Wedding Band

Fantasy Friday ~ Witchy Wedding

How amazing is the picture above? Right? I mean the way the dress is cut, the pointed fingernails, and the jewelry? KICK ASS! One thing I have never done (outside of Halloween)? I've never planned a wedding that was based loosely on witches. And because it's fantasy Friday y'all, I thought I would give it a go! Ready?

I kinda love this save the date... It's has very clean lines and the whole "witch" thing isn't completely in your face. Oh, and don't even get me started about the Ouiji invitations! I mean... Could you imagine receiving one in mail as a guest? Seriously, look down! These are fucking great! 

Could you bust? Seriously? BUST! This wedding ring is so cool. Talk about different... If this is your thing brideys, then definitely check out this chicks Pinterest page! This is handmade...

Okay... I know that the black cat is pushing it, but first of all, it's a beautiful cat and secondly, having a few black cats running around the wedding would be bad ass. And because it's my fantasy, I can do whatever I damn well want. 

Can you say bridesmaids dresses? Look up, brideys. Totally unique, totally cool dresses. Not only that? Completely wearable following the wedding. 

I'm crying right now. CRYIIIIING. Look at this AMAZING hot pink and black wedding dress! LOVE. That's what I feel, complete and utter love.

Why I Love a Fake Wedding Band

Above... The fake wedding bands I carry in my emergency kit. 

I lost my wedding band. Seriously, I can’t find it anywhere. And I have to say that my hus has been pretty cool about it and hasn’t started to freak out (yet) because I tend to leave my “valuables” around the house. But, I was heading out for dinner and drinks with the girls, and felt weird leaving rockin’ only my engagement ring. Soooo… I dug into my emergency bag (you know, THE emergency bag? The one I use on your wedding day bridey…) pulled out a fake wedding band, and wore it with my engagement ring. And you know what? It’s shocking how real it looked next to my diamond. But, that’s not the point… The point is as I was gazing down at my fake wedding band bling, I remembered the story of Tim and Jessica, and the reason why I started packing fake wedding bands in the first place.