Trash the Dress

An Underwater, Alice in Wonderland Themed, Trash the Dress Session...

I have to say that in all of my years wedding planning, event planning and writing for Bitchless Bride, I have never, ever seen anything this fucking cool in my life. While I'm hoping that you, bridey, trash your dress after you're happily married, for some, it doesn't quite work out that way. Sometimes, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, and sadly that means trashing her dress because the wedding never happened. And, why not turn something utterly painful into something utterly fabulous? Why not celebrate a difficult decision with empowerment, creativity and friendship? Well, that's exactly what Mallorey did. She called off her wedding, and then trashed her dress in a way unlike any other...

Mallorey collaborated with some seriously talented vendors to tell an imagined story of Alice Returning to Wonderland to prepare for her wedding day. Kasey, of One Sweet World Images, is an experienced underwater photographer (um, obvi) with an undergraduate degree in theatre, so needless to say, this girl has one badass imagination and talent! Bridey, you want different? You want extreme? Well, look no further... Enjoy!

Underwater Alice.001.jpeg

How cool is this? The Hatter is underwater reaching through the frame! 


It truly looks like Mallorey is falling, right?


Hold please... Can we just talk about the dress? I mean, it's fucking fantastic! Hardly trashed!


You gotta have tea with the Hatter!


Remember, bridey, this shot is taken underwater! OMG! I can't even!!!! WHOA!!!

Underwater Alice.004.jpeg

Seriously!!! Check out her makeup! It's A MAZ ING!!


Thank you everybody who had a hand in this FABULOUS trash the dress sess!! The photographs are incredible, and Mallorey, I congratulate you on your divine strength.

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: One Sweet World Images
Event Planner: Fête and Frivolity Events, LLC.
Beauty: Spivey lane Salon
Bakery: Sweet Things DFW
Submitted via Two Bright Lights

A Frightening Bridal Party, a Trashed Wedding Dress, and Tons of Halloween Debauchery!

Before I even begin, let me first apologize for the quality of these pictures. I am responsible for taking some of these as are some of my non-photographer friends (ahem.... that's why you need a PROFESSIONAL photographer on your wedding day!!). They are gritty and messy, kinda like we were that night, but certainly funny and 100% real.

Also, for the first time in the history of Bitchless Bride, I am sharing pictures of myself, my friends and my hus. But, how could I not? I mean, I was wearing my wedding dress. Like, my real wedding dress from almost twelve years ago! The fit was a bit different (I could hardly zip the back!), but still managed to squeeze my ass into it with the help of my "bridesmaids".  I eloped, without time to get a real wedding dress, so it was actually a bridesmaid dress I bought at Nordstrom, but either way, the last time I wore it was on my actual wedding day. And, I trashed that motherfucker! Thank you to my friends for letting me share these photographs! We had a ball, and even at 39ish fucking years old, we still got it! Enjoy!

My friend and I used tattoos for the gashes, and ended up scaring ourselves trying to get that shit off! PS - I loved that headband veil I was wearing!

Such an awesome bullet wound here!!!


Bridey, you gotta have a photo booth at your wedding! We clearly had a lot of fun piling into this thing and photo bombing our friends! 

See what I mean? So fun!!

Blurry... But, then again... So was I... Seriously, my lips look all botoxy, but that's all me!

Hope you enjoyed browsing though our pics!!! 

A Insanely Colorful, Burning Hot and Fiery Trash the Dress Session...

I've posted a lot of colorful trash the dress sessions, engagement shoots, and weddings on Bitchless Bride, but today is a first for me. You see, bridey, today, I am posting my first ever "trash the dress because the groom turned out to be a cheating bastard" session. YIKES! Right?? Katelyn, the gorgeous former bride who's photographed above burning her wedding picture, and the bastard were only married for one year, and now she finds herself in the midst of a painful and heartbreaking divorce. So, instead of wallowing in her sorrow, she decided to turn her hurt and anger into something SO much better. I cannot even begin to understand how liberating this must have felt for Katelyn. 

Bridey, without being privy to the details, I can only imagine the depth of what went wrong between Katelyn and the bastard. But, I doubt that Katelyn looks back on her wedding and the wedding planning one year later and wishes she had different flowers or décor. If I had to guess, I bet she wishes she had a crystal fucking ball instead. Moral of the story? Spend more time focusing on your relationship, and less time focusing on the wedding! Enjoy this powerful and playful trash the dress session! I 100% did!!

Oh booo... Is that dirt on my dress?

Sniff... Sniff...

That's what I'm talking about... 

Katelyn told me that she had her doubts on her wedding day, but disregarded them...

Um... Is it wrong that I really like the dress with the paint all over it?

How about some purple and green?

Katelyn, you look really beautiful...

The trash the dress session helped Katelyn get out her anger and made her feel strong and beautiful! "I felt free! I think I smiled more during my trash the dress than I did on my actual wedding day."

Gotta cool off after that...

Holy fuck! Burn, baby, burn!

Katelyn, thank you for sharing your fantastic trash the fucking dress session with Bitchless Bride! Good luck to you!

Industry Peeps:
Photographer: Crystal Reyns Photography

Fantasy Friday ~ A Joshua Tree Trash the Dress Session

You know how this trash the dress sess started? By accident! I know! Right? I LOVE that what was meant to be a camping trip, turned into a full blown production! I mean, there is nothing more fun than when a few of us "industry folk" get together, but to go camping for a few days? That's FAB! And then, to decide to do a shoot while you're up there? Even better! You see, bridey? That's what happens when your vendors are completely in sync with each other.

