Styled Shoots

A Mauve and Moody Elopement... A Truly Gorgeous Styled Shoot

I love when real life and design overlap. See the B+G above? Well, even though this is a styled shoot, Samantha and Justin are a real life couple. They are engaged, and while I'm not sure if they are going to elope or not, this is certainly a good way to get into the wedding-y mood. I mean... How cool is it that they get to practice getting married? Right? OMG, can you imagine if we all got a dry run?  Bitchless Bride would probably not exist if all of you brideys got to experience a practice wedding! Anyway... 

So, I put it out there that I was looking for a moody and edgy styled shoot or real wedding, and I jumped at the chance to show you this spectacular mash up of the two. I am OB SES SED with the color palette, the cakes and Samantha's tea length wedding dress. Seriously, I highly suggest that you steal from this shoot, bridey. Take everything! Take the cake (no pun!), take the gold and definitely take the fucking velvet linen! This shoot completely encompasses why I show you styled images... Because they dare to be different and rock the shit out of the norm. So, go! Steal!

The font + the gold... OMG!

My mouth just watered! I LOVE the mauve colored cake and the simple design!

It's like a little bit tie dyed, right? 

Gotta love the aeriel shot! 

Bridey, there is no reason you can't dress up your sweetheart table with velvet linen and fancy chairs! This is 100% an idea worth stealing!

Lovin' the gold flatware.

Gorgeously real shot of the B+G!

See what I mean? That dress! Totally LOVE IT! And Justin? So dapper! 

Thank you to all of the FAB vendors who teamed up to give us such great inspiration! And, thanks for sharing with Bitchless Bride!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Tara Nichole Photo 
Event Designer: Ryann Lindsey Photography
Design & Décor: The Amburgeys
Event Planners: Bloom & Blueprint Event Co. + KDP Events
Dress Designer: Essence of Australia
Jewelry: Everything Angelic + Meg Wedding Jewelry + Robbins Brothers 
Groomsman Attire: Magro Clothing
Invitation Designer: Paper and Posies
Equipment Rentals: Phoenix Classic Party Rentals
Heirlooms & Extras: Prim Rentals
DIY or Handmade Goods Designer: Silk and Willow
Event Venue: SoHo63
Cake Designer: Suzy B'z Homemade Goodies
Other: The Mrs. Box 
Dress Store: Uptown Bridal & Boutique 
Makeup Artist: Vidogi Salon & Boutique

A Darky and Moody, 1920s Glam Wedding Inspired Styled Shoot

I have to say, I love when I receive a styled shoot, with a real couple! It adds such a cool element to the overall feel of the photographs! And these two? Well, they love to play dress up! I mean... They love playing dress up so much that when it came time to select their wedding attire, they did so in such a way that they would have many more opportunities and occasions to wear their garb again. For instance? A fucking cool, dark and moody styled shoot.

Bridey, there is so much inspiration encapsulated within this shoot that if you don't walk away with something, you're coo coo! It's such a fun twist on the norm! So, go enjoy!

I'm obsessed with sparkly linen and the pearls! OMG!

Notice the Oujia board? Right? I love that it's not in my face, but it's there!

Yum! I love the dark and delicious, DIY bundt cake! It's definitely a nice marriage between elegant and spooky... 

I had to show this to you again. I think I really need a fork!

Amazing bouquet!

Fabulous hair! LOVE the headpiece

Feel the sparks? And, feel the eeriness of of the surroundings? CREEPY!

Love this shot!!!

Thank you for sharing this amazing styled shoot with Bitchless Bride! I love the spooky sexy combo!

Industry Peeps:
And How! Imaging
Bride: Sophie du Mal
Hair: Hocus Pocus Beauty Boutique
Makeup: Katie-Laine Thornton 
Blue Hair Flower:
Made From Recycled Vinyl Records
Flowers: Petals & Fields
Venue: Amulet Farm

An Enchanting Photoshoot with a Surprise Proposal That Will Take Your Breath Away

Every now and then, I receive a submission that moves me to my core. A submission that's so good, and so tremendous, that the hair on the back of my neck stands straight up. And this styled shoot, bridey? Well, I'm blown away. It 100% knocked me on my ass. And, it's not just because of the extraordinary details, but because of the raw emotion brilliantly captured during a surprise proposal. Hayley completely surprises Dillon as she drops to one knee, rockin' an engagement ring, and really, the photographs say it all. 

