Themed Wedding

A 1950s Themed, Fun and Fabulous and Completely Rockin' Wedding

I love a wedding that breaks out of the "white" mold. I mean, I love a white wedding dress , but when I have the opportunity to share something a bit different with you, I kinda want to jump up and down. Seriously, just look at this pic, bridey. I am completely enamored with Mattie's red shoes, red gloves and the red trim of her wedding dress. You don't even have to see her face to know that she's awesome. Right? Mattie's fantastic taste coupled with Patrick's fucking awesome shoes have me really excited! And just wait until you see the bridesmaids dresses. OMG! So so so fun!

The B+G were set up by the bride's best friend, and from the moment they met, they were pretty much inseparable. Mattie fell in love with Patrick, and Patrick fell in love with her and her two kids. Within a year, M+P had a baby girl and got married...  Considering all of the crazy shit happening in the world right now, I do love a love story + a happy ending (in the non-dirty way). Enjoy this fun-filled, colorful 1950's wedding!

A great way to honor those we've lost...


Totally obsessed with those birdcage veils! And I love how Mattie is smooching her kids!

I love this pic!

See what I mean? Awesome bridesmaids dresses!

Awwwww.... Patrick! 

So sweet...


Just wait... It becomes fabulously uncivilized in one sec! Look down!

Great pic of the bride with her girls!

Thank you Mattie + Patrick for sharing your story and wedding with Bitchless Bride!

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Photographer: Tifanie Parry Photography

An Absolutely Sensational, Jurassic Park Themed Wedding!

Yup! Those are definitely dinosaur feet! I mean, we all know how important it is to wear comfortable shoes on your wedding day, and Beth and Patrick pretty much nailed it (no pun). Bridey, if you haven't guessed by the title and the photograph, this is a Jurassic Park themed wedding! OMFG! Right? And, honestly? It's my first dinosaur themed wedding on Bitchless Bride! How cool is that? What I love most about B+P's wedding is that they obviously stayed true to themselves, and owned the shit out of this theme without crossing the line into dinosaur cheese.

The details are definitely dinosaury, but still beautiful and elegant! The bouquets the bridesmaids are rockin' are super cool and clever, and the cakes, yes, CAKES, are simply to die for... Bridey, this wedding? Well, it's a perfect example of how to incorporate what you love into your wedding day! Enjoy! You really have no choice!

Look closely. See the dinosaurs hidden in each bouquet? And, I LOVE these arrangement!!

Beth! You look beautiful and cute at the same time! LOVE the necklace and the slippers!

OMG. The hat!!!

That's incredible! The FOB looks a lot like "Hammond" from JP!!

Ta-da! So cute! I love the feathers in your hair, Beth!

I am OB SES SED with the flowers and the dresses! All of them!!!


Shut the FUCK up! No need for a sand ceremony when you have an erupting volcano!!

I love how "in theme" B+P are, and yet they're still maintaining a simple elegance with the décor.

Like... I have no words! I love the bloody cake topper, and I am DY ING over the groom's cake!!! Holy shit! 

Ewwwwwwww &  Aaaawwwwweeeeessssooommmmmeee!!!!!!!

Thank you Beth and Patrick for sharing your truly fantastic Jurassic Park wedding with Bitchless Bride!!! 

Fantasy Friday ~ Pumpkins, Apples and Dragons... Oh My! A Stunning, British Columbian Fall Wedding

Bridey, I totally cracked up when I received this wedding submission! Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful wedding with a ton of fantastic décor and color (I mean, there's a dragon for God's sake!). But, the very talented photographer, Will Pursell, opened his dialogue with, "Leanne and Andrew love Halloween, zombies, scary things, alcoholic things... and animals." Funny, right? I mean, who doesn't love alcoholic things and zombies? I do! I do!! And just wait until you see the photographs of the animals!

Anyway, you read that right... I said dragon. Leanne and Andrew did an amazing job incorporating their heritage into their wedding. Leanne is Chinese and Andrew is Greek, and throughout the day, they celebrated both as their families came together as one. Okay, that's about as mushy as I get! Just enjoy this fun-filled, fall wedding complete with a kickass dragon!!

Any guesses as to the wedding colors? Love the flasks! I'll take whatever is inside...It really doesn't get much cuter than that, right?Leanne and Andrew are huge animal lovers. I love how the kitty is just hanging out on her dress!They were married at the Unitarian Church in Vancouver.Every time I see this pic, I keep thinking the guests are throwing petals at the B+G! But, it's just the altar flowers.Whoa.HA! Love it!Bridey, if your groom isn't looking at you like this, then it ain't meant to be...I just had a baby heart attack. Please don't fall... Amazing shot of the cityscape and the Vancouver mountains!Totally lovin' the fall décor! It's festive and fun!

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Green, Australian Wedding in a Trio of Teepees!!

If this pic looks somewhat familiar, you're not hallucinating. In May 2014, I posted a kickass real wedding with fox cake toppers and fox related called, 'The Fantastic Mr. & Mrs. Fox'. That B+G (Kate and John) loved foxes, and it's also their last name. And while this bride and groom, Laura and Ryan, won't be rockin' Mr. and Mrs. Fox, they do rock among the coolest fucking weddings ever! The details are spectacular (check out the invitations below!), and the teepee? OMG! AWESOME! Who gets married in a teepee? Laura and Ryan do!

As avid outdoor people, the ceremony was held in the heart of the Aussie bush while guests were serenaded with the lovely sounds of bellbirds that chimed in as the string trio played. I mean... Can you imagine? WOW! Laura said, "It was the most magical day of celebration surrounded by all the best things – the beauty of nature, our closest family and friends, great food and music and our love for each other." It really doesn't get much better than that, right? Right! Enjoy!

So so so cute and unique!WOW! That bouquet is absolutely mesmerizing!Creepy awesome.There's a black cat in this pic. LOVE!Laura... You are breathtaking! I love your dress and the birdcage veil!I love how Hilary Cam sets the scene.Clever.Such a cutie! And, I love her dress too!Let's get out of here for a bit...

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ I Found Myself in Wonderland... An Alice in Wonderland Inspired Wedding

Curious? Good! That's the whole idea... "Curiouser and curiouser" was what Crystal and Andrew were going for as part of their Alice in Wonderland theme. And, I have to say, the arch of books, the suspended furniture, and the sideways clock on the wall are so fabulous that I am utterly blown away. Bridey, just wait until you see the deets in this one! O.M.F.G.! Seriously, it's so fucking cool. 

Crystal and Andrew's wedding is the perfect mix of kickass and beautiful. I love how they were able to blend beauty and fantasy into one day; a day that seems to perfectly represent the two of them. Plus, a ton of other goodies that you will see when you explore this FAB wedding! I mean... There are bunnies as part of their centerpieces. BUNNIES!! I know! Right? Enjoy!

Gorgeous headpiece and stunning makeup!I'm seeing red... Just kidding! But, how cool that they met at the Seattle Library for their first look pics?Crystal, you look beautious!! Your dress is AMAZE!!Who needs a floral boutonniere when you cards?DAMN. Show off!Holy GORGE!Oh yeah! Wait a sec, bridey! They are going to flip the space to accommodate the reception! LOVE that the book arch will be used for the whole wedding!