Vintage Wedding Inspiration

A Super Glamorous, Super Glitzy and Utterly Fantastic Great Gatsby Inspired Wedding


I truly aspire to live more like all of the life I see emanating from this photograph... 
There's glitz, there's glam, there's glitz + glam, and there's a fantastic vintage typewriter worthy of obsession! Seriously, I love that Jaclyn + Matthew incorporated all of this fucking cool "glizam" into their wedding day. And, bridey, this pic is only the beginning! Just wait until you scroll down and see the bridesmaids dresses! OMFG. And, I write that with pure JOY not JUDGEMENT. They are incredible and sparkly, and totally glamorous! PLUS, all of the girls are wearing the most sensational headpieces! I swear I'm just waiting for them to start dancing like the Rockettets! 

But, beyond the butterfly-inducing details that make my wedding planner stomach go cray, this wedding is about two beautiful people (high school sweethearts!) celebrating the next step in their lives. And, it's clear to anybody viewing this post that these two are enjoying their wedding day to the fullest, and THAT, more than anything else, is worth aspiring to... Enjoy!


WOW! Captivating bouquet without being too flashy! 

Haskell Ferraro.001.jpeg
Haskell Ferraro.003.jpeg

I mean... It really doesn't get much cuter (and, is it wrong that I would TOTALLY rock the same dresses as those toddlers?!!)...


Jaclyn, Jaclyn, Jaclyn... WOW! Just wow! You look stunning! That dress is EVERYTHING! And, I love how your dad is completely enamored by you.


YAAAAASSS!!! Matthew, you are rockin' that white tux!

Haskell Ferraro.004.jpeg

SHUT the fuck up with the dresses, right? I'm seriously waiting to see them kick their legs!

Haskell Ferraro.002.jpeg

This is a tough one... Dive into the champagne above or the delicious cake below? Decisions...

Haskell Ferraro.006.jpeg

Lovin' the font on the menu cards...

Haskell Ferraro.005.jpeg

Yes please! I want one of everything! Or maybe two! Or anything with sugar!


Sing it girl!!!


J+M, thank you for sharing your amazing wedding with Bitchless Bride! We are all better people because of it!

Industry Peeps:

PhotographerRob Sigler Photography
Cinema + Video: Phenomenon Events & Production
Tuxedo + Mens Attire: Kenneth Cole
Groomsman Attire: Calvin Klein
Floral Designer: Francesca's Floral Design
Reception Venue: The Hotel Lafayette

A Kickass, Retro Wedding Brimming with Amazing Style, a FAB Bouffant and Some Seriously Awesome Décor


Looks like this pic could have been taken in the 60s, right? I mean, collectively, Heather + Sam are rockin' some serious lashes and chops AND they're riding in a car with a gigantic steering wheel. Totally retro-fab. But, even more than that, bridey? This pic encompasses exactly who they are and what they wanted to express on their wedding day... Themselves. Their wedding embraces the true reflection of who they are, and honestly? It's fucking superb! I can't even begin to tell you how captivated I am with the details. From the hair styles, to the bridesmaids dresses to the décor to the everything else, I'm really in awe...

Did I mention that the B+G danced the night away with their guests and were totally a "groovy" couple to photograph? OMG. I can't help it with my verbiage in this post; I'm getting a bit retro with my language. Anyway... obviously, you dig... Shit. I better quit while I'm ahead! Enjoy the many beautiful and totally rad deets of H+S's wedding! 


Holy shit! Are you dying over Heather's hair?


LOOK at those amazing bridesmaid dresses! And, with the built in jewels?! WOW!


Hello gorgeous. I mean, not to get all Barbara Streisand on you, bridey, but it seems appropriate! 


I know I say this a lot on BB, but it makes me happy to see a happy bride with her happy friends on her wedding day. 


It's official. I love everything about you, Sam! The tux, the chops and the glasses... Oh my! (Sorry, it felt right so I went with it!)


The B+G got hitched at Wilde Memorial Chapel, one of Portland’s oldest chapels. I'm completely in mesmerized with the stained glass windows.


This pic is EVERYTHING!




