Whimsical Wedding

A Super Sexy, Super Inspirational, Lace in the Desert, Australian Styled Shoot...


When I first saw this photograph, I felt like she could have been me. A woman walking through the desert, no clear path or direction, but definitely going somewhere. That's exactly how I've felt over the past few months. On a fucking mission, without a totally clear path or straight-forward direction, but definitely going somewhere. I've taken a break from showcasing weddings + styled shoots because I have been mission-bound (oh, you'll see!!), but without the clarity I'm used to, until now. Things are coming into focus, and it's a huge relief. Actually, it's a gigantic relief. Ever felt that way, bridey? Perhaps with your wedding planning? Where something just clicks, and boom... You're through the hard part and you know it can only get easier from this point forward?

All of that said, I thought I'd start sharing weddings + shoots again with a motherfucking BANG!!! I am OB SES SED with Hilary Cam Photography. He knows it, I know it, we both know it. I absolutely LOVE his take on beauty and aesthetics. I love how he takes something simple and beautiful, and turns it into a complete eye orgasm (yeah... I just said that!). Hilary said that he was, "inspired by the idea of the modern bride who bucks tradition, who’s not afraid of colour and loves the festival scene." Bridey, I urge you to take TONS of inspiration from this gorgeous shoot.I used the word orgasm, so obviously I mean fucking business! Enjoy every.single. aspect of this shoot! I 100% did!


See what I mean about the eye orgasm? Simple, but not really. Right? A Moroccan inspired feast with dried fruit + nuts, and a delicious cake dripping in orange blossom and rose water syrups, topped with petals. 


AMAZING!! Her hair is crowned in dried hydrangea... OMFG.

Festive HC.001.jpeg

First of all, her eyes. WHOA. And the jewels? Damn. Love the turquoise and silver are phenomenal. 

Festive HC.002.jpeg


Festive HC.003.jpeg

LOVE this bouquet! I love the pastel earthy tones, flannel flowers, dried grass and roses. Notice the costume change?


Everything about this shoot makes me feel complete and happy! Thank you for sharing with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Hilary Cam Photography
Dress Store: Asos
Bridesmaid Dresses: Boohoo
Makeup Artist: White Hair and Makeup Artistry
Dress Designer: Lenka Couture
Other: Breathe Bell Tents
Floral Designer: Visually Creative
Jewelry: Cynthier

A Magical Disney Wedding Rockin' Amazing Purple Hair, Kick Ass Shoes and Some Seriously FAB Décor!


I wish I could draw in a speech bubble coming from Ray's mouth. I mean, I could, but I don't want to destroy the integrity of this fantastic photograph. And it really is FANTASTIC, right? So, bubbling in "Fuck yeah!" probably won't do it the justice I was aiming for, would it? Nope, so I am simply telling you what I want to do instead of doing what I want to do (a huge step for me btw...). And actually, I don't have to do either because Ray is doing it for me. And Krystle, the cool-ass bride with the pink and purple locks, is 100% feeling it too... 

Bridey, this wedding is a complete mixture of cool meets Disney. Seriously, Krystle and Ray rock some superb style, and that style, connected with the awesomeness that is Disney is captured in every frame. And as a fun side note, the B+G's combined name is "Kray". So, obviously, they had to run with it and came up with the phrase, "Kray ever after". It's too good, right? 

Ganotsi Quengua.001.jpeg

Notice the jewels? I'm completely in love with them. 

Ganotsi Quengua.002.jpeg

Just stunning. I love everything about Krystle's bouquet!

Ganotsi Quengua.004.jpeg

Holy fuck with the hair! I am envious and jealous all in one!



Ganotsi Quengua.003.jpeg


Ganotsi Quengua.006.jpeg
Ganotsi Quengua.007.jpeg

I wasn't just talking about Krystle's kick ass shoes! I was talking about Ray's kick ass shoes too! Check 'em out!

Ganotsi Quengua.008.jpeg
Ganotsi Quengua.009.jpeg

Loving the floral installation...

Ganotsi Quengua.010.jpeg

I mean, holy fucking shit with the "Kray Ever After". So many fabulous double meanings.

Ganotsi Quengua.011.jpeg
Ganotsi Quengua.012.jpeg

The cake is awesome and not overdone! I love the Swiss Mickey Mouse dots!


Thank you Krystle + Ray, aka, "KRAY", for sharing your fantastic Disney wedding with Bitchless Bride!