Just like you, bridey, I too need a bit of a mental break from wedding planning, and when I saw this shoot, I immediately felt relaxed. And then it reminded me of how awesome this industry is... How creative this industry is, and why I will never ever leave it! So, enjoy, bridey! This one is pretty fucking cool!

I kinda love how dirty his vest is... It's not just about trashing the dress! Trash the vest!HOT DAMN! That's sexy...Wow! She's stunning....I love this shoot! So happy to feature this trash the dress sess to Bitchless Bride!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Siegel Thurston Photography
Reception Venue: Joshua Tree National Park
Veils and Headpieces: Loveybyisha
Jewelry: Sandra Nicole designs
Personal Stylist: Thorne Artistry
Hair Stylist: Thorne Artistry
Event Planner: YOU-Nique Weddings

Fantasy Friday... Secondhand "Trash"

OMG. I'm totally dying over this... I love the dress (especially that it's a secondhand gem), and I love the way it's being "trashed". Strolling through the neighborhood, sitting on the ground, rolling in the sand... You know, all of the things that you want to do in your wedding dress, but can't because you care about its well being.

I've mentioned that I eloped, and that a regret I have is that I didn't get to wear a "real" wedding dress (I wore a lovely bridesmaid dress from Nordstrom, but... I wasn't the same). But, mark my words brideys... I will wear a "real" wedding dress (sometime soon!), and then I am going to trash the shit out of it! I'll be the one rolling around the beach or chilling on the fucking sidewalk, and then I'll share the pictures on BB. (Any photographers want to shoot it for me?)

Anyway, enjoy this trashing session. I did! I fact, I found it so inspiring that I'm going to be next!
I love all of the different faces of Ashley! And I'm really loving the black and white...

Would you check out those lashes?!! Holy shit! Or what about that fire engine red phone booth?!! I feel like she's looking at me and saying, "Who? Me? Okay, I'll go in the booth..."

Fantasy Friday ~ Wet 'N Wild

Seriously, this is my fantasy. I think I need to go buy myself a wedding dress just so I can have a trash the dress session like this one. I know it's crazy, but I am starting to think that I NEED to know what it feels like to have a wet wedding dress stuck to my body. Dunno why, but I do! Oh my GOD! I think I've really lost my fucking mind. Right? But, bear with me, brideys!

This shoot took place in northwest Montana (Okay... So, I probably won't head all the way over there for a shoot, although it's definitely an idea!), and it goes to show you what a little nature can do. Honestly, this session is nothing short of stunning, and while most of that has to do with the beautiful bride, a little nature didn't hurt either. Enjoy!

That floral headpiece is adorable! And her eyes? Whoa! Gorgeous!

C'mon... You're totally dying to know what that feels like too!! I know you are!!

Clearly, she is caught in a laugh out loud moment. What a great photograph!!

Amazingly vibrant! Only in Montana! Well, I think... I'm a city girl! What do you want from me??

Just hanging out... In the field...

Dying over those boots!

SO cute!!

A GIANT thank you to Kelly Kirksey Photography for submitting this FAB trash the dress shoot!!

Fantasy Friday ~ Bang Bang!

Doesn't every woman dream of shooting her man every once in a while? I mean... I totally love my hus, but there are some days when I find myself fantasizing about this scenario, but... I quickly snap out of my craziness, put down the vodka, and decide that even fantasizing about it scares the shit out of me.

But, this shoot (which took place in a private residence in the blue mountains, NSW, Australia, by the way)? Well, it struck me as so fatuously awesome, that I had to share it with you.

A few words from the photographer, Hilary Cam: "What makes this wedding or shoot non-cookie-cutter? Its a bride dressed up as a hunter and groom dressed as a deer. She hunts him, then shoots him and claims him as her trophy. Or you could have the happy ending where she kisses him and turns the deer into a man.

It's weird, and wacky and not the usual trash the dress session. Chrissy Hall herself is a fashion photographer, ( ) so loves a photography with a twist. A TTD (trash the dress) walking along the beach would have been too ordinary for Chrissie. She is a vegetarian and animal rights activist so hunting animals is something she is strongly against however hunting men is totally acceptable."

I am completely in AWE right now... That deer head looks so fucking real, right??

Oh my God! Are you totally falling over right now?

Fantasy Friday ~ I Wish I Trashed My Dress!

There's no doubt that I love a good "trash-the-dress" session. Jumping into the ocean, splattering neon paint at each other, rolling around in the mud (hey, whatever works!)... All quite fun, but honestly this is by far the most creative I've seen. And you know why? Because the bride and groom... Chandra & Danny? Well, they did something almost ordinary; somewhat common even. They attended the Hawaii State Fair. Doesn't sound too crazy, does it? But, attending a carnival in evening ware? A tux and a wedding dress no less? That's pretty fucking awesome! Not too mention the breathtaking shots photographer Rachel Robertson was able to grab! 

And I guess that I put this cool ass, day-after session in Fantasy Friday because on some level, I'm a bit envious. I wish I had the opportunity to trash my wedding dress in a uniquely fabulous way, but I didn't. Sniff Sniff. However, It was a bit euphoric wearing a wedding dress in the Bellagio casino... Just sayin'... Anyway, enjoy this fantastic, uniquely fabulous trash-the-dress shoot! I know I did!

Stunning wedding dress, modern tuxedo and a great looking couple? Oh! And how could I forget the after wedding shoot at the Hawaii State Fair! Honestly, I'm a little jealy...

Absolutely in LOVE with this shot. The veil blowing in the wind, their loose, almost child-like legs floating in the air, and the beautiful stucture? Um, yeah.

This shot just makes me happy.


Bhhhaaaa!!! I cannot even get over these pics! Seriously! How fucking rad is this?