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An Funny Anecdote from a Beautiful Wedding... Proving Once Again Why Wedding Planners are a Necessity!

Bridey, you know that over the years I have strongly suggested that you hire a wedding planner no matter your budget, and no matter how large or small your wedding is? Well, I haven’t been blowing smoke up your ass. There are some seriously solid reasons to hire a wedding professional to help you with your wedding plans, logistics and the several other moving parts for your big day. And, as I have preached this sentiment over and over again on Bitchless Bride until I am fucking blue in the face, some of you still would rather wing it. And, I get it. I really, really do. We are not cheap. We feel unpractical. We feel superfluous. But, we are not. We are “fixers”, not in the Ray Donovan kind of way (we aren’t hiding any bodies or embezzling money), but in the true sense of the word, FIX. We clean up some pretty big messes, literally and figuratively, and we make sure that you never know there was a mess in the first place. And, frankly, that alone is worth our price, and then some.

I’d like to share an anecdote with you based on a recent wedding that went off without a hitch (pun absolutely intended)… Well, that’s what the B+G would tell you because they didn’t know what really happened behind the scenes. They didn’t know about how I re-iced part of their wedding cake after somebody literally rammed into it (before the B+G saw it), scooped dog shit off of the dance floor, filled a gaping hole in the floor of the tent with rocks so that ankles wouldn’t be broken, adjusted the diagram so that the tables matched the wishes of the bride (and people wouldn’t sit at the wrong table), and creatively hid some of the filthy linen that was provided by a third party vendor. Bridey, would these mishaps have ruined their day? Probably not. Would they have caused unnecessary drama and stress? Absolutely.

“Are you the wedding planner?”, she asked. 

Uh-oh… That was not a good question when the face staring back at me looked frightened and mortified all wrapped up into one. 

“I am.” I said confidently.

“I am SOOOOO sorry, but I just tripped and bumped into the cake.” she said with embarrassment (and fear). 

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.” I said as I began heading towards the cake, not knowing what I was up against. 

HOLYSHITGODDAM. Yeah, that’s what I thought when I saw that fucking cake. I mean… She FELL into the cake. Seriously, I’m surprised she didn’t have frosting dripping from her elbow. Fuuuuuccckkkk…. So, I took a deep breath, remembered that I studied pastry a lifetime ago, and went into action. I borrowed a flat spatula from the caterer, stole icing from the extra cakes we had for service (the ones in which wouldn’t be seen by the guests), and fixed that cake. The guest was relieved and I was the hero that nobody would ever know existed. Phew!

“Is that shit?” asked the DJ. 

“Huh?” I responded.

“Is that shit on the dance floor?” he asked (again).

“Yup. That’s shit.” I said. 

SERIOUSLY? Yup. There was shit on the dance floor. Not human (THANK GOD), but dog shit. In retrospect, I really shouldn’t have been surprised. We were in a GIANT tent in a beautiful backyard and there were dogs. Not running around during the wedding, but I’m thinking they went out prior to, pooped, and were then stowed in the house. Somebody must have stepped in the poop and then headed to the dance floor. UGH. So, I got a hot, wet rag, dropped it on the floor (all very casually), and pretended to dance a little bit all while wiping the shit from the floor. Certainly a new experience for me.

“There’s a hole.” a dude from catering staff said.

“In in bucket?” I couldn’t help myself! 

“No. In the floor near that guest table.” he said pointing to a FUCKING hole in the floor next to a guest table (that couldn’t be moved at this point in game).

“Ugh.” I mumbled.

What to do? What to do? ROCKS! There were tons of rocks on the property that I could stuff into that fucking hole. I had pockets in my suit coat… So, my assistant and I filled our pockets with rocks, dropped them into the hole in the floor, stomped on them, and took care of a potential liability. Again, a hero that nobody would ever know about.

“The tables are backwards.” I said as the rental company was leaving.

“No they’re not.” he said.

“Look.” I said as I showed him the diagram that the bride worked her ass off on.


