Urban Wedding

A 100% Romantic, Totally Modern, Fabulously Fun and Super Colorful Austin Wedding


I think you can already tell by this pic that Mary + CJ's wedding was fun, right? Totally! These two crazy cats (I have always wanted to say that!) live in D.C. and had a destination wedding in Austin, Texas. How fucking awesome is that? I mean, I love a good destination wedding to a tropical paradise, but I love seeing B+G's break out of the box a little bit and go somewhere that's fun and easily accessible. And Austin? So much fun! And there's SO much to do when you're not getting your wedding on. M+CJ purposefully selected each location so that their guests were within walking distance of downtown Austin. Now how considerate is that?!

Bridey, you know I am a sucker for the details. And the A MAZ ING deets captured in this Austinalicious wedding? Hot damn, they're good! From the lofty venue, to the long tables, to the lighting (a topic I have preached about over and over again on BB) to the "cake"... I'm almost speechless. Almost. Anyway, you get it. Now, go get inspired! I did! Not gonna get married again, but a trip to Austin is certainly on the table! 


I really can't even. Can you? Now, look down!! OMG!

Alexander Polito.001.jpeg

Mary, you are stunning! I LOVE your wedding dress!!



Alexander Polito.002.jpeg

The church is so beautiful and grandiose! 



Alexander Polito.003.jpeg

Can we just talk about how smashing Mary's back looks in her dress? Damn, girl!



Alexander Polito.004.jpeg
Alexander Polito.005.jpeg

See what I mean about the details? Totally breathtaking and glorious!



Alexander Polito.006.jpeg

Such a great angle...

Alexander Polito.007.jpeg

Go Mary! LOVE IT!


Yes this is a cool pic, but look in the right corner. Now look down. See the cake??

Fuck yeah! Talk about a cake cutting!!!!! Love how fun it is!!!


Thank you for sharing your fun and fabulous wedding with Bitchless Bride! Thank you for being so fantastic!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Jake Holt Photography
Lighting: ILIOS Lighting
Band: Matchmaker Band
Floral Designer: Verbena Floral Design
Caterer: Royal Fig Catering
Design + Décor: Loot Vintage Rentals
Equipment Rentals: Premiere Events
Event Venue: Brazos Hall
Event Planner: Pearl Events

A Super Soulful, Super 70s Inspired and Super Romantic South Carolina Wedding


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then we should multiply this one is 100! Right? I mean, I don't know about you, but it's pretty obvious that the B+G, Ashlee + Mike, are madly in love. Seriously, just look at this photograph! And while you're at it, scroll down and look at the rest of them! Bridey, there are so many incredible details that will feed your desire for inspiration that I promise you, you will keep coming back to A+M's wedding for enlightenment when you feel lost. I cannot get over how well these two managed to incorporate the soulful 70s into their wedding (without making it feel overdone or cheesy!).

The B+G met in kindergarten. Even at a young age, Mike already already had some serious game, and was casually dropping in on the Ashlee's Girl Scout meetings (led by his mom). The two remained friends throughout college and ultimately became romantically involved. And, we are so glad they did! Bridey, enjoy this wedding filled with love, soul and glam! 

Priester 2.002.jpeg

Ashlee, your makeup is phenomenal! OMG! Lovin' your lips!


You know exactly what she's saying even without uttering a word, right?


Mike, 100% loving everything about your look! Especially your amazing smile! 

Priester 2.004.jpeg

I mean... Talk about an entrance... This is absolutely exquisite! 

Priester 2.007.jpeg

It's so clear that these ladies are having a fantastic time celebrating and supporting their friend...

Priester 2.009.jpeg



OB SES SED with the décor! OMFG! You had me at gold...


First dance was to Bootsy Collins, 'I'd Rather Be With You.' LOVE IT!


How fucking cool is this? And how fabulous is this painting? Wow!

Priester 2.010.jpeg

It's official. I am seriously crushing on Ashlee + Mike.

Priester 2.011.jpeg

Thank you Ashlee + Mike for sharing your soulful, romantic and lovely wedding with Bitchless Bride!! 

Industry Peeps:

PhotographerLavish Moments Photography
Floral Designer: American Floral
Makeup Artist: Beats By Tae
Dress Store: New York Bride & Groom
Hair Stylist: Pure Glam Virgin Hair
Event Planner: Rich Occasions
Equipment Rentals: Something Borrowed Event Rentals
Reception Venue: 701 Whaley

Fantasy Friday ~ A Great Gatsby Inspired, Dance Your Ass Off Kind of Wedding

Bridey, you know that saying, "Have fun, but not too much fun!"? Well, it's rare that I would use that to describe a wedding (sorry, but, the truth hurts), but, Regan and Troy's wedding? Well, I'm pretty sure the guests had a pile of fun, if not too much. Aside from the choreographed dancing, complete with costumes (Regan is a dance instructor), and the tons and tons of decorative sequins, I love that the B+G trusted their florist to take their Gatsby theme and run with it. Like, they gave him NO other details. They literally had know idea what to expect as they walked into the venue. True fucking story! WHOA!! And the florist? Well, he did not disappoint!

