The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Sometimes, Even BB Needs a Little Perspective

I'm not going to lie, sometimes, I (too) get so caught up in the wedding planning process that every now and then, I require a much needed reminder not only about the significance behind the event, but the reason I was hired to help plan the wedding. I have to separate myself from the beautiful design, an excited bride and overwhelming desire to make each and every detail sparkle and get myself centered; get my shit together. Get some PERSPECTIVE! Why? Well, even though it's not my wedding, in a similar fashion to the how the bride oftentimes finds herself miles away from where she started (be it from a budget standpoint, design aesthetic, etc.), occasionally, so do I. And it's super important that at least one of us remembers what the hell we're doing all of this amazing preparation for... a union of two people who want the world to witness their love, and commitment to each other. Because it's more than just a fucking party; it's a celebration; it's a public promise; it's the beginning of a whole new life. Soooo... as excited as we both get during the planning, I must focus and not to lose sight of the big picture.

Grooms and Your Bottom... Line

Does this sound familiar to you? You have all of the details planned, you are about to sign on the dotted line for 10K worth of absolutely stunning linen, chiavari chairs and stemware when out of nowhere, the groom swoops in and squashes your dream with his mighty checkbook (duh, I know nobody actually writes checks anymore, but it sounded better, okay?).

I know the feeling… You see as a planner, I see this ALL the time! And no matter how many times I tell you ladies to enlighten your grooms about the REAL budget, somehow you fuck it up. So, we go on several appointments, and the bride says, “Yeah, yeah… this is amazing. Let’s move forward with our design”.  And right as we get to the “alter”, the dream fizzles because the groom looks at the price tag and says, “No fucking way am I spending 10K tablecloths”!