Vintage Wedding Dress

A Kickass, Retro Wedding Brimming with Amazing Style, a FAB Bouffant and Some Seriously Awesome Décor


Looks like this pic could have been taken in the 60s, right? I mean, collectively, Heather + Sam are rockin' some serious lashes and chops AND they're riding in a car with a gigantic steering wheel. Totally retro-fab. But, even more than that, bridey? This pic encompasses exactly who they are and what they wanted to express on their wedding day... Themselves. Their wedding embraces the true reflection of who they are, and honestly? It's fucking superb! I can't even begin to tell you how captivated I am with the details. From the hair styles, to the bridesmaids dresses to the décor to the everything else, I'm really in awe...

Did I mention that the B+G danced the night away with their guests and were totally a "groovy" couple to photograph? OMG. I can't help it with my verbiage in this post; I'm getting a bit retro with my language. Anyway... obviously, you dig... Shit. I better quit while I'm ahead! Enjoy the many beautiful and totally rad deets of H+S's wedding! 


Holy shit! Are you dying over Heather's hair?


LOOK at those amazing bridesmaid dresses! And, with the built in jewels?! WOW!


Hello gorgeous. I mean, not to get all Barbara Streisand on you, bridey, but it seems appropriate! 


I know I say this a lot on BB, but it makes me happy to see a happy bride with her happy friends on her wedding day. 


It's official. I love everything about you, Sam! The tux, the chops and the glasses... Oh my! (Sorry, it felt right so I went with it!)


The B+G got hitched at Wilde Memorial Chapel, one of Portland’s oldest chapels. I'm completely in mesmerized with the stained glass windows.


This pic is EVERYTHING!




I cannot get over the escort "cards". I remember similar glasses in my grandmother's house...


OMG. Look up! Now, look down! Is your mouth watering? Mine totally is. The wine I'm drinking just isn't cutting it. 


I can't. I just can't. It's too good.


Thank you Heather + Sam for sharing your fantastically awesome, retro fabulous and completely out of sight wedding with Bitchless Bride. 

Industry Peeps:

PhotographerMaine Tinker Photography
Caterer: Bread and Butter Company
DJ: Brian Zuttler Productions
Floral Designer: Carolyn Snell Design
Ceremony Location: Wilde Memorial Chapel
Event Venue: Woodfords Club

Fantasy Friday ~ An Intimate, Vintage Inspired Tennessee Wedding

Bridey, do you know what the most suggested piece of advice is from one bride to another? Have fun on your wedding day! Relax! Enjoy every second. Well, that's exactly what Becky and Devin did... They enjoyed every.single.second. And, know what? It totally shows in the photographs! I mean... There is so much to love about this intimate, vintage inspired wedding, that I hardly know where to begin because I love all of the intricate details. Seriously, the deets are so meaty and delicious that I can't stand it! Just wait until you see the stunning, hand crafted bouquets, the wedding dresses, the gentlemen attire, etc.!! 

The other super cool part of Becky and Devni's wedding? Well, the B+G have two gorgeous little girls, and they did an incredible job of making these beauties a huge part of their ceremony. After all, a wedding is about a union of two people, right? And, if these two people have two other people together, then everybody should be involved, right? RIGHT!! Anyway... Enjoy!!
LOVE. Like... So beautiful and clever.
That's the B+G and their two adorable little girls!
Couldn't you see this pic in your mom's wedding album?
I can't... It's just too good! Becky, your bouquet is really amazing!
SHUT the front door...
A single tear just rolled down my cheek...
Okay... A few more tears... Whhaaaa? What can I say? This one totally got to me!
Such a cool group shot!
Can you tell that Becky is a model? Definitely owning these photographs! And, Devin? You're pretty easy on the eyes too!  Some of my fave wedding pics!!
So simple and pretty. Know what? It's fucking red velvet too! Oh yeah! 
Too cute!
Hi. Yum!
And now it's time for a costume change. WOW!!
Becky, Devin... Thank you for sharing your truly beautiful and moving wedding with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:

PhotographerAnd How! Imaging
Reception Venue: The Barn at Snider Farms

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Super Modern & Quite Stunning Jewish Wedding

There really are no words for Sara and Ben's wedding. Truly. I will run out of adjectives trying to describe how fucking wonderful everything is. Seriously, the details are quite astonishing. Just scroll down, and you will see an ombre floral aisle (designed in a way that is so damn pretty), a vintage wedding dress, bright and colorfully magnificent flowers, and a couple just as magnificent as the details of their wedding (yes, I just wrote that... but, it's so true!). 

This wedding is so FAB, that bycherry photography described it like this: "Sara and Ben's wedding was one of those weddings in which I kept squealing over everything. Vintage dress? SQUEAL! Castle Green venue? SQUEAL! OMG, awesome one-of-a-kind invitations? SQUEAL! To-die-for blue sapphire?SQUEAL! Hora Dance? SQUEAL! Mom coordinates flash dance mob? SQUEAL! It's one of those weddings you stop and say, "This is perfect!"

If you open that lovely blue invitation, you will find a two-cent-tour showing the couple in Jerusalem, New York and then LA. I mean... That's AWESOME! Obvi, it's custom made.

Sara's hair is perfectly curled, her necklace is perfectly centered, and her dress is plain ol' perfect!

I am absolutely melting over the veil.... It compliments her vintage wedding dress so well!

Super Stylish Sunday ~ Vintage on a Budget

Maybe it's because I never got to wear the wedding dress I selected (I eloped and ended up wearing a bridesmaid dress...) that I cannot resist posting amazingly awesome wedding dress photographs, or maybe it's because this dress is so fucking cool, but, no matter what, I think I need to own this stunning vintage gown! And seriously?Guess how much this dress cost? No really, guess!!! Yeah... $100.00 on ebay. Whaaaaaaa? I know, right? Pretty kick ass!!

So, bridey, if you're on a tight budget, but don't want to compromise with a cheap ass wedding dress, then scouring ebay for something vintage and FAB could really pay off. I mean, just look at these photographs! Tarra Warren (the model) is obviously gorgeous (duh... she's a model for a reason), but Tarra + the dress + the Valculse House? Truly priceless! Enjoy the eye candy (all the way from Australia)! I sure did!

Flawless makeup. Cindy Tran... maybe you could come for a visit and do BB's makeup? 

Yup! $100.00! Can you get over it? Matched with the lace gloves and pearls? I'm falling over!

I am lovin' the super long veil!