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Casting AWESOME Engaged Couples for a NEW Docuseries!!!!


Bridey, this is only the second time I have agreed to share a wedding casting call with you (and, trust me, I get asked A LOT!). WHY? Why not help your FABULOUS ass get famous AND receive help planning your wedding? Well, I don't usually promote casting calls because more often than not, I find TV shows in the wedding space to be a complete and utter abomination of an industry I love (and love to hate). Usually these shows are an over the top celebration of bad bridal behavior, and it pisses me off. But, working with a hilarious wedding expert + her peeps? Ummmm… A MAZ ING! And while the hilarious wedding expert is not me (sad, but true), it’s the super funny + incredible Jamie Lee! I 100% appreciate her work, and that of the production company, ITV America, producing the show. So, here I am, sharing with you, because I want you to succeed! So, check out the two fliers below, and tell me how it all turns out!!


Brideys! Are you sold yet? I am! I’ll TOTALLY get married again just to have the chance to be around these peeps! And, look down… Seriously? QUEER EYE!!! Yaaasssss!!!


You’re welcome!



The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Bridey, STOP Feeding into the Hysteria!

Bridey, I recognize that perhaps I have been a little bit hard on you with my last two THTs, "Don't be Mental..." and "BB's PSA #2... Be Pleasant While You Plan", so this week, I really want to focus on taking care of you. Look, I understand where your craziness comes from; I get how fucking hard it is to plan a wedding, have a full time job and be an attentive friend and fiance, AND keep your shit together. That said, I have the perfect anecdote to make you feel better the world you're currently living in, and at the same time, hopefully it will help you ditch the bullshit that forces you to feed into the hysteria... The hysteria that the wedding industry has successfully instilled in that pretty head of yours.

So, the other morning, I had a breakfast meeting with a very cool, very busy bride of mine. And when I say busy, I truly mean it. This chick? She's a nurse with crazy hours, in a super emotionally charged environment with draining responsibilities. See what I mean? This bride is actually busy. Her job can sometimes be life and death, so obviously, her wedding planning isn't always top of mind. Anyway, as lovely as our breakfast was, I bluntly asked her, "Lindsey, what's on your mind? Why were you so anxious to meet?" After a deep breath and somewhat of a dramatic pause, she said, "Because, I feel like there is something we should be doing."

Bridey, Lindsey's wedding isn't until late fall, and her venue is solidified, her vendors hired, the save the dates finalized... So, what the fuck is there to do now? Nothing. Enjoy life. Smell the fucking flowers... But, that's where the hysteria of the wedding industry comes into play... God forbid a bride takes a breather (when there's actually nothing to do). God forbid her every waking second isn't filled with something bridal... Seriously! There is so much bullshit out there dictating how you, bridey, are supposed to feel, and what you should be doing, that when there is actually nothing to be done at a particular point in time, you are made to feel uncomfortable. 

And unfortunately, it's not just the wedding industry that has gotten to you. It's everybody! It's everybody that the wedding industry has gotten to too... "Well, you should be doing.... Blah blah blah..." or "I can't believe you haven't done... Blah blah blah..." And that shit will make you cray cray! Bridey, filter out the noise and tell them to FUCK OFF! It's okay to feel comfortable with where you left off with your wedding plans.