I cannot get over the escort "cards". I remember similar glasses in my grandmother's house...


OMG. Look up! Now, look down! Is your mouth watering? Mine totally is. The wine I'm drinking just isn't cutting it. 


I can't. I just can't. It's too good.


Thank you Heather + Sam for sharing your fantastically awesome, retro fabulous and completely out of sight wedding with Bitchless Bride. 

Industry Peeps:

PhotographerMaine Tinker Photography
Caterer: Bread and Butter Company
DJ: Brian Zuttler Productions
Floral Designer: Carolyn Snell Design
Ceremony Location: Wilde Memorial Chapel
Event Venue: Woodfords Club

A Darky and Moody, 1920s Glam Wedding Inspired Styled Shoot

I have to say, I love when I receive a styled shoot, with a real couple! It adds such a cool element to the overall feel of the photographs! And these two? Well, they love to play dress up! I mean... They love playing dress up so much that when it came time to select their wedding attire, they did so in such a way that they would have many more opportunities and occasions to wear their garb again. For instance? A fucking cool, dark and moody styled shoot.

Bridey, there is so much inspiration encapsulated within this shoot that if you don't walk away with something, you're coo coo! It's such a fun twist on the norm! So, go enjoy!

I'm obsessed with sparkly linen and the pearls! OMG!

Notice the Oujia board? Right? I love that it's not in my face, but it's there!

Yum! I love the dark and delicious, DIY bundt cake! It's definitely a nice marriage between elegant and spooky... 

I had to show this to you again. I think I really need a fork!

Amazing bouquet!

Fabulous hair! LOVE the headpiece

Feel the sparks? And, feel the eeriness of of the surroundings? CREEPY!

Love this shot!!!

Thank you for sharing this amazing styled shoot with Bitchless Bride! I love the spooky sexy combo!

Industry Peeps:
And How! Imaging
Bride: Sophie du Mal
Hair: Hocus Pocus Beauty Boutique
Makeup: Katie-Laine Thornton 
Blue Hair Flower:
Made From Recycled Vinyl Records
Flowers: Petals & Fields
Venue: Amulet Farm

"You Are My Happy"... A Romantic, Chic-y, Styled Shoot with a Real Life Couple

I'm pretty obsessed with styled shoots. I love them because they give brides (and grooms) piles and piles of inspiration, and offer a snapshot of the amazing possibilities for a beautiful, often eccentric, wedding day. Even if it's only one teeny, tiny detail inspired from a shoot, that gets incorporated into the overall theme of your wedding, bridey, it's usually what has the guests talking. Right? It's the piece that wouldn't have made it into the big picture that suddenly becomes the spotlight.

As an added bonus, this romantic, chic styled shoot, involves real-life couple, Jessica + Victor. What I love about using a real couple as opposed to models in a styled shoot, is that you can 100% feel their electricity. It completely radiates from out of the photographs. Just wait... Victor is a photographer and met Jessica on a shoot; the two have been inseparable ever since. And, although I really hate that I'm about to use this fucking word, they really do swoon for each other. Ewwwww... But, no other word would do. Bridey, enjoy all of the incredible inspiration! 

I love everything about this dress. The style, the tapered bottom, the lace... EVERYTHING!

Gorgeous, vintage engagement ring.

Um, hi. The flowers... The dress... The hair... Oh my!!

Damn. Can you feel that?? Total electricity!

Such stunning details on the table! I love the gold and lace!

OMFG. Seriously, give me a damn fork.

Still lovin' Jessica's hair.

And now it's time for a change...

WOW! The hair and makeup is absolutely FAB!!

I just cried over how awesome that bouquet is.

Thank you for sharing this awesome styled shoot with Bitchless Bride!

Industry Peeps:
Photographer: Kari Geha
Venue: Moss Denver
Dress(s): Blue Bridal Boutique
Hair: Jaded Beauty
Floral: Fairytale Floral
Cake: Wake and Bake Cakes

A Vintage, Nordic Mountain, Dark and Fabulous Styled Elopement Shoot

You know those times when it rains or when the weather isn't cooperating, and you're secretly happy because of it? Like, it somehow reflects how you're feeling or the moodiness of the day? Well, this styled elopement explicitly expresses the perfect atmosphere for feeling moody. It's bold without being bitchy. It's edgy without being overdone. It's cool without being trendy. And, frankly, I fucking love it. 