Yeah. Oh! That simple mistake could have cost a shitload of confusion as guests were taking their seats. So, I fixed it, and I have a large bruise to prove it. 

Bridey… All of this happened on the day of the wedding. Quite frankly, there’s a few more details I could share, but those were the highlights. And, after all of that hard work + planning that went into this FABULOUS event, those “things” that happened ON THE WEDDING DAY, could have very well undone everything. We went round and round over the logistics, food, music, budget, YOUNAMEIT!!!! So, even if you’re working with a small budget, consider hiring a wedding planner as your “happiness insurance”. Can’t afford a full-time planner? Then hire a “day of” or “month of” planner to help you, and to be there on the day of your wedding so that you’re not faced with potential disaster. Got it? Good! Stay bitchless!!!

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Reasons 990 through 999 Why You Need to Hire a Wedding Planner

It seems so ironic that as my wedding season is simmering down, there’s an entire crop of soon-to-be engaged brides out there. While I’m taking a deep breath, lounging in front of Netflix and chilling the fuck out, you, bridey, are gearing up to plan the biggest event of your life. Did you hear me? THE BIGGEST EVENT OF YOUR LIFE. And whenever you’re tasked with anything of that magnitude, like managing a huge event at work or planning your family reunion or even a mega Christmas dinner, odds are you raise your hand and ask for help, right? Seems like the most logical thing to do. But, here’s the thing… So many of you don’t ask for help, from a professional, when you’re planning your wedding. You automatically dismiss the biggest piece of the wedding planning puzzle as superfluous and too expensive. But, you shouldn’t, and here’s a million more reasons (actually, just ten really good reasons) why you need to hire a wedding planner to help you get through it.

Reason 990: You’ve never planned a wedding before, and while you think it’s going to be magical with unicorns floating everywhere as you sip champagne, it can be fucking brutal and stressful. So, hire somebody who does this for a living and can create a version of your wedding so fantastic that you can’t even believe it’s your own. Bridey, think of a wedding planner as a curator or guardian of the biggest day of your life;  somebody who always has your best interests in mind and will absorb your wedding planning stress so that you can enjoy being engaged.

Reason 991: Raise your hand if you have a lot of spare time. Um, I’m guessing not, right? But, if you have an extra 15-20 hours in your week to put towards wedding planning, then by all means, don’t hire a wedding planner. Although for those of you who don’t have those extra hours, hire a wedding planner so that she (or he) can spend her time so that you don’t have to spend yours. I mean, c’mon bridey, you can’t even get your ass to the gym consistently without juggling your day appropriately! 

Reason 992: A wedding planner will do it better than you. Plain and simple. Bridey, I am a wedding planner (writer, blogger, mother, etc.) who knew nothing about building and maintaining a website, so you know what I did? I hired somebody who does know how to do it even though there is a TON of information about how I could do it myself. But, you know what? Fuck that! Because a professional will do it better than me, just like hiring a professional wedding planner will plan your wedding better than you.

Reason 993: Shit will go wrong leading up to your wedding day or on the day itself. And having to deal with that craziness while you’re friends and family are flying into town, and while you’re trying to enjoy some down time really sucks. So let somebody else handle these “fires” so that you don’t have to. Let somebody else be your problem solver… Consider it your insurance policy.

Reason 994: Budget. Yuck! Such a dirty word… But, certainly an important aspect of wedding planning. And because you’ve never planned a wedding, I think it’s fairly safe to say that you don’t know what things like wedding flowers or a DJ or fancy linens cost, right? Right! But, a wedding planner does know what things cost, and can direct you according to your budget. The budget you two created together!

Reason 995: Can you say impartial? Or neutral party? Or mediator? Bridey, there will be times when you need somewhat of a referee to help you though a tough planning experience. Maybe you and your fiancé are at odds with who gets to provide a toast at your wedding or maybe you’re politely going round and round with your soon to be MIL about décor. Whatever the case may be, let somebody else be the voice of reason so that things don’t get ugly.