Seriously, can you imagine? It was just as much of a surprise to Regan and Troy as it was to everyone else! I mean.... Applause to the B+G! Bridey, I'm certainly not saying that you shouldn't have any input, but it is absolutely imperative to trust the vendors you hire, and that is exactly what Regan and Troy did! And, OMFG, just wait until you see the décor! A MAZ ING!! Enjoy! And don't forget to soak in each and every detail of this FAB wedding!!

This photograph makes my eyes well with tears.
So cool... 
Regan, you are stunning! And, I love the dark purple calla lilies!!
There's my city again... Sweet home Chicago!
I mean... The dresses and the sign are so FAB!!
Oh yeah!!!!
I have been pulled over more times that I should admit publicly, and looking at those GORGEOUS cars behind the signing book table, I feel my knees getting weak.
Check out the stacked cigar boxes in the middle of the escort card table! OMG!

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ An Elegant, "Salvageable", Sweet Home Chicago Wedding

I can't stop looking at Molly's eyelashes (and her gorge cleavage, right?)! Seriously, this is such a beautiful shot of the bride and groom that I can't stop noticing the subtle, and not so subtle details! Bridey, Molly and Paul nailed it! Their winter wedding kicked ASS! And, as you get to know them through these magnificent photographs, you'll see what I mean. They got married at Salvage One, a swanky storefront in Chicago, whose main focus "works to preserve and pass on our history", but also rocks amazingly cool space for edgy weddings and events. 

But, beyond the paramount venue, Molly and Paul threw a fantastic party! Great food, great booze and a ton of dancing! I seriously think there was some break dancing happening (I mean... the groom is laying on the dance floor at one point, so clearly, I'm only left to assume that it was due to break dancing!!)! Enjoy the party, bridey!

I'll take the earrings and the shoes please!Molly! I love that you are smiling in every single picture!!That BHLDN dress is STUN NING!!! Looks gorge on you!C'mon peeps! Drinks before we hit the lakeshore for pics? Warm us up a bit?Love the foggy Chicago skyline behind them!I know it's near the zoo, but I have no idea what it's called.... Super cool structure.Fabulous!Simple, yet there is so much to look at...OMG. Paul, you're a cutie!Shut the fuck up! OMG! Love the cool, raw space, the wood tables and the mismatched chairs!

Fantasy Friday ~ Bright Lights, Big City Wedding

Something that I am not blessed with, is a lovely singing voice. Just ask anybody who knows me. And the worst part is that I love to sing... So, the only place I can sing where nobody will judge me (or hear me) is the shower. But, Tara, the gorgeous bride? Yeah, this chick can sing. Well. So well that she goes by the name Tara Hendricks, and if you scroll down, you'll see the newly married "Ms. Hendricks" singing a tune to her adorable new hus, Freddy. Wow! 

It's clear by the photographs that Tara and Freddy are a super fun, outgoing couple! I already told you that Tara can sing her heart out, and Freddy (not sure if the dude can sing or not) is a true, classic hip hop fan. I think it's safe to say that music definitely plays a huge part in their lives! And it certainly played a big role in their wedding! Tara and Freddy had a fabulous live band to entertain their guests, and based on the way they were dancing their asses off, I'd say this band ROCKED!!!

Are you ready?What a stunning church!LOVE.LOVE.LOVE.Dunno where the FAB orange chairs came from, but I kinda love it!!!Um. Hi. What a fucking awesome space!Right? A MAZ ING! Beautiful room, and I am loving the lighting!

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ When Red Rocks Meet Denver... A Completely Natural, Urban Wedding

Meet Brittany and Nico. They are the FAB headless couple photographed above. And you know what? I'm not the only one who thinks they're fabulous. You see, I specifically asked that photographers submit their favorite weddings for me to post on Bitchless Bride, and the very talented Ashley Kidder of Urban Safari Photography, Ltd. gave me Brittany and Nico.

Ashley submitted this amazing Red Rocky Denver wedding not just because of the sensational details, but because each and every vendor Brittany and Nico touched said that same thing... That they LOVED this couple! And you will fall in love with them too, bridey. Do they have impeccable taste, genius wedding color selection, outstanding DIY creations, and fucking kickass shoes (you'll see)? Yes, but you know what else? Warmth and sincerity are exuded in every single photograph.

First of all, magnificent dress. Secondly, those awesome shoes? Brittany's sister wore them at her wedding. Hello something borrowed!Talk about stunning ranunculus in the rich yellow! Brittany, you look absolutely striking!What did I tell you about the shoes?!!! Was I right? I mean...Holy bouquet Batman!!! Specifically, the bouquet consists of dahlia, ranunculus, yarrow, craspedia, berzillia berries, vibernum berries, hydrangea, and dusty miller.Check out the scenery. Totally breathtaking.I love this photograph! Such a fun way to make sure you get a photograph of everybody who attended the wedding!Nico is wearing a cool tie.See ya' later Red Rocks! On to the more urban scenery!