I love how the elements of the day + the elements of the "set" come together to create a welcomed moodiness. It feels romantic and ominous with a touch of drama. The design elements are totally exquisite and elegant. Seriously, gold and green are rockin' in this shoot! And, the flowers, both the bouquet and the off center centerpiece, are amazing. Bridey, if you're looking for some edgy and stylish inspiration, you got it! Enjoy!!

OMG... That bouquet! That greenery! Amazing!

Fabulous boutonnière!

Okay... Clearly, I'm a little obsessed with the bouquet!

Damn sexy.

Like... How badly do you want to sit at that table, and dine on the food and booze??

I can't... The cake is spectacular!

Two, please!

Such a FAB shot!!

Thank you for sharing this amazing elopement shoot with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Suzanne Rothmeyer Photography
Dress Store: Wai Ching Studio
Apparel: Butcher & Tweed
Floral Designer: Flowers By Shamay
Equipment Rental: Vintage Ambiance
Hair: Kelsey Ekstrom
Bakery: Hoffman's Fine Cakes and Pastries
Booze: Old Ballard Liquor Co.
Design + Décor: Silk and Willow
Invitation Designer: Robinson Paperie
Props/WardrobeRainchild Stylist

Fantasy Friday ~ A Vintage, Steampunk Elopement... Quite Simply, a Very Cool Styled Shoot

I love this styled shoot. Like, everything about it! I love the "models" (they are girlfriend and boyfriend), I love the fantastic DIY elements, I love the creative photography... OMG! I really love everything about this shoot! Seriously, it's just so fun and clever! And, in typical BB form, I'm kind of obsessed with the cake. It's beautiful, and I found myself wishing for a fork so that I could dig in... Anyway, I love this post so much that I am going to let Veronica Rose of Roni Rose Photography tell you more about it the inspiration which lead to such fabulousness. (PS - Totally love how Roni starts the convo!!)

RRP: "Every year I like to set up a styled shoot that reflects what the modern wedding world has become; A place for personal expression rather than a traditional template that needs to be followed. I immediately had Serena and Kent in mind as models. Serena is my tattoo artist. She is one of the most artistic people I know. My inked skin is a testament to that. During our sessions together she's spoken so fondly of her boyfriend Matt. I knew immediately that I'd love him. Matt is a chef, and one of the sweetest men I've ever met."
RRP: "Our vision for the shoots we do are based around trying to create an artistic expression of the couple, and they made that so easy for us. These two just ooze joy and love! I also like to keep our styled shoots in the realm of attainability, rather than a large production that would be difficult to achieve during an actual elopement, so much of what you see is a DIY by yours truly."
Serena, you look beautiful! LOVE LOVE LOVE your red lipstick!!!
RRP: ..."the boutineer is made out of some of our old film negatives and flash bulbs."
I think it's fair to say that the camera likes Matt. And, a chef too? Oh dear God! Serena, you're a lucky girl! 
Let's take this outside...
This is creepy awesome!
So cool!
RRP: "I used a pair of ape hanger handle bars to create an alter."
Right? Doesn't that cake just scream, "GET A FORK!!"?
Thank you Roni, for sharing such a kickass shoot with Bitchless Bride! I think we are all much cooler now.

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Roni Rose Photography
Second Shooter: Kristina "Dolly" Danitz Photography
Hair Stylist: Blondie Hair Artistry
Floral Designer: Emily Nallen
Ring Designer: Homesick Harbor
Makeup Artist: Simply Perfect Makeup Artists
Event Venue: Starline Factory
Cake Designer: The Cake Lady

Fantasy Friday ~ A New Orleans Vibe Styled Shoot Rockin' Voodoo Elements, Fabulous Décor & Stunning Gowns

This shoot? It's super cool. It's fantastically awesome. It's insanely creative. Bridey, I know I say this a lot, but I am OB SES SED with this styled shoot. Like, I can't stop looking at the photographs, and I could hardly wait to share it with you! There is so much eye candy and inspiration encapsulated in this New Orleans inspired shoot that to say you will be left wanting more, would be a tremendous understatement. Therefore, I am cutting myself short so that you can get to the good stuff, and become as obsessed with this enchanting shoot as I am.