Industry Peeps:

DJ: Audio Zone DJ
Professional: Bruddah Bryan
Linens, Coverings + Floral Designer: C and C Silk Flowers
Reception Venue: Hale Koa Hotel
Cake: Hale Koa Hotel
Beauty: Reniel May Saludez
Cinema + Video: Small Hour Films
Ceremony Location: St. Augustine by the Sea

An Amazingly Creative, Super Awesome, Dr. Who Meets Alice in Wonderland Wedding

I don't know about you, bridey, but I would totally drink that! Maybe something is wrong with me, but it just looks so incredibly inviting! Right? Perhaps it has something to do with our B+G, Whitney and Chad. These two are the brainchildren behind this ridiculously cool, super fun, and fabulous wedding mash-up of Dr. Who and Alice in Wonderland. All of the details are so well thought out and so well designed, that you'll 100% feel like you drank whatever that shit is in the bottle. 

I mean... I have NEVER seen a wedding cake more intricate and plain ol' kickass until today. And the décor? WOW! The B+G designed the wall projections and lighting to compliment the FAB centerpieces, and really succeeded in making their guests feel like they fell down the rabbit hole. So, bridey, without further ado... Go, be inspired!!  I mean... There's really no way around it! Enjoy!

Whitney! You're SO cute! And I love your t-shirt! Although... A Bitchless Bride t-shirt would have be rockin' on you!

OMG. I can't even... That dress... A MAZ ING!! 

I love W+C's wedding rings and the clever places they ended up!

Chad, that boutonnière is fucking fantastic! Love the flowers and love the watch!

Whitney... This shot is priceless...

Don't they look famous?

Um, that's the ceiling. Just sayin'...

Those are customized, digital place holders and escort cards that light up when guests arrive at the correct table... OMG!! SO SO SO awesome!

I'm seriously obsessed with every.single.centerpiece.

I mean... It's too fucking good. Right? Now, look down!!

Is that not the most amazing wedding cake you've ever seen? Actually, its amongst the most amazing CAKE I've ever seen! The detail is exquisite!

I love everything about this space! The dance floor! The lighting (yeah... the couple designed all of the lighting and wall projections by themselves!)! The décor!! Oh my!

WOW!!! Just, wow!

Whitney, Chad! Thank you for sharing your fun-filled, clever and fabulous wedding with Bitchless Bride!!!

Industry Peeps:
Photographer: Nix Wedding Photography
Venue: The Crest Center & Pavillion
Cake: Just Simply Delicious
Hair & Makeup: Beauty Parade
Flowers: Blossoms at Biltmore Park
Photo Booth: Shutter Hutch Photo Booths + Videography
DJ: Sound Extreme Entertainment

Fantasy Friday ~ Love, Laughter and Happily Ever After... A Breathtaking Disneyland Wedding!

Doesn't this photograph say it all without saying anything at all? Right? It's really fabulous! Although, if you're my hus, then your first instinct is to say that it reminded him of deadmau5. Silly man... Anyway, I adore Kimberly and Ryan's Disneyland wedding. It's classic yet completely out of the box too... I LOVE the way the B+G were able to incorporate their love for Disney (and the San Francisco Giants) into a whimsical and romantic evening; not usually two words usually in the same sentence. Plus, their guests are super awesome and can be seen rockin' Disney ears, and dancing up a storm!

Um... Not for nothin'... Kimberly and Ryan probably have one the best cake "cutting" pictures I have ever seen EVER! Seriously, it almost looks fake, but it's definitely authentic. Enjoy this fun and fabulous Disney wedding! I sure did!

Um, yeah!!! Kimberly! You look happy and stunning!WOW! Ryan, you're totally right out of a magazine!It really doesn't get much cooler than that! Or, does it? Look down!OMG! That's one hell of a bouquet!Beautiful shot... I'm thinking their creative photog was laying on the ground to capture this one!See what I mean about being romantic? This is amazing!This is not the kids table!!! And I love every second of it!!!This is awesome!!I mean... When in Disney, you gotta give your best man toast in Disney ears!Aside from making me feel totally out of shape (look at Kimberly's arms!!), this picture is so fucking FAB! I'm not usually a fan of the cake smash, but this is too good!Thank you for sharing your whimsy Disney wedding with Bitchless Bride! 

Industry Peeps:

Photographer:  Jeramie Lu Photography
Hair Stylist: Lindsay Lu
Reception Venue: The Disneyland Hotel