How'd it all happen? Well, Dillon thought she was modeling with her girlfriend as a married couple for a photoshoot and video. Little did she know! The proposal and Dillon's adorable reaction, combined with the splendid details you are about to see are pretty fucking awesome! Aside from the beautiful gown, kickass shoes (that I totally need to have), and flowers, this shoot is really touching and passionate. And as you know, I am an absolute sucker for a good looking cake. And, bridey? There are THREE. THREE cakes, and I just... I just... I can't. So, go see for yourself, because this shoot will blow your mind too! And, don't forget to check out the video (don't worry, I got it below)! It will seriously make you cry.

I'm in love with this style of invites!

I needed to show you a close up of the hot pink shoes! 

Hayley! You're beautiful! I love everything about your look! From the headpiece, to the gown, to the gigantic bouquet of flowers! A MAZ ING!

WOW. That's some serious cleavage. DAMN, girl! At the risk of sounding like Paris Hilton, THAT'S HOT! But, I can't help it because it's true!

Shoup Clayton.004.jpeg

OMG, Dillon... You're adorable! Such a FAB smile (and dimples)!

Let's take this outside... Dillon, you're in for a surprise!

I mean... STFU! It's too good! The cake is completely unbelievable, and the message? Well... what can I say?

Seriously! Could ya' bust??? Dillon's reaction is just fabulous!

Like.. So so so sweet...

The other cake may have the message written on it, but these two cakes are pretty fucking fantastic! Right?

OMG. Thank you for sharing this surprise proposal shoot with Bitchless Bride! I love everything about this post!!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer/Videographer: Elle Lily Photography and Videography
Florals: Sweet Stems Florist
Hair & Makeup: Sandra Michelle Artistry
Cakes: The Batter up Bakery
Airbrush Tan: Land and Sea Beauty
Custom Invitations: CC Shirock Paper
Gown: Scr Murrieta
Bow Tie: Knotty CO. Bow Ties
Rentals: Nomad Nuptials

A Styled Shoot so Fucking Awesome that You'll be Green with Envy...

OMG, bridey... Are you completely obsessed with the nails? Particularly the dude... Right? Like, I'm so obsessed that can't take my eyes off of his shiny, black and nearly perfect claws! Damn! I wish mine could look like his!! And, then there's the apple green martini with a lime and blackberry garnish. Totally drooling over here (and it's like 10 in the morning!). I seriously don't know which I want more! Black and FAB nails? Or the green martini!

Bridey, this styled shoot is so fucking awesomely badass (is that proper English?!!) that I really can't wait to share it with you! Mixed into this stunningly cool styled shoot are some insanely beautiful and creative elements that you can easily incorporate into your wedding theme/design. Personally, I usually don't love green, but today? I am enamored with it! I need it. I have to have it! Seriously, I LOVE the green satin linen with the black charger plates, and the incredible flower installation rockin' some black calla lilies (um, holy shit!). And, the cake. Wow!! That cake is so fantastic that even I don't want to eat it because then you'd have to cut into it! Anyway... I could really go on and on, so let me shut up so that you can scroll away! Enjoy!!

STFU! Love the car! Love the B+G! Love the dress!!

Welcome! Can I tempt you with a cocktail? (Notice the green lipstick?!)

See what I mean, bridey? A MAZ ING! So so so cool and unique!

Close up of the booze! 

Are you freaking out over the bouquet? I am!!

I mean... Too cool and beautiful to cut!!

I love how the cake is displayed. The vases underneath add a really distinguished element of beauty. 

Um. The head is on the fish. That's all.

That black dress is phenomenal!!

Thank you to all of the fucking amazing DFW vendors for sharing this styled shoot with Bitchless Bride. I love it so much!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Lyncca Harvey Photography
Venue: 7 For Parties
Event Planner & Designer: The I DO Girl Weddings & Events
Models: Mina Vang & Steven Rogers
Paper Goods: Love Betty Design
Flowers: Sharp Event Design + Lighting
Hair + Makeup: Rosie's Artistry
Linens: Ducky Bob's
Dress Designer: Winnie Couture
Cake: Delicious Cakes
Caterer: Wendy Krispin Caterer
Entertainment: Rod Baker, DFW Parties
Transportation: Blue Diamond Limousines 
Drink Service: Bravo Entertainment

A "Naked" Warehouse, Color-Pop Inspired, Stunningly Fucking Awesome Styled Shoot

What do you get when you mix a few creative vendors with an empty warehouse and a real life, super stylish couple? This fucking fantastic, color-pop styled shoot! Right? Seriously! I mean... See that cool backdrop behind Missy + Kelly? It's made of masking tape. Yup! MASKING TAPE! Creatively placed, a bit off centered, masking tape... And BOOM! There's you're fabulous backdrop! Bold, yet simplistic, and super cheap. It really does't get better than that! Throw in some giant, gold confetti and you have a party! Or, better yet... A wedding.