Such a beautiful table and cool menus!Love the beads, but the jewels? Fucking AWES!!OMG!! Totally love these cookies! I would kill to see these on a dessert station at an actual wedding!!I mean... The China, the décor and the cookies! WOW!Pecan pie... One of the first things I learned how to make in culinary school. Looks delish!Seriously? That's one hell of a bouquet!Dapper looking group. Love the bridesmaids dresses!One of my fave pics ever! I love the green nail polish. I love the dresses. I love the flowers.

Fantasy Friday ~ A Styled Shoot - Steampunk & Urban Awesomeness

I'm freaking out over this cake! Right? Aren't you? It's so cool, and uber detailed that I can't stand it! I mean... There are dragon flies, keys and gears. Not to mention the magenta(ish) and turquoise colors... WOW! Last year, I posted a fucking amazing steampunk wedding, although instead of a "traditional" steampunk wedding cake, the B+G rocked a dragon... wedding cake. Holy shit! Either way, I'm completely impressed. Seriously, imagine if this (or a dragon) was in the middle of the room, bridey, just staring at your guest?!!! Talk about breaking out of the box! I'd say the box would officially be squashed! 

Bridey, if steampunk isn't your thing, who cares! There is so much inspiration to be taken from this post, steampunk and otherwise. Simply scroll down and be prepared to be whisked away by the insanely vibrant colors, FABULOUS florals, table runner, lighting, gowns, etc.!! Have fun with this one! I totally did!

Love the China and gold flatware!!Airbrushed gears anybody? How awesome is that?!!Bridey, lighting changes everything! Obvi, this is a styled shoot, but look how the pink lighting changes the feel of the space! Imagine what it would do for your wedding?!!!See the table runner? Pages from an old book.Holy shit with the cake! Right? HOLY SHIT!The flowers in this shoot are fucking amazing.WOW! Just, wow! Amazing flowers and is that a lightbulb? Yes it is! Super clever! LOVE IT!I'm kinda obsessed with her turquoise nails and gold jewels!FAB vintage typewriter!Great scene! Dying over the purple wedding dress!!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer:  Jayson Mullen Design & Photography

Equipment Rentals: Campbell Tent & Party Rentals

Floral Designer: megan connors floral and styling

Cake Designer: ovenart

Studio Venue: Paulk+Co

Jewelry: Sarah Brobst Designs

Tuxedo & Mens Attire: Savvi Formalwear

DJ: Sequoyah Entertainment

Hair Stylist: Southern Belle Beauty

Dress Store: The Gilded Gown

Heirlooms & Extras: vintage inspirations

Fantasy Friday ~ When Fashion Meets Cupcakes Meets Super Glam Inspiration

Look at her lipstick. Shimmery, gold and delicious! Yeah, yeah... I know it's the glitter from the cupcake, but a girl can dream, right? And, as you all know, when I dream, I usually dream in cake and cupcakes. So when I received this styled shoot which was photographed in a cupcake factory, I knew I had to share it with you, bridey! Fashion and cupcakes? Fuck yeah! But, this is even better than it sounds... There is so much inspiration in this cool ass shoot, that if you are going for a metallic theme or a vintage glam theme, or don't know if you even want a theme for your wedding, then scroll down!

Seriously, there are so many stunningly FAB dresses and delectable cupcakes (and, let's not forget the yummy booze!) right below my 'lil blurb, that I need to stop writing right this second and absorb! And you know what? You should too, bridey! Enjoy!!

Yes, I would like to have each of these gorge dresses! Wouldn't you??Um... OMG! See the crystallized sugar on the cupcakes? Holy shit!So so so pretty...A diff shotfrom the the opening pic... Kinda obsessed!Love the collar! And look down, bridey... Metallic tat?!!! Oh yeah!! PERF for your wedding day!