A Super Glamorous, Super Glitzy and Utterly Fantastic Great Gatsby Inspired Wedding


I truly aspire to live more like all of the life I see emanating from this photograph... 
There's glitz, there's glam, there's glitz + glam, and there's a fantastic vintage typewriter worthy of obsession! Seriously, I love that Jaclyn + Matthew incorporated all of this fucking cool "glizam" into their wedding day. And, bridey, this pic is only the beginning! Just wait until you scroll down and see the bridesmaids dresses! OMFG. And, I write that with pure JOY not JUDGEMENT. They are incredible and sparkly, and totally glamorous! PLUS, all of the girls are wearing the most sensational headpieces! I swear I'm just waiting for them to start dancing like the Rockettets! 

But, beyond the butterfly-inducing details that make my wedding planner stomach go cray, this wedding is about two beautiful people (high school sweethearts!) celebrating the next step in their lives. And, it's clear to anybody viewing this post that these two are enjoying their wedding day to the fullest, and THAT, more than anything else, is worth aspiring to... Enjoy!


WOW! Captivating bouquet without being too flashy! 

Haskell Ferraro.001.jpeg
Haskell Ferraro.003.jpeg

I mean... It really doesn't get much cuter (and, is it wrong that I would TOTALLY rock the same dresses as those toddlers?!!)...


Jaclyn, Jaclyn, Jaclyn... WOW! Just wow! You look stunning! That dress is EVERYTHING! And, I love how your dad is completely enamored by you.


YAAAAASSS!!! Matthew, you are rockin' that white tux!

Haskell Ferraro.004.jpeg

SHUT the fuck up with the dresses, right? I'm seriously waiting to see them kick their legs!

Haskell Ferraro.002.jpeg

This is a tough one... Dive into the champagne above or the delicious cake below? Decisions...

Haskell Ferraro.006.jpeg

Lovin' the font on the menu cards...

Haskell Ferraro.005.jpeg

Yes please! I want one of everything! Or maybe two! Or anything with sugar!


Sing it girl!!!


J+M, thank you for sharing your amazing wedding with Bitchless Bride! We are all better people because of it!

Industry Peeps:

PhotographerRob Sigler Photography
Cinema + Video: Phenomenon Events & Production
Tuxedo + Mens Attire: Kenneth Cole
Groomsman Attire: Calvin Klein
Floral Designer: Francesca's Floral Design
Reception Venue: The Hotel Lafayette

An Intimately Awesome, Super Spiritual, Breckenridge Mountaintop Wedding


I think it goes without saying, that if you meet your sig other at a concert and connect because you both share the same love and passion for music, it's 100% meant to be. I mean, music makes everything better. Right?! I'm definitely one of those people that always has to have music playing wherever I am or whatever I'm doing; it dictates how I feel, my energy and my mood. Music is quite literally a soundtrack for particular moments; one that spills into whatever we are doing. And, our kickass B+G, Eleanor and Erik? Yeah, they met at a concert. And, I think that when you meet at magical place like a concert, it's like getting extra relationship credit. 

Eleanor and Erik exchanged their vows in front of 11 people. ELEVEN. On a fucking mountaintop (Breckenridge to be exact). How amazing is that, bridey? And their wedding reception? Gorgeously colorful, incredibly DIY and deliciously cool. And as usual, I am completely obsessed with the cake (And, I could totally use some sugar in my life right now, but that's another post for another day...). Anyway, go get scrolling and get inspired! Because you won't be able to NOT to be!


Um, OMG Eleanor... This headpiece is absolutely A MAZ ING!!! YOU'RE amazing!!


I love all of the smile-kisses in this post!


Hello handsome Erik! I have to admit, if I were there, I'd have a hard time resisting the desire to touch your beard! 


How FAB is this bouquet??


I mean you gotta pit stop at Erik’s glass blowing studio on the way to the reception. Right?? Look how fucking awesome this is! Okay, now, look down!


Lovin' this super cute sign!!




The cake! OMG with the cake! I want to stick my face in it!


Thank you Eleanor + Erik for sharing your fantabulous wedding with Bitchless Bride! I wish I got to be one of the eleven peeps!! 

Industry Peeps:

PhotographerAshley Hamm Photography
Event Venue: Carter Park Pavilion

Christmas Might be Over, But the Inspiration Doesn't Have to Be!


See those rose gold sequins? Aren't they gorgeous? I've seriously been obsessed with everything rose gold these days. You too? And this styled shoot? Well, let's just say that there is PLENTY to be obsessed with, starting with the rose gold, sequined wedding dress! Yup! A rose fucking gold wedding dress!! Did your mind just go crazy for a sec? Did you start daydreaming about wearing a rose gold wedding dress? I did! Right? Because it's sensational. And the rest of the details throughout this dreamy post? So cool. Just wait until you see the kickass flowers, delish Moscow Mules and the sweets! OMFG, the sweets! The cake! SO rockstar!

