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The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ How an Unorganized and Arrogant Photographer Can Put a Damper on Your Wedding Day

It was an amazing wedding. Like drop fucking dead amazing... From the deep purple décor to the floating orchids all the way down to the boutonnieres and the blinged out bouquets. A MAZ ING. Clearly, there was a lot to photograph, and it would have been an absolute crime to miss any of the intricate, well-planned (ahem) details. Well, I wish the photographer felt the same way. UGH. This dude... GRRRRR.... This fucking dude! Frankly, it was all I could do not to drop kick his ass and have a total meltdown. But, I am a professional, and having a meltdown (that seriously would have included stomping my foot and screaming at the top of my lungs) in front of my client is something I will never do.

Anyway, a few things were happening here. First of all, I had never worked with this photographer. He was somebody that the groom knew (not sure how well or what the relationship was exactly), and clearly, he was quite new to the biz. That's fine, we all have to start somewhere, but let's just say that I wish his start didn't include me (or my bride). And what do I always say, bridey? If you are hiring a wedding planner or you trust the event coordinator at your venue, then choose to work with vendors in their network. Because when you deviate from the professionals which are tried and true (by said wedding planner or wedding venue), and actually have their reputations on the line, you really do risk missing out on the best day of your life. Sounds dramatic, but it's the reality. And second of all... this asshole was unorganized and arrogant.

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Real Wedding Wednesday ~ How to Have an Incredible Wedding with Tough Family Dynamics & a Small Budget

I love this wedding. I love this wedding not only because of the gorgeous pictures, incredible eye candy and adorable groom, but because it proves that you can push through the craziness and wacked family dynamics, and still have the wedding day you want. Plus, I'm a little in love with Erica, the beautiful bride, because she is a toughy, and I have deep respect for women who don't back down from the bullshit. She and Trevor were up against some pretty intense odds, and together they pulled off a lovely wedding.

Brideys, this is an absolute must read for every single one of you. Fabulous pictures and cool details aside, it's something you should read over and over again whenever you feel like your wedding planning is killing you a little bit each day. I mean, look at these photographs! They are awesome! And when you read about their budget, and their motivation to create a lovely experience for each and every guest, you will be amazed at what they accomplished!

Every response to my each one of my questions was answered with great thought and honesty. And you know I am a sucker for honesty. In fact, here is my favorite quote from Erica regarding her difficult family situation, "The point I would like to make: I got a lot of flack for not going above and beyond to make my mother in law happy. I just believe that things you do in the beginning of a relationship set a huge precedent of what you will be expected to do in the future...". Right??

Seriously, if this wedding doesn't put everything into perspective (my favorite word in the whole wide world), then call me... Erica and Trevor, my hat's off to you! 

1. Bridey, how did you meet your spouse? (The short and sweet version please.)

I moved to Portland from S. California for a music internship with a small church. Trevor was on the music team at that church and was the first friend that I made up here.

2. How long were you together before you were engaged?

Technically we were only together 7 months before we were engaged, but we were hanging out a lot before we defined the relationship.

3. What was the length of time between the engagement and the wedding? 

We were engaged for 18 months! We knew that we were going to have to pay for everything ourselves, and it was really important to us to be really good hosts to our friends while not getting into any debt.

4. Where did your wedding take place?

Our wedding ceremony was at Mt. Talbert Park in Clackamas, OR, and our reception was held at a private residence in Damascus, OR. The people that owned the property were customers of mine at a coffee shop I worked at and they offered to have the wedding at their house!

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Super Stylish Sunday ~ Why Finding the RIGHT Photographer is SO Important!

I have to be honest, I LOVE Super Stylish Sunday! I feel like it gives me the opportunity to really educate you, bridey, through pictures and today, with a great story of love, committment and an awful photographer (from 14 years ago)... Bridey, I cannot even begin to stress the importance of hiring the right photographer for your wedding. Allow me to be blunt. Ready? You get what you pay for. PERIOD. If you hire a cheap photographer, odds are your wedding photographs will look cheap too... So bridey, a little tough love? Don't fuck up your wedding photographs because you are cheap. It's the wrong place to cut corners...

So, I encourage all of you brideys to browse this amazingly lovely photo shoot, and read Helena & Gabe's beautiful story. Although, as beautiful as a story as it is, it's incredibly frustating for those of us in the wedding industry to hear about a bad photographer! Apparently, the wedding photographs taken by their photographer were so bad that they didn’t want to put them up in their home!

I love a good shoulder kiss...


{I am FREAKING out over the details! That bouquet, and her makeup? DYING!!}

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