Reason 996: Inside information anybody? Bridey, I don’t expect you to know what you’re doing in my world. Because it’s just that, my world. And, similarly, I’d have no idea what to do in your world. But, if I found myself in your world, wandering around in unknown territory, you can sure as hell bet that I’d get help navigating from somebody who knew where to go. So, hire a wedding planner and use us for our inside scoop!

Reason 997: Details. Details. Details. I fucking love them. And, most of “my kind” do too. And you know what one of my favorite parts of wedding planning is? Creating the timeline. Some of you might have just had a panic attack while thinking about all of the moving parts, but I LOVE a good timeline, and seeing it all come together. It’s like following a script… All you, bridey, need to know how to do is read.

Reason 998: Ever wonder who handles all of the “stuff” at the end of a wedding? Stuff like making sure your gifts/cards make it back to your guest room or that the family photographs make it safely back to where they came from or even the whereabouts of your veil? Without a wedding planner, you and your exhausted (and potentially drunk) groom do. Unless you have a wedding planner. Bridey, not only will a wedding planner handle all of the “day of” stuff, but they will handle the logistics on the backend too. 

Reason 999: Because you will absolutely look back and wish you had hired a wedding planner. Be 100% present on your wedding day and the days leading up to it. Let somebody else worry or you.

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When it Comes to Weddings, Size Really Does Matter. Five Ways Not to be a Pain in the Ass While Planning a Small Wedding...

Is it true what they say about size? That bigger is better and that size really does matter? Ten years ago, I would have taken a much more politically correct stance on this topic, and told you that size isn't important; that it's what you do with it that counts... But, as I get older, I've come to realize that size is super important. And no, you dirty dirty people, I'm not talking about penis size, I'm talking about the size of your wedding!! Don't get me wrong, I love a small and intimate wedding, surrounded only by those you really love, but usually, planning these small and intimate affairs is a bigger pain in the ass than the bigger more elaborate weddings. Why? Because there's more at stake and less buffer. That said, I do have some advice on how to not be a pain in the ass during planning. Look down.

1. First of all... Remember that while your party may be small, your attitude doesn't need to be big. And as I've written a hundred, million times before, your shit attitude will hinder your success and will only get in your way. So, while you may be falling apart on the inside (for reasons listed below), putting on a face and being nice to those around you will only make for a better planning experience. Trust me, I know it's hard, but as several wise women (and probably some men too) have said in the past, "fake it 'till you make it". 

2. Managing family dynamics can be more difficult with fewer people acting as a "distraction" to the big picture. And fewer people still means big opinions. And, if I had to guess, I'm sure you're fielding plenty of big opinions about a having small, intimate wedding. Opinions from your mom and dad or your soon-to-be in laws about all of the friends and family they can't invite. And that can be absolutely rattling. I get it. I really do, but, bridey, it's really simple. Stay strong, and remember why you made the choice to have a small celebration. Perhaps you wanted an intimate day and money in your pocket for your plans after the wedding. Or perhaps you don't love your giant extended family. Whatever your reasoning may be, remember it when things get tough. Own it when things get tough. Stand by it when things get tough. And stay strong when things get tough. Which leads me to my next point... The fucking guest list. 

3. Determining the guest list can be painful. You and your sig other are choosing to have a small wedding and unfortunately that choice comes with consequences. Don't get me wrong, I really love the idea of a small wedding; I get it... I did it (well, I eloped, but still dealt with a lot of the same issues as you!). And, I pissed off a lot of people in the process. But, deciding to essentially eliminate friends and family can be hurtful. So, be blunt. Don't dance around guest list. Be open with the people you're not inviting and tell them that although they're not invited to your wedding doesn't mean that you don't care about them. No need to get into budget conversations or reasons here bridey; you don't owe them an explanation or an apology, just the truth. And leave it there. The less you say the better. I've said it before and I'll say it again... You might be doing them a favor because maybe they don't want to go your wedding anyway.

