Fantasy Friday ~ My Big, Fat, Fake & Fabulous Wedding!!

Bridey, I don't usually share submissions that are posted on several sites, but this one? It's SO fucking good that I just couldn't help myself. Because you need to see what a little imagination and talented vendors can do for your wedding. And if you see it on Bitchless Bride or some other site, then you'll be a better bride for it! Seriously, it's that good! And, I'm that awesome for not caring about exclusivity or something close to it!

Anyway, why a big, fat, fake wedding? Well, according to the fabulous Andie Freeman, "The bride and groom were actually already married and would be renewing their vows at 7pm in front of a crowd that consisted of ladies that would soon be tying their own knot." How cool is that?!! And, based on the chemistry between the B+G, it's quite clear that they aren't models.

I want both of those dresses. Seriously, it's worth renewing my own vows just so I can wear these dresses!Those bouquets are so gorgeous! Right???Hi Amanda. Holy flawless makeup!Seriously! Holy fuck with the amazing flowers!!!See what I mean? That's the real thing, bridey! These two are clearly smitten!Andie Freeman: "Travis grinned as Amanda walked down the aisle for a second time to avow her love all over again. Travis and Amanda has written their own vows. As the first kiss came, the crowd let out a roar and they danced back up the aisle."Wow. Just, wow!I love the deep purple and gold! And the hot pink? AWESOME!!

Fantasy Friday ~ A Rustic, Chic, Backyard Wedding… Bitchless Style

I love it when people classify weddings as “rustic”. Like, obvi I know what it means, and I LOVE a good rustic wedding, but when I think rustic, I think of tents (like the ones you need to pitch… OMG it’s all I can do not to take this to a raunchy level, anyway…), I think canoes, and I think fire pits and the like. Right? I definitely don’t think about a kickass wedding filled with incredibly unique DIY aspects, vintage cars, old trucks, bocce and a backyard tent with a chandelier. Do you? Well, now you will, bridey!! Because Larissa and Richie just took “rustic” to a whole new level. A chic level. A cool level. A level that screams FABULOUS level!

Another cool aspect of this wedding? Scroll down, bridey. It’s clear that Larissa and Richie’s guests are having a fantastic time! I mean, I know that weddings should be all about the bride and groom, blah blah blah, but Larissa and Richie definitely put some thought into their entertainment and décor, and thought about what would make everybody happy, not just the two of them. And I dig it. Seriously, it’s what Bitchless Bride is all about! So, bridey, if you’re looking for rustic, chic wedding inspiration (look no further…Nope, I can’t say that…I sound like a used car salesman!) put your mouse, thumb or arrow to good use and have some fun!

Lovin' the lock and key! Such a fun idea!There are so many aspects about this pic that make me melt... Love how Richie is holding the veil! And the look on Larissa's face? OMG...I swear I could see this photo in a magazine!I mean... THIS is awesome! 

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Lovely, Do it Yourself, Uniquely Country Wedding

I love this wedding. And I think that I love it so much because I would never be able to do all of the DIY aspects captured so beautifully in this wedding. My style? Pay somebody to do it for me. Yeah, not quite DIY. More like HSEDIFY (Have Somebody Else do it For You). But, you already know that about me. Anyway, Stephanie and Tyler are not only adorable, but their taste? AWESOME! (OMG, I almost said awesome-sauce... Don't even ask!) I love that the bridesmaids dresses are all completely different and instead of fancy shoes, they are rockin' cowboy boots, and that the groomsmen are wearing multicolored bow ties and carnation boutonnieres. 

So, bridey, if you are a DIYer, then this wedding will definitely give you some FAB ideas to incorporate into your own wedding planning. I mean, they say that imitation is the best form of flattery, so imitate away!

