. Though i do wish i had eaten more cake!!"
Jillian and Michael took such great care of their guests! So considerate!
Flash mob!!
What was the best part of your wedding day?: "We both love to dance so being able to be on the dance floor all night with our families and friends was really important to us. Our band was amazing and we didnt leave the dance floor all night!"
OMG... You two... You did it right, and recognized that trusting your vendors makes it all possible. Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your FAB wedding with Bitchless Bride!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Christy Whitehead Photography
Makeup Artist: Beautiful Faces By Erin
Cinema & Video: Drawn in Media
Reception Venue: Epping Forest Yacht Club
Floral Designer: Parkers Events
Lighting: Party Solution Entertainment
Event Planner: Southern Charm Events
Design & Decor: Southern Charm Vintage Rentals
Band: The RiverTown Band, LLC

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Truly Beautiful, Tented and Fabulous, Australian Wedding

OMG. Is that a field of lilacs? Probably not, because lilacs don't grow in fields, but whatever they are, they're purple and gorgeous, and so are the B+G, Lauren and Chris (well, the B+G are not purple, but... You know what I mean!). Bridey, I wish I attended this wedding. Not only was it in Australia, a country I haven't visited, but every single detail is dazzling! Like, jaw-droppingly gorgeous. When you see the tent, bridey, you literally won't know which end is up. Look up, and you'll gaze at the dangling flowers cascading from the "ceiling". Look down, and you'll see a beautiful, soft palette of magnificent flowers.

Lauren and Chris clearly worked with an incredibly talented group of vendors focused on bringing their dream to life. Bridey, if you hire the right vendors, and trust them, then your wedding will be amazing too! So, enjoy this stunner, and go get some inspiration!
Lovin' everything about this bouquet...
Seriously? These bridesmaids are stunning. Like, it's almost not fair!! Dammmmmnnnnn, girls!
Hi Chris. You're handsome.
The décor for the ceremony is so elegant and beautiful.
Love the way the B+G are beaming!! 
Again... Such a lovely looking bridal party! 
Love this shot...
I'm seriously such a sucker for how couples look at each other... But, I mean... Aspire to that, bridey!
Holy.Shit. with the fucking incredible décor.
WOW! Amazing... 
The upside-down bouquets are so awesome!

FAB dessert table! I want to dive right in!!!
True story. Thank you for sharing your beautiful wedding with Bitchless Bride!!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Blumenthal Photography
Venue: Sault Restaurant
Event Styling & Planning: A Lavish Affair
Wedding Gown: Suzanna Harwood
Groom’s Attire: Vera Wang
Flowers: Victoria Whitelaw
Cake: Cake Face
Invitations & Stationary: Adorn Wedding Invitations

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Horse-Riding Bride, a Beautiful Backyard & an Amazing Farm Wedding

Don't you just love how the sun brings out the red highlights in Renee's hair? What about her uniquely gorgeous wedding dress? Seriously thinking I may have a girl crush on Renee! I mean... who wouldn't? She's fabulous! Right? Anyway... Renee and Andy were married at Renee's parent's farm on a truly perfect day. Their wedding rocks such simple details, although when all of the deets come together, it looks and feels anything but simple. 

Bridey, I love how the bouquets were created using handpicked, local wildflowers. Totally goes with the wild feel of the day. But, one of my fave aspects of Renee and Andy's wedding day that I LOVE? The horse. Yup! The brown and white steed is gorgeous. Renee trots down the aisle, and I fucking love it!! So so so cool! That and the reception rocked live music by some of their closest friends and family, while the guests enjoyed an Indian feast! Bridey, you're going to love this wedding! Happy scrolling...

Love the wedding program... So informal yet intimate.Totally digging the wildflower bouquet!Renee's stunning wedding dress is one of a kind, and as cheesy as it sounds, every bride is one of a kind, so why not wear a dress that is one of a kind, like you? Right?Shut the front door... I love how they are looking at each other!Ewwwwww.... Boys!!! That look is priceless!!Um. Holy shit! I LOVE it!!

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ Totally Exquisite Deets, Amazing Food and a FAB Couple

For once in my life, I am going to let somebody else do the talking. I know! Shocking, right? But, when you have a bride who was totally a Bitchless Bride during her planning and on her wedding day, why not let her tell you how she did it, right? Makes sense to me! Bridey, when you scroll down and see the fucking gorgeous details encapsulated in this wedding... OMG!!! From Maddie's absolutely angelic wedding dress to the sensational decor, amazing food and meticulously beautiful wedding cake, you will definitely question how the hell Maddie was so calm. 

Pepper, from Pepper Nix Photography, asked Maddie quite a few fantastic questions, and I am obsessed with her responses. So, without further adieu, I encourage you to scroll down and absorb as many amazing details from Maddie and Gray's wedding as you possibly can. But, don't forget to take the lead from Maddie, because she ROCKS!

That bouquet is unbelievable! 
Did you do a First Look before the ceremony? We did have a first look and we are REALLY happy we did! We've been to weddings before where after the ceremony, you have to sit and wait for a long time to see the bride and groom, and we didn't want people to have to do that, nor did we want our family/friends who were in the wedding party to miss an hour of our wedding night for photos! We wanted everyone to all be there celebrating right after we said "I do". 
Holy smokes batman! That is one HELL of a dress! Maddie, that dress was MADE for you!
It was really amazing to have a few minutes before we saw anyone else to really just focus on each other, for me to show him my dress :), which I was really excited about, and to just connect and really understand how monumental what we were about to do was. We're both really glad we did it! We got married and immediately got to celebrate!
Where was the ceremony held and why? In the West Family's backyard. First we wanted to have the ceremony and reception in the same place so guests didn't have to navigate to two locations. We chose my parents' backyard because not only is it special to us, but my mom has created an amazing garden and it perfectly fit the low-key but romantic vibe we were looking for. We wanted to be able to have guests in bare feet if they wanted, but really be able to do what we wanted with the decor without having it be too much. The backyard venue really let us do that. Also my parents have this incredible gazebo in the back that is totally covered in wisteria and other vines that perfectly fit with what we wanted for an earthy, romantic wedding.

Wedding programs? Our wedding programs were designed by Adrienne Berry at Dingbat Press. We wanted an organic, ivy-like motif and she designed a beautiful program!

I love how they are totally crying... Sniff sniff...

Any advice you have for future brides? I think the most important thing is to hire good vendors and let them do what they are good at! That way, you don't have to worry about the details on your wedding day so you can relax and enjoy your own party! (Um... Can I get a HELL YEAH?!!!!!!)
Talk to me about the decor! We really focused on the feeling of the event. We wanted it to feel subtle, soft, romantic, but still have some fun glitz. I knew we wanted some kind of installation wall at the back of the tent, preferably wood, to ground the whole thing and really set the mood. We wanted rustic, but not burlap or hay….more earthy and romantic… more of an old vineyard or winery kind of rustic. 
Food!: Appetizers ~ Apples with Utah "Barely Buzzed" Beehive Cheese, Bacon Wrapped Dates, Coconut Shrimp, Eggplant Ribbon Skewers with Tomato and Ricotta, Asian Beef Skewers. Reception ~ Miso-Glazed Salmon, Forbidden Black Rice Salad, Pork Loin, Grilled Summer Vegetables