4. Hire a wedding planner. I know that you think you don't need one simply because your wedding is small, but your wedding planner can act as the perfect liaison for shit you don't want to deal with, and I'm not just talking about logistics. I'm talking about your mom whining about how you didn't invite Aunt Shirley or how sometimes glitches are more noticeable with less people. THAT'S why you here a planner. It's not because I don't believe in your planning abilities, it's fielding the bullshit that can get tricky.

5. Break tradition. Get rid of the formalities that aren't important to you. You're already breaking the rules by having a small wedding, so skip stupid shit. Skipping a DJ or band? Then get an amazing guitarist as entertainment so that you can have a first dance (if you want). No cake cutting? Fine. You should still have an amazing cake! That's one of the things I regret about eloping. We never cut the cake because we didn't have one! And I fucking love cake!!!! Anyway, all I'm saying, is that you've come this far... So, don't succumb to the pressure of "the norm" now! 

Bridey, you see a theme here? I'm telling you to stay strong and stand behind your decision. You're not doing anything wrong by choosing to have a beautifully small and intimate wedding. Just own your decision and kill any haters with kindness. You'll be surprised at how staying strong will empower your decision and your attitude! Got it?!

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An Open Letter to One of My Favorite Brides (and Grooms) Ever...

Recently I worked with one the best couples ever. Like in all of my years as a wedding planner, this B+G climbed their way to the top of my awesome list immediately. Why? Well, they were kind and respectful (to me and to each other), they valued my opinion as their wedding planner and the opinions of their other wedding vendors, and they had some serious perspective about what it meant to get and be married. Actually, all they wanted was to be married, to each other, and then move forward with their lives. I became involved simply because they needed some direction and advice on how to execute a low key yet lovely day. What started as a wedding consulting call, morphed into wedding planning, and resulted in friendship. I have no doubt that this couple will be in my life for a long time. 

But, what made them so special? What put them on my awesome list? Well, at first it was the union of our personalities and some serious open mindedness. Initially this bride called for my wedding planning advice. But, after chatting for an hour, she listened to what I had to say, and then acted on it. I mean, fuck yeah! I love when someone who calls on me as an "expert" actually listens to me and runs with my advice. Because my biggest pet peeve is working with a client who needs/wants advice, but then thinks they know more than I do. I mean, why call me if you (think you) know more than I do? Right? A few days later she initiated another call and then ultimately hired Bitchless Bride to plan her wedding!! But, what really got me about this B+G was their spot on perspective. Their excitement for each other was apparent and everything else took a back seat. They never got wrapped up in the bullshit. They never wanted to "make a big thing" out of their wedding. They simply wanted to be together.

Actually, what they wanted was for their guests to have an amazing experience coupled with delicious food and a fabulous celebration. And that's exactly what they got. I mean, like all weddings, there were a few curve balls with some wonky family dynamics strewn in the mix, and work stressors (um, and not to mention the four stitches the bride got above her eye a few days ahead of the wedding which slowly became more and more black and blue), but shit happens and in the grand scheme of things, they handled everything well. They handled everything well and in stride because it was never really about the wedding and the "big day". It was always about the marriage, and their life together following the event.

Bridey, the reason why I'm telling you about this experience is twofold. First of all, I'm obsessed with perspective. I'm in love with perspective. I'm married to perspective (couldn't help it!). And this B+G owned the shit out of their perspective. They are in love and want to be together through the good, bad and everything in between. And secondly, every.single.person involved in creating a kickass day for them was simultaneously rooting for them. There was nothing that we couldn't or didn't want to do for them because they were so lovely and special. And as a wedding vendor, you hold on to that feeling and you run with it! But, more than anything else? You give. And you give a lot. Because it becomes more than just "a job". It becomes magical.

Why You Should Act Like Your Mother is Your Wedding Planner

If there was a word that is the equivalent to saying that a bride is a bridezilla, but in real estate, what would it be? For instance, if the agent's client is a royal pain in the ass and "difficult", how would she/he be classified? I guess we could just say the the client has a 'zillatude and most people would understand, right? But, that's not the point. The point is, I'm selling my house and purchasing another one, and I've been told that I am being difficult like "how brides get". Holy shit. Ouch! The only difference in this particular circumstance? My agent is my mother.

