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Fantasy Friday ~ Embracing The Inner Nerd

So, I really dig it when a couple is authentic. I dig it when a couple truly embraces who they are, and willing to incorporate themselves into their engagement shoot (and their wedding) for the world to see. Enter Mandy and Will... They are getting married on Halloween, and of course, their guests are to attend the nuptials in costume (duh). So why not just completely go for it, embrace their inner 'nerd', and add a few comic books and some Superman to their engagement shoot? Seems fitting, right? Anything else would be considered, ordinary.

If you find yourself struggling with the "perfect" engagement shoot, then ask yourself, bridey, what are you passionate about? What is your fiancé passionate about? Is there any way you could combine the two? Because if you really want to move away from the mundane, super conventional engagement shoot, then do it! But, make it meaningful; make it something you'll get a kick out of when you see the photographs twenty years from now. 

See, it's not all fun and games! Mandy and Will sure do clean up nicely!

Phew... Superman and his gal needed to take a quick break!

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Super Stylish Sunday ~ Graffiti Inspired Wedding Shoot

I just died and went to awesome heaven. Seriously, I am completely blown away by these incredibly beautiful, incredibly creative photographs. Not to mention that if you've read my About page, then you know that I appreciate and photograph cool graffiti that I see around the city. So when I saw this in my inbox, I was thrilled. It was like a mixture of two of my favorite things... Graffiti and weddings. 

So, please... ENJOY this fucking fabulously creative, amazingly gorgeous photo shoot... I know I did.

Notes from the submission: Shot at the Crewest Gallery in downtown Los Angeles, this themed shoot was a collaboration between Best Coast Photo and Orange Blossom Special Events inspired by the abundance of colorful graffiti and street art in areas like Venice Beach and throughout Los Angeles. Although derived from street art, we wanted to create a look that at once edgy and urban, yet modern and sophisticated. A fantastic team was assembled to bring together all of the elements, which included a custom-made graffiti cake by the amazing Santa Monica's Vanilla Bake Shop, details by Mr. Caballero Creative and a gorgeous dress by Miss Tashina.

I cannot get over the shoes! Talk about something blue? Right? They are a perfect compliment to this absolutely SICK wedding dress.

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I'm Not Going to Say "I Told You So"
I'm not going to say "I told you so", even though I am absolutely DYING to scream it at the top of my fucking lungs!!! Seriously, I am aching in my soul to tell this bride that she should have listened to me. And although I am a powerful source of knowledge, and definitely not afraid to put people (brides and vendors alike) in their place, I cannot force anybody to do anything once their mind is made up.
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Let's Avoid the "Concession" Stand
As I continue to nurse myself back to health after a weekend filled with way too much "nice", too much bullshit, and shoes that were a bit too high, I can't help but wonder how the fuck I got here. Actually, it's more like how the fuck YOU got here. Because last time I checked it was supposed to be your wedding... And considering all of the concessions we made (against my best advice), I feel like we lost part of you simply by pleasing everybody else and their needs.
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To Boudoir or Not to Boudoir... IS There a Question?
I love a sexy boudoir photo shoot. A well-done boudoir shoot... Because when they are done poorly, man they just look trashy; however if you are lucky enough to find yourself a fantastic photographer, then I feel strongly that these pictures are powerful enough to contribute to the foundation of your marriage. HUH? What the fuck BB? The foundation of my marriage… What are you talking about? 
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