cold beer

Fantasy Friday ~ A Shore Thing

I'm falling over. No seriously, I really feel like I'm gonna fall over. Like ass on the floor falling over... I mean, this bitch needs a break. Actually, if I had a real fantasy, like one that would actually come true (not that Fantasy Friday isn't fabulous...), then I'd wish for a FREEZE button. I really would... It would be this really lovely, hot pink button that I could push, and everything would just freeze. Just stop... Just go away... Then I could get more shit done, or I could sleep, or I could smoke a cigarette and not have it "count".

But, I don't have a fucking cool, hot pink freeze button, I'm really spent, and just need to check out. So when I saw this fab beach wedding waiting for me, I wanted to be there. I wanted to drink a cold beer, have a piece of their ice cream wedding cake and party with the bride and groom. It became my escape, and I had to share it with all of you.

Seriously, I love the Tommy Bahama clothes, the sunglasses, and the unique Cabbage Shed Wedding reception location. Another cool touch? Wild flowers for the bouquet and on the tables. Alright, enough out of me because I'm totally rambling... Basically brideys, just take this one in and enjoy... I did! 

Isn't that a beautiful shot? Can't you just feel the breeze? Just an amazing wedding dress, and I totally dig the stunning flower in her hair.

That surf board? Custom. And you know what they did with it? All of the guests signed. How rad is that?

I really like the double B... Imagine that.

Wild flowers!