My agent is my mother. I felt like I needed to repeat that statement so that you can grasp the full enormity and effect of the situation. Is my mom allowed to call me difficult to my face? Yes. Does it suck? Yes. But, the Bitchless Bride in me kind of liked that she called me out on my shitty behavior. I mean, it still sucks whenever your mom calls you out (especially as I am approaching 40 years old!), but it needed to be done. I was definitely not being respectful simply because I was stressed and felt overwhelmed, but that doesn't give me carte blanche to be a bitch. Right? Right. Sound familiar, bridey? 

I have always said that as much as shitty bridal behavior kills me, I understand where it comes from. The amount of money being spent, the ever changing and painstaking logistics, the family dynamics, etc. It's a lot to manage and can throw even the most level-headed person over the fucking edge. But, wouldn't it be nice if we, your wedding vendors, could call you, the bride, out openly and without kid gloves just like my mother did when I stepped out of line? Because, more often than not, sometimes being called out is exactly what it takes to snap out of the craziness and back into normalcy. It's like being slapped across the face (and, oh boy do I wish that was an acceptable way of snapping a bride out of it!) and knocked back into to reality. Right? Suddenly you realize what an asshole you were being and therefore you stop behaving like one. I mean... Seriously! What would your mother think of your attitude and antics?

But, and there's always a but, not every vendor is your mother who can set you straight and actually have you listen. So, when things get stressful and you feel completely out of control, out of sorts and out of your fucking mind? You, bridey, have to ask yourself, "What if my mom was my wedding planner?”. Mine? Well, put it this way.... After I apologized for my shithavior (yeah, I totally just made that word up), I asked her what she thought the equivalent word/phrase would be for bitchy real estate client in (relation to what my industry would deem a “bridezilla”), and she said, “Client from hell"!! Obviously, a jab at me because of my bad behavior, but at least she had the luxury of doing something about it. And you? What would your mom do if she were your wedding planner, and you were her client from hell?

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How Getting “Dumped” Pushed Me to Hustle Even Harder

***This post is a slight departure from my norm... It's about me, bridey, and how I got dumped. Enjoy the glimpse into my last month or so...***

I got dumped. Let go. Discarded. Cut loose. Walked out on. Abandoned. Left high and dry. You get the point… But, no matter how many different ways I write it, it still feels the same. Shitty. He said “I know you’re a hustler, and will continue to drum up new fans and interest…” but, obviously he didn’t want to be there to help me cultivate it. Apparently, he didn’t want to hustle in the same way that I had to. But, didn’t he get it? I never asked for this or wanted to be “a hustler”. I am just a wedding planner + blogger with some (pretty cool) ideas; possibly game changing ideas for an industry that is worth about fifty-seven billion dollars annually, and no experience getting them in front of television networks. So I started exploring, or “hustling”, and I started to make some fantastic headway with and without him. “Him” being my ex-agent. Yup, the dude who gave up on me. The dude who said that, “I’m obviously a big fan and wish you the best of luck on next steps,” but, (in a nutshell) take my name off everything that links back to me… Yeah, clearly a big fan.

OUCH. That hurt. That stung. Right? Nobody likes being dumped. Even if it’s not personal, just business, it still feels personal. And, instead of looking at the situation and seeing that perhaps we were never really a good fit (it was just my only fit), I started to question my drive and ability. Actually, I started to question everything. I mean, isn't that where go when we get dumped? We look internally instead of at the big picture? We doubt ourselves instead of looking for a different angle or perspective?

I did. I started asking myself, what the fuck I was doing… Who the fuck did I think I was to have ideas worthy of being heard by networks; networks who had the ability to help turn ideas into reality? But, then I decided that I have two options. Quit, because somebody gave up on me, or keep “hustling” because that’s who I am, and I truly believe my ideas can make a difference in an industry that is in desperate need of some change. So, after regressing (sitting on my front stoop and smoking a cigarette), I stopped wallowing in my own disappointment, and decided that I am going to continue to hustle the shit out of my FAB ideas, and keep on going. I was definitely going to smoke one more cigarette, but then I was going to throw the pack out, get up and GO!

