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A 100% Romantic, Totally Modern, Fabulously Fun and Super Colorful Austin Wedding


I think you can already tell by this pic that Mary + CJ's wedding was fun, right? Totally! These two crazy cats (I have always wanted to say that!) live in D.C. and had a destination wedding in Austin, Texas. How fucking awesome is that? I mean, I love a good destination wedding to a tropical paradise, but I love seeing B+G's break out of the box a little bit and go somewhere that's fun and easily accessible. And Austin? So much fun! And there's SO much to do when you're not getting your wedding on. M+CJ purposefully selected each location so that their guests were within walking distance of downtown Austin. Now how considerate is that?!

Bridey, you know I am a sucker for the details. And the A MAZ ING deets captured in this Austinalicious wedding? Hot damn, they're good! From the lofty venue, to the long tables, to the lighting (a topic I have preached about over and over again on BB) to the "cake"... I'm almost speechless. Almost. Anyway, you get it. Now, go get inspired! I did! Not gonna get married again, but a trip to Austin is certainly on the table! 


I really can't even. Can you? Now, look down!! OMG!

Alexander Polito.001.jpeg

Mary, you are stunning! I LOVE your wedding dress!!



Alexander Polito.002.jpeg

The church is so beautiful and grandiose! 



Alexander Polito.003.jpeg

Can we just talk about how smashing Mary's back looks in her dress? Damn, girl!



Alexander Polito.004.jpeg
Alexander Polito.005.jpeg

See what I mean about the details? Totally breathtaking and glorious!



Alexander Polito.006.jpeg

Such a great angle...

Alexander Polito.007.jpeg

Go Mary! LOVE IT!


Yes this is a cool pic, but look in the right corner. Now look down. See the cake??

Fuck yeah! Talk about a cake cutting!!!!! Love how fun it is!!!


Thank you for sharing your fun and fabulous wedding with Bitchless Bride! Thank you for being so fantastic!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Jake Holt Photography
Lighting: ILIOS Lighting
Band: Matchmaker Band
Floral Designer: Verbena Floral Design
Caterer: Royal Fig Catering
Design + Décor: Loot Vintage Rentals
Equipment Rentals: Premiere Events
Event Venue: Brazos Hall
Event Planner: Pearl Events

A Super Soulful, Super 70s Inspired and Super Romantic South Carolina Wedding


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then we should multiply this one is 100! Right? I mean, I don't know about you, but it's pretty obvious that the B+G, Ashlee + Mike, are madly in love. Seriously, just look at this photograph! And while you're at it, scroll down and look at the rest of them! Bridey, there are so many incredible details that will feed your desire for inspiration that I promise you, you will keep coming back to A+M's wedding for enlightenment when you feel lost. I cannot get over how well these two managed to incorporate the soulful 70s into their wedding (without making it feel overdone or cheesy!).

The B+G met in kindergarten. Even at a young age, Mike already already had some serious game, and was casually dropping in on the Ashlee's Girl Scout meetings (led by his mom). The two remained friends throughout college and ultimately became romantically involved. And, we are so glad they did! Bridey, enjoy this wedding filled with love, soul and glam! 

Priester 2.002.jpeg

Ashlee, your makeup is phenomenal! OMG! Lovin' your lips!


You know exactly what she's saying even without uttering a word, right?


Mike, 100% loving everything about your look! Especially your amazing smile! 

Priester 2.004.jpeg

I mean... Talk about an entrance... This is absolutely exquisite! 

Priester 2.007.jpeg

It's so clear that these ladies are having a fantastic time celebrating and supporting their friend...

Priester 2.009.jpeg



OB SES SED with the décor! OMFG! You had me at gold...


First dance was to Bootsy Collins, 'I'd Rather Be With You.' LOVE IT!


How fucking cool is this? And how fabulous is this painting? Wow!

Priester 2.010.jpeg

It's official. I am seriously crushing on Ashlee + Mike.

Priester 2.011.jpeg

Thank you Ashlee + Mike for sharing your soulful, romantic and lovely wedding with Bitchless Bride!! 

Industry Peeps:

PhotographerLavish Moments Photography
Floral Designer: American Floral
Makeup Artist: Beats By Tae
Dress Store: New York Bride & Groom
Hair Stylist: Pure Glam Virgin Hair
Event Planner: Rich Occasions
Equipment Rentals: Something Borrowed Event Rentals
Reception Venue: 701 Whaley

The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Bitchless Bride's PSA #2... Be Pleasant While You Plan

In October of 2013, I wrote a post called Bitchless Bride's PSA. It was all about how we as a society (both in "the industry" and outside of it) tend to let the assholes win. It's like, whoever makes the most noise gets the prize simply so that we can shut them up. And while, it still pisses me off that we are so quick to bend over for the dickhead who threatens the precious equilibrium, the other part of my PSA was to give more love and attention to those clients who actually deserve it. The clients who are lovely and respectful, but just need some help with the logistics or design of their wedding. So, today, I thought I would dive into who those people are, rather than focus on the assholes.

Over the last few weeks, I have been lucky enough to have had lunch with a few fellow wedding planners, and as the conversation flowed (as it always does when you put two chatty women together), it came down to rooting for the underdog. Huh? The underdog? Yes!! The underdog, the nice bride (clearly, a bride who reads BB!). The chick who has kept the same persona since the day she hired us. The girl who sometimes starts her emails with, "I'm so sorry to be high maintenance, but...", although she is not high maintenance at all, or the one who feels badly about potentially being needy, but who isn't. Those girls!! "We" as planners, totally root for you! You are the ones we want to bend over backwards to help! You renew our love for what we do, and in a world of assholes, you have no idea how powerful your niceness is!

I have been preaching this for years, bridey. YEARS! And, with each chatty conversation I have with my peers, it's so clear to me that I have been on to something. BE FUCKING NICE! I mean... It's something we all learned in kindergarten and seem to have forgotten as we have aged. Bridey, you will get so much more out of your wedding vendors (and people in general) if you're pleasant while you plan. And you know what? This is universal. Everybody I know feels the same fucking way. 

Around the time I wrote Bitchless Bride's PSA, I had been re-reading a few posts from October 2012, and seriously felt sick. Because in 2012, I was absolutely writhing from the grips of a terrible client I had worked with for over 16 months. She was a fucking beast, and I should have fired her, but I was in way too deep... And, we (wedding planners), have all had one of those clients. The ones we totally bend over for, simply so that she will shut the fuck up, and go away for a bit. After the wedding, I was definitely questioning why I plan weddings for bitches who don't appreciate the hard work that goes into each event (hence why it is so important for the good ones to renew our love for our profession), and I vowed that I will never get in that deep again; that I would fire the next bitch who made me feel as though I am anything but her equal.

Every single wedding planner I know has a story like mine, bridey. And it baffles me. Because, it's so much easier to get what you want (and even get a few things comped) simply by being pleasant while you plan... Got it?

Image via vivanspace