Love this shot! I love those bridesmaid dresses! And the boots? FABU!!Go ahead... Pin it!Kickass bow ties! Adorable bunch of dudes too!Simple, easy, and cool (and totally functional too!).I love everything about this pic! And a little girl in cowboy boots? SO CUTE!Time to grab your notebook, brideys! Let the DIY BEGIN! Look down...

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Rustic, Tented, Coffee and Wine Lovin' California Wedding

I feel like you, brideys, are going to absolutely swoon over the details of this wedding. (Yes, I said, "swoon"get over it...) There is so much to look at, and so much to love about Kayte and Jason's wedding, that I really won't waste a lot of time typing. The only thing I will say is that I could totally see this wedding (particularly this photograph) gracing magazine covers around the world. Right? A beautiful bride... sorry, more like a beautiful couple, a stunning dress and a bright and colorful merry-go-round. All of the elements, which make up a FAB inspirational shoot, no? But, this is no shoot it's real life. And it's AWESOME!

So, get ready to drool, bridey, as you scroll down the page because this is such a well executed, well thought out, and fun-filled wedding that you won't want to leave. Enjoy!

OMG! Is this not the BEST looking group of girls? Holy shit! Wowza!Absolutely OB SESSED with Kayte's gown. OBSESSED! I mean, the dress alone is amazing, but the embellishments? WOW!Again... GORGEOUS girls, amazing bride and a cool ass backdrop!I am busting over Jason's white tux! They are a damn fine looking couple.I mean... Kayte, you are an insanely beautiful bride. Oh, and Jason, you're quite dapper.

Fantasy Friday... My "Rustic" Style Bachelorette Party

So, I have to admit... I never had a bachelorette party. I know, right? Well, it would have been rather difficult for anybody to plan one for me considering I eloped and didn't tell my friends until afterward. Do I regret not having a huge party? No, not really. Because there is no way I could have done then what I would want to do now (and still can't afford)! So what's the point?

However... here's a glimpse into what I had in mind. Now, it's kind of embarrassing, but I am definitely not a rustic kind of girl. In fact, I love an outdoor wedding, appreciate nature, but I don't love the great outdoors! That said, I do appreciate everything about what GOES with the outdoors... In a fancy way of course, and because this is FANTASY FRIDAY, let's just leave price out of the equation, shall we?

See that cabin up there? That's my idea of "roughing it". (See what I mean... BB is def not an outdoorsy kind of chick!) I would take about eight of my girls to this cabin where we would each have our own room, bathroom, and a fucking blast!

Upon arrival to the "cabin", we'd change into our comfortable clothes and head outside to gather around the campfire. I'm a huge believer in dessert before dinner, so as somewhat of an amuse bouche, we'd start with bacon s'mores and a few glasses of wine... And because this is only my fantasy bachelorette paty (and my mom is probably reading this), I would smoke a few camel's with my s'more and my Barolo (Barolo Bricco Rocche, Ceretto 2001 to be exact) as my bestie started reading from the best scary story book ever! 

After the campfire, we'd retreat back to our rooms to take a soak in our giant tubs (all of them created by different designers) washing the smoky smell from our bodies. Once dressed, we'd meet downstairs for a very special dinner...

A very special dinner because it it's prepared by my favorite chef, Michael Mina (my hus and I ate at his restaurant in Las Vegas the night of our wedding), and my favorite pasty chef, Jacques Torres. After all, it is my bachelorette party... And I don't mess around with my food. Plus, the chicks I'm with are good eaters and have a deep appreciation for food as an art form(that tastes good too)...

Once our bellies are full, we linger into the family room which rocks a cathedral ceiling, fireplace and several comfy couches (because we gotta rest after that amazing meal). The wine Barolo is passed around, some ciggys are smoked and we are just happy being with each other. It stops being all about me, and becomes all about us and our friendship... 

We talk until two o'clock in the morning, and finally go to our fancy rooms to get some sleep. In the morning, we are awakened to freshly baked cinnamon rolls (Jacques is still there) and espresso... I look around the table and there is nowhere else I'd rather be... 

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