But, how? How do you get up and go when every inch of you wants to quit? How do you recover from even wanting to quit? You know how? You just fucking do it. And, you know what? We’ve all done it before. Seriously… How can you ever succeed if you quit? You won’t even get the opportunity (yes, I said opportunity!) to fail if you throw in the towel before you see what you’re capable of! In all honestly, there have been several times I have wanted to quit when things felt uncomfortable or unobtainable (or I was working with a brutally painful bride), but I pushed through, and I somehow made it to the other side mostly unscathed, mostly untouched but definitely not unmarked. And, I am stronger for it. We all are, and in a way, we owe it being dumped or disappointed. I can’t shake the feeling like I am here (on earth) to do something fantastic; dare I say life-changing, and if I quit, well then shame on me. 

So, after trashing “the dumping email”, I started over, and began hustling, again. I took a closer look at what I wanted, and started looking in the right places and for the right people, instead of settling for anybody who will have me. Because me and my big ideas? Well, they’re totally not worth settling for…

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***FLASHBACK*** Does Hiring a Wedding Planner Really Save You Money? The Real Answer to That Burning Question...

"Does hiring a wedding planner save you money?" Bridey, this is probably one of the most asked questions in the entire wedding industry. "Does hiring a wedding planner save you money?" Well, and this one, "Why are wedding planners so expensive?" And, you know what? There really isn't a "clean" answer to these burning questions. Just a bunch of industry professionals feeling like they have to justify why they are 100% necessary in the grand scheme of your wedding. So, I thought I would jump in and explain it. No bullshit. No smoke and mirrors. Just plain ol' facts. Ready?

Quite honestly, asking if a wedding planner will save you money is somewhat of a loaded question. Do wedding planners know all the right people in a world that you don't? Yes. Will that save you tons of time, and anguish as you narrow down your wedding vendors? Absolutely! Think about it... We have spent years cultivating relationships with our vendors, which should make you (bridey) more comfortable with our referrals. Because not only do "our" vendors not want to disappoint you, but they definitely don't want to disappoint us. Sounds so badass, right? But, it’s true. Personally, I have vendors who I LOVE LOVE LOVE, and who LOVE LOVE LOVE me back. And it’s not because of the money, it’s because of our history and relationship.

Think about it like this… A wedding planner will bring the right vendors, to you, as opposed to you having to do extensive research, and find them on your own. You will choose from a short, tried and true, list of vendors, instead of a long, quite possibly, shitty, list of vendors that you found from several different websites. Right there? That's time back in your life. Time that you didn't waste looking for the right fit because it was delivered to you. Plus, your planner will then sweat the nitty gritty and make sure you’re not getting taken for a ride. Ted Bauer said perfectly, "It's no longer 'time is money.' Now time is literally the new money." I couldn't have said it better myself (so I didn't!).

But, here's the thing that really gets me upset. Accountants, realtors, and even used car dealers do shit for people all of the time without justification. But, wedding planners? We always seem to have to justify our professional existence. What the fuck? Right? I mean, for years, I did my taxes myself, and you know what? For years, I fucked them up! (Seriously, I don't know who I thought I was to be responsible for my taxes!!) And, that was something that was annual, not a once in a lifetime event!! But, when I hired an accountant, not only did he fix all of my previous mistakes, he showed me where else I could be doing better. Same goes for realtors... I could sell my house by myself, but why would I, when I could pay somebody who knows what the hell they're doing, to do it for me? And you know what? No justification necessary. Just get 'er done! Sell it!

So, will a wedding planner save you money? Yes! But, probably not the total cost of their fee. But, they will save you a tremendous amount of time (the new money), and all of your sanity… How can you put a price tag on that?