Bridey, this shoot embodies what I call winter warmth. Are there some Christmasy elements? Sure, but it's so fabulous because it reminds us that while Christmas might be over (Um, thank God... I was so done!!) it's still okay and pretty awesome to incorporate muted components of Christmas into a winter wedding. They don't have to be in your face to be beautiful, and these elements will add so much texture to the décor. Anyway... Enjoy this post, and be sure to pull some super cool inspiration for your wedding! 

Breeanna Kay.003.jpeg

Wow! LOVE the invitations! And even though it's early, I'm craving a Moscow Mule. 


See what I mean about the rose gold sequined dress? Totally amazing!

Breeanna Kay.002.jpeg
Breeanna Kay.004.jpeg

Lush. That's the only word I can think of to describe these flowers. Right?!

Breeanna Kay.005.jpeg
Breeanna Kay.006.jpeg
Breeanna Kay.007.jpeg
Breeanna Kay.008.jpeg

So, I don't know if these two are a couple in real life, but if they aren't then I'm thinking they should consider it! There is such heat here!!


See the heat?!! Hand on ass. That's all. 

Breeanna Kay.011.jpeg

Mouth.watering. So simple, and the color of the fruit is just popping off of this cake.


Yeah. Had to show you a close-up!! You know me and my obsession with cake!

Breeanna Kay.013.jpeg

Thank you for sharing this exquisite styled shoot with Bitchless Bride! It's refreshingly fantastic! 

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Breeanna Kay Photography
Invitation Designer: Megan Visel 
Makeup Artist: Motives by Loren Ridinger
Hair Stylist: Jessica's Shear Madness Salon
Caterer: Live Great Foods
Floral Designer: Just Imagine Floral 
Location: The Mill Events 
Submitted via Two Bright Lights

A Micro-Wedding Rockin' Some Big Love and Smashingly Awesome Deets!


I fucking LOVE this photograph. Like LOVE.IT. I love it because it's obviously filled with raw emotion, but I love it even more because Missy + John have been married for five years and have kids together and STILL look at each other like this. Hot damn! YAAAASSSSSS! I don't know what your situation is bridey, but no matter what anybody tells you about having kids, your marriage will 100% come last for a little while, and to still emanate such passion and love is a big deal. 

This micro-wedding/vow renewal/styled shoot was dreamt up by the FAB Christina Campbell of Nina Lily Photography. Christina met M+J in 2010 to shoot their impending nuptials, but life had a different story in mind... A baby. So, Missy and John decided on a civil ceremony instead of the large wedding they had initially planned. By happenstance, Christine and Missy kept running into each other and these chance meetings laid the groundwork for this amazingly awesome idea to create "real" wedding pics for such a lovely couple. Bridey, go! Go get inspired by this lush and delicious micro-wedding, vow renewal and styled shoot! 

Bridey, aren't you already in love with the surroundings?



Nina Lily.002.jpeg

Is that not the most beautiful bouquet you've ever seen?

Nina Lily.003.jpeg

Look at them, bridey! And, take note! They have kids together, and still clearly adore one another! Sometimes that is easier said than done!

Nina Lily.006.jpeg

Sniff. Sniff.

Nina Lily.007.jpeg

This pic gets me too... So raw and so beautiful.


So so so gorgeous! LOVE all of the greenery and color!!

I'm kinda obsessed with this one... Love the angle of the shot.


A MAZ ING dress! And the jewels too!

Nina Lily.012.jpeg

Like, seriously, bridey... Absorb and aspire to achieving THIS in your marriage!!

Nina Lily.013.jpeg

Thank you Missy + John (and Christina) for sharing a glimpse into your world with Bitchlesss Bride! You are an inspiration to brides everywhere!

Industry Peeps:

PhotographerNina Lily Photography
Invitation Designer: Honeybliss Design
Cake Designer: Kitchen Chemistry
Makeup Artist: Meraki Beauty
Hair Stylist: Apotheca Salon
Tuxedo + Mens Attire: Topman 
Dress Store: David's Bridal
Jewelry: L2 Creations
Equipment Rentals: Forget Me Not Vintage Rentals
Floral Designer: Allium Design
Officiant: Alisa Tongg
Event Venue: The Living Wall at Promise Ridge

5 Wedding Planning Tips That Will Keep You (+ Your Sig Other) Sane as You Move Out of “Me” and Into “We”

Happy New Year, brideys!! And, a big ol’ Happy New Year to you recently engaged brides-to-be! If you’re reading this post, then I think it’s safe to assume that your sig other planted a shiny rock under your Christmas tree, menorah, kinara, or what have you. Am I right? Yes? Great! Well then, congratulations! And, welcome… Welcome to your new status, your new label, your new position, rank, order, footing, condition (I think that’s my fave!), etc.! Because that is what you are now, bridey, you’re a classification. The world views you differently (like it or not). The moment the word, “yes” slipped from your lips, you lost a little piece of your individuality quickly to be replaced with “we” statements. And, that’s okay, but it’s a big step and you probably need some bullshit-free instructions as to how the hell to get through the next year(ish) unscathed. Yeah? Cool! Here are my top five wedding planning tips that will keep you (and your sig other) sane as you move out of “me” and into “we”.

1. Bridey, sit down (and grab a cocktail). This “tip" is super important, and not just for you, but for those working with you to create the most kickass version of your wedding day. Ahem… Commit to the process or else it won’t work. PERIOD. You know that nothing good ever comes out of half assed, phoned in “work”. Right? And your wedding day is no different. You get what you give. And, if you give very little, then you will receive very little in return. It’s like when you’re trying to lose weight. You can’t expect a successful outcome if you’re not willing to commit to making it happen, right? So, commit to the wedding planning process. And, sometimes that means doing shit you don’t want to do or taking a half day here and there with your sig other to plan details that need to be done during regular business hours. Whatever the case may be, by committing to the process, you’ll save yourself a ton of unnecessary aggravation and stress.

2. This leads me to my next recommendation… Get organized. Get your shit together, bridey. Believe me, I know it’s hard, but it will make you feel better. I’m going to need you to visualize with me for a sec. Imagine a closet. Now imagine this closet full of stuff, with things hanging off of the shelves, items knocked over and tangled, and the floor a mess with garbage. Now picture the closet ads you see from the Container Store. You know, the ones with the clothes hanging just so, the shoes spaced exactly an inch apart and a floor you can see? Which one feels better to you? The cluttered mess of a closet or the clean, neat and organized closet? See where I’m going? Wedding planning will feel better to you if you’re organized, so just do it.

3. Slow down. That doesn’t mean you get to go back to your unorganized, filthy closet. It just means that you don’t have to do your wedding planning all at once. Enjoy being engaged, and go at your own pace. Agree on the date, solidify the venue and hire your entertainment. BREAK + BREATHE. Take a beat and then fill in the blanks. The date, venue and entertainment are the most important (as far as availability), and once those are determined, the rest will fall into place (after the proper research, of course!).

4. A “one-of-a-kind” or “unique” wedding does not exist, so quit trying to make it happen. Because I can assure you with absolutely certainty that it’s all been done already… However, you know what IS one-of-a-kind, bridey? Something personal to you and your sig other that you choose to share with your guests. For example, if you two are enormous Kermit the Frog fans, then rock a green cake with FAB cake toppers and give Kermy favors. Love poetry? Then incorporate it into your vows and even into your menu. Share what is unique to YOU TWO with your guests instead of striving for “being different”.

5. Have fun! It doesn’t have to be all business all of the time. I mean, some of your appointments include tasting piles of cake and entrées and booze. Pretty fucking fantastic, right? So, don’t ruin it with mundane conversation about every single logistical detail of your wedding. Make your selections. Enjoy the food. And, most of all enjoy each other!!

Bridey, you’re getting married and that’s awesome! Just remember to keep it all in perspective. No matter what happens, you have each other, and when it’s all said and done, that’s what’s important, right?

Photo by louis amal on Unsplash

Liverpool England, Two Fabulous Ladies, A Vintage VW Van, Some Laughter, Some Tears and Some Serious Color!!


Seriously, how could I begin this post with any other photograph? Right? I mean... Shelly is officially my favorite person in the whole wide world! Just LOOK at how she's reacting to the beautiful Katy in her stunning wedding dress after walking down the aisle. A MAZ ING! Simply.fucking.amazing. After all, this is their wedding day! And this is totally the appropriate response to all of the emotions swirling through their minds. Some laughter, some tears... Some more laughter! 

Bridey, after all of the wedding planning and all of the anticipation leading up to your wedding day, it's super important to give yourself permission to feel everything. I mean it, don't hold back. FEEL EVERYTHING. Let it go. The people celebrating with you love you, and don't give a shit if you're crying with snot running down your face. Okay... ***Stepping off of my soapbox.*** But, you know what I mean. Your wedding day goes by in a flash, so don't waste time missing it! In the meantime, go get inspired by Katy + Shelly's fabulous, colorful and spectacular wedding!


Both of these pics are 100% truth.


I mean, it really doesn't get much cuter, right?

Larsen  McHugh.001.jpeg

Totally gonna need this MAC lip liner and 'stick!! 

Larsen  McHugh.002.jpeg

I.can't.even. I LOVE you Shelly! 


Sign away ladies!! CONGRATULATIONS!! Woot! Woot!

Larsen  McHugh.003.jpeg

The flower girls had a fantastic time running up and down the steps at St. Georges Hall!


After the ceremony, the B+B cheered their way outside to be greeted by the guests.

Larsen  McHugh.004.jpeg

Um, totally dying over the VW camper!! 


OMFG. I am OB SES SED with everything in this photograph!!! Totally love Constellations Liverpool as an event space! (Side note? Katy + Shelly's wedding was only the fourth wedding at this FAB spot!!!)