Bridey, if you want to make a statement at your wedding, but lack the bankroll for over-the-top extravagance, no problem. All you need is a little imagination, a blank canvas (or stark warehouse) and piles and piles of color. This styled shoot is bursting with color and tons of fun. Enjoy the inspiration!

O.M.G. that bouquet is fucking amazing!

Love this pic! So fun!

Are you dying over the red shoes? I am!

There's something about this picture that totally gets me...

Love. So simple, and so elegant.

So fun!

I could really use one of these right now!

Obsessed with the hair and nails.

Thank you Kamp Weddings and Missy + Kelly for sharing this fun and FAB styled shoot with Bitchless Bride!! We LOVE it!

Industry Peeps:
Photographer: Kamp Weddings
Florist: Encore Catering

"You Are My Happy"... A Romantic, Chic-y, Styled Shoot with a Real Life Couple

I'm pretty obsessed with styled shoots. I love them because they give brides (and grooms) piles and piles of inspiration, and offer a snapshot of the amazing possibilities for a beautiful, often eccentric, wedding day. Even if it's only one teeny, tiny detail inspired from a shoot, that gets incorporated into the overall theme of your wedding, bridey, it's usually what has the guests talking. Right? It's the piece that wouldn't have made it into the big picture that suddenly becomes the spotlight.

As an added bonus, this romantic, chic styled shoot, involves real-life couple, Jessica + Victor. What I love about using a real couple as opposed to models in a styled shoot, is that you can 100% feel their electricity. It completely radiates from out of the photographs. Just wait... Victor is a photographer and met Jessica on a shoot; the two have been inseparable ever since. And, although I really hate that I'm about to use this fucking word, they really do swoon for each other. Ewwwww... But, no other word would do. Bridey, enjoy all of the incredible inspiration! 

I love everything about this dress. The style, the tapered bottom, the lace... EVERYTHING!

Gorgeous, vintage engagement ring.

Um, hi. The flowers... The dress... The hair... Oh my!!

Damn. Can you feel that?? Total electricity!

Such stunning details on the table! I love the gold and lace!

OMFG. Seriously, give me a damn fork.

Still lovin' Jessica's hair.

And now it's time for a change...

WOW! The hair and makeup is absolutely FAB!!

I just cried over how awesome that bouquet is.

Thank you for sharing this awesome styled shoot with Bitchless Bride!

Industry Peeps:
Photographer: Kari Geha
Venue: Moss Denver
Dress(s): Blue Bridal Boutique
Hair: Jaded Beauty
Floral: Fairytale Floral
Cake: Wake and Bake Cakes

A Vintage, Nordic Mountain, Dark and Fabulous Styled Elopement Shoot

You know those times when it rains or when the weather isn't cooperating, and you're secretly happy because of it? Like, it somehow reflects how you're feeling or the moodiness of the day? Well, this styled elopement explicitly expresses the perfect atmosphere for feeling moody. It's bold without being bitchy. It's edgy without being overdone. It's cool without being trendy. And, frankly, I fucking love it. 

I love how the elements of the day + the elements of the "set" come together to create a welcomed moodiness. It feels romantic and ominous with a touch of drama. The design elements are totally exquisite and elegant. Seriously, gold and green are rockin' in this shoot! And, the flowers, both the bouquet and the off center centerpiece, are amazing. Bridey, if you're looking for some edgy and stylish inspiration, you got it! Enjoy!!

OMG... That bouquet! That greenery! Amazing!

Fabulous boutonnière!

Okay... Clearly, I'm a little obsessed with the bouquet!

Damn sexy.

Like... How badly do you want to sit at that table, and dine on the food and booze??

I can't... The cake is spectacular!

Two, please!

Such a FAB shot!!

Thank you for sharing this amazing elopement shoot with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Suzanne Rothmeyer Photography
Dress Store: Wai Ching Studio
Apparel: Butcher & Tweed
Floral Designer: Flowers By Shamay
Equipment Rental: Vintage Ambiance
Hair: Kelsey Ekstrom
Bakery: Hoffman's Fine Cakes and Pastries
Booze: Old Ballard Liquor Co.
Design + Décor: Silk and Willow
Invitation Designer: Robinson Paperie
Props/WardrobeRainchild Stylist

An Insanely Romantic, Super Glam, City Chic, Styled Shoot

I seriously don't know what to look at first... The incredibly lush florals around the gold chiavari chairs or the black, sequined linen or the luscious amber locks hanging from the shoulders of the beautiful woman wearing the beautiful dress or the faux hawk the male model is rockin', OR OR OR!!! Right? Bridey, this styled shoot is so fucking awesome that I can hardly contain myself. I want them to redo it so that I can be the girl model and completely immerse myself in the details. And, I haven't even mentioned the glitter donuts. Did you hear me? I said, "GLITTER DONUTS"!! Actually, they're PINK GLITTER DONUTS!! OMG... STFU!!

Bridey, there is so much juiciness encapsulated in this shoot that I am almost at a loss for words. ALMOST... With every scroll or roll of your thumb, it just keeps getting better and better. So, allow me, to allow you, to start scrolling... Enjoy!

Imagine if this was your place setting? WOW!

Hold please... See her dress? Whoa... The side flower? So fucking cool!


Oh my gawd!!!!!

That dress... WOW!

Such a great shot!

No, I don't know where they are or what they're laying on, but I don't care. It's too good...

Drink up!

WPIC Inc..009.jpeg

Me too! I'm in love! In love with this fantastic styled shoot! Thank you for sharing with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Phat Dog Visuals Studios
Cake: Bite Me Bakery
Floral Designer: First Comes Love Weddings & Floral Design
Event Planner: The Wedding Planners
Equipment Rentals: Chairman Mills
Linens: Linen Closet
Models: Emily Allanah & Ncube
Makeup: Black-Blush Makeup Artistry
Invitations: Polka Dot Paper Shop
Dress: Sharleez Bridal
Tux: Andrew's Formals

Fantasy Friday ~ A Vintage, Steampunk Elopement... Quite Simply, a Very Cool Styled Shoot

I love this styled shoot. Like, everything about it! I love the "models" (they are girlfriend and boyfriend), I love the fantastic DIY elements, I love the creative photography... OMG! I really love everything about this shoot! Seriously, it's just so fun and clever! And, in typical BB form, I'm kind of obsessed with the cake. It's beautiful, and I found myself wishing for a fork so that I could dig in... Anyway, I love this post so much that I am going to let Veronica Rose of Roni Rose Photography tell you more about it the inspiration which lead to such fabulousness. (PS - Totally love how Roni starts the convo!!)

RRP: "Every year I like to set up a styled shoot that reflects what the modern wedding world has become; A place for personal expression rather than a traditional template that needs to be followed. I immediately had Serena and Kent in mind as models. Serena is my tattoo artist. She is one of the most artistic people I know. My inked skin is a testament to that. During our sessions together she's spoken so fondly of her boyfriend Matt. I knew immediately that I'd love him. Matt is a chef, and one of the sweetest men I've ever met."
RRP: "Our vision for the shoots we do are based around trying to create an artistic expression of the couple, and they made that so easy for us. These two just ooze joy and love! I also like to keep our styled shoots in the realm of attainability, rather than a large production that would be difficult to achieve during an actual elopement, so much of what you see is a DIY by yours truly."
Serena, you look beautiful! LOVE LOVE LOVE your red lipstick!!!
RRP: ..."the boutineer is made out of some of our old film negatives and flash bulbs."
I think it's fair to say that the camera likes Matt. And, a chef too? Oh dear God! Serena, you're a lucky girl! 
Let's take this outside...
This is creepy awesome!
So cool!
RRP: "I used a pair of ape hanger handle bars to create an alter."
Right? Doesn't that cake just scream, "GET A FORK!!"?
Thank you Roni, for sharing such a kickass shoot with Bitchless Bride! I think we are all much cooler now.

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Roni Rose Photography
Second Shooter: Kristina "Dolly" Danitz Photography
Hair Stylist: Blondie Hair Artistry
Floral Designer: Emily Nallen
Ring Designer: Homesick Harbor
Makeup Artist: Simply Perfect Makeup Artists
Event Venue: Starline Factory
Cake Designer: The Cake Lady

Fantasy Friday ~ An Extravagant, Super Glitzy, Truly Stunning Styled Shoot

This striking styled shoot captures the elegance and opulence of an enchanting winter wedding, (yes, I know it's supposedly spring), but, you know what? I don't care! It's so fabulous and so glamorous, and frankly, it feels like fucking winter on the East coast, so why not post a GORGEOUS shoot to inspire my winter brides?!! Right? Anyway, this really is delicious. It's succulent and juicy, and easy on the eyes. And, OMG! Just wait until you see that stunning Ysa Makino wedding dress up close. You're totally going to freak!

Bridey, if you can incorporate any of these details into your wedding, it will be superb! Perhaps you'd like to have the amazing dessert bar with the monogrammed cookies, or a glitterly wedding cake, or even the shimmrey wedding dress... Whatever it may be, bridey, this shoot really is something to behold! Enjoy!
I love the black and white invites!
One day (and probably soon), I am going to own those shoes!
Um. WOW!
So beautiful... Don't worry... There's more!!
So glittery and gold! LOVE IT!
Like... STFU with the dress... Right? I LOVE everything about it! I want to wear it right now!
Even the cake is sparkling at us!
The rose on the top of the cake is perfect finishing touch!
Gimme! Gimme!
OMG! So happy to share this truly amazing styled shoot on Bitchless Bride!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: B. Jones Photography//Equipment Rentals: AA Party Rentals//Floral Designer: Bella Fiori//Makeup Artist: Bridal Beauty Styling//Model: Fashion by Anita//Favors and Gifts: Flour Dusted Countertops//Hair Stylist: Hair By Leah Noel//Jewelry: Heidi Hull Designs//Event Planner: Manette Gracie Events//Dress Store: MeaMarie Bridal Atelier//Invitation Designer: Robinson Paperie//Equipment Rentals: Snohomish Rental Co//Apparel: The Black Tux//Reception Venue: The Fairmont Olympic Hotel//Cinema and Video: Traveling Light Pictures

Fantasy Friday ~ A Stunning, Bohemian Brunch Inspired, Italian Villa Inspired, Super Romantic, Styled Shoot

I know it's just the way the sun is hitting her face, but I love how it appears as though the bride has two different colored eyes (and like she's rockin' some seriously blue eyeliner!). SO fabulous! And, even though I know they're models, they really make a super hot couple! Right? And that flower crown she's wearing is absolutely spectacular!

Anyway, bridey, if you're looking for some kickass wedding inspiration, be it a lovely bohemian brunch (with a delicious looking pancake wedding cake!!), Italian villa or undoubtedly romantic, then you've just hit the mother load. This styled shoot is just cool. Like, really, really cool with amazing details that are so good, you'll want to eat them!
That invitation is exceptional! I love the chalkboardy feel, and the font!
Who doesn't love a sunflower? Exquisite bouquet!
Holy WOW!
How cool would it be to actually sit and dine at this table celebrating a marriage?!!
Okay. I think it's fair to say that I have a crush on the bride. Lovin' the makeup!!
My mouth seriously just watered! I may have to go make some pancakes!!
Don't cut it! Just pour the syrup together!
Thank you for sharing this incredible styled shoot with Bitchless Bride!!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Andie Freeman Photography
Makeup Artist: Bombshell Creations
Dresses: Charlotte Russe
Favors and Gifts: Kate Aspen
Equipment Rentals: Oconee Events, Inc.
Invitation Designer: Southern Sophistication Designs
Caterer: Southern Sophistication Designs
Event Planner: Southern Sophistication Designs
Event Venue: The Farm at High Shoals

Fantasy Friday ~ ***Flashback*** A Graffiti Inspired Shoot

I just died and went to awesome heaven. Seriously, I am completely blown away by these incredibly beautiful, incredibly creative photographs. So, when I saw this in my inbox, I was thrilled. It was like a mixture of two of my favorite things... Graffiti and weddings. Bridey, please... ENJOY this fucking fabulously creative, amazingly gorgeous photo shoot... I know I did.

Notes from the submission: Shot at the Crewest Gallery in downtown Los Angeles, this themed shoot was a collaboration between Best Coast Photo and Orange Blossom Special Events inspired by the abundance of colorful graffiti and street art in areas like Venice Beach and throughout Los Angeles. Although derived from street art, we wanted to create a look that at once edgy and urban, yet modern and sophisticated. A fantastic team was assembled to bring together all of the elements, which included a custom-made graffiti cake by the amazing Santa Monica'sVanilla Bake Shop, details by Mr. Caballero Creative and a gorgeous dress by Miss Tashina.

I cannot get over the shoes! Talk about something blue? Right? They are a perfect compliment to this absolutely SICK wedding dress.

Like... I know they're models, but can they get any hotter? Or more cool? I think not.

Check out that cool bow tie!

I love the mix of graffiti with the formal place setting...

I am melting over this cake. Forever ago, I used to make wedding cakes, and I cannot get over the simplicity and depth of this truly original, amazingly cool cake! I mean it... This is definitely going on my cake Pinterest board...

Oh my God! Look how unique and fantastic that vase is? It's so simple, but so cool because of its simplicity.

I mean... LOOK how fucking cool they are? I am obsessed with this shoot!!!

Industry Peeps:

Event DesignerMr. Caballero Creative
Reception Venue: Crewest Gallery
Cake DesignerVanilla Bake Shop
Equipment RentalsA Rental Connection
Personal Stylistmiss tashina
Hair Stylist: Emily Dawn Artistry

PhotographerBest Coast Photo