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5 Completely Unoriginal, Yet Completely Unique Wedding Ideas

As a wedding planner, coach and founder of Bitchless Bride, a common question I get asked by almost every bride I talk to is, “What have you seen or done at a wedding that’s totally different or out-of-the-box?” And, the funny thing is by simply asking me that question, the originality looses its meaning. I mean, if I tell you what’s original, then it’s no longer original, right? So, rather than tell these eager brides what I have seen that’s so different or so original, I tell them what was original about the couple, and how they incorporated that into their wedding day. The truth is, bridey, is that there is really nothing you can do at your wedding that hasn’t been done before, and probably like a million times (this year alone!). But… don’t fret! I’m sure that you and your sig other rock some pretty original and unique attributes that you can easily fuse into your wedding! And, more often than not? That’s the shit your guests will love! So, I’ll share my top five unoriginal, yet completely unique wedding ideas with you based on real couples and real weddings that have graced the pages of Bitchless Bride.

1. Goofball wedding. This bride and groom could hardly keep a straight face the whole day, and I love them for it! Connie and Tim are probably one of my favorite weddings ever… Aside from the awesome Star Wars and Futurama references and nods, this B+G are funny people who made funny faces throughout their entire wedding day, and ensured that their guests would have a fantastic time attending their wedding. They stayed true to who they are (complete goofballs), and when I published their wedding, I wrote that the bride and groom will, “absolutely look back on their wedding day and see themselves smiling back. Not some contrived, weddingy version of themselves.” See, that’s the thing, bridey. All of the “stuff” that makes a wedding “original” tends to be trendy bullshit that will come and go. But, dropping hints of your inner geek and showing your guests who you are as a couple? That is timeless!

2. Zombie wedding. Bridey, zombie weddings have totally been done before, usually on or around Halloween, but it’s the bride and groom’s vision that makes it unique. And Allison and James? Holy shit! I fell in love with Allison the minute I learned that she took a scissors to the bridesmaids dresses! Certainly no pressure to wear those dresses again! But, what I really loved was all of the detail and thought the B+G put into the plans. From the red uplighting which totally set the mood (both romantic and spooky) to the bride’s black and white wedding dress to the black linen to the creative guest costumes and insanely FAB makeup (um, definitely not your typical wedding makeup!), it was wonderfully unique, while at the same time still quite elegant.

3. Retro-Inspired wedding. Retro weddings are super fucking cool for a variety of reasons. First of all, the décor, if done well, can blow the wedding away! Secondly, the photographs are totally exquisite. Take Denise and Jeremy… They had such a sensational retro wedding in Arizona that I was completely distracted by all the eye candy as I tried to write up their wedding. The furniture, the lighting, and even the overall feel of the space was completely over the top! And, for two people who have a retro flare? Why not incorporate it into your wedding? The possibilities are endless when it comes to favors, décor, entertainment and even the cake!

4. Super Glam Wedding. If money is not a thing, bridey, and you and your sig other have an affinity for the finer things in life, then glam it up girl! Go crazy with the flowers and décor! Let the gold and Moët flow! Take Kristi and Steve… This fabulous Australian couple literally made my jaw drop when I saw the pictures of their STUNNING wedding. Everything from the five tiered, gold wedding cake (OMFG!), to the deep red and pink flowers to the black dance floor, and just the way the uplighting reflected off of their cake (Yup! You read that right!)… It was truly beautiful! And the B+G loved every second. If glamorous is your style, then go for it!

5. Rustic Wedding. Nothing new here, bridey, but putting your own unique spin on something that has become super trendy? Now, that’s pretty awesome! Personally? It all comes down to the venue and the details. A lovely barn with a tent, long tables with mismatched China or napkins, tons of DIY and usually a lot of booze make a rustic wedding so rustically fantastic. But, when you make it your own like Gloria and Maggie did, then it becomes completely unique, and about the two of you. A distinctive take on a familiar idea.

So, bridey, what’s your unoriginal wedding going to look like? How are you going to make it your own? What will you and your sig other bring to your wedding day that reflects more about who you are as a couple instead of the next BIG thing?

Image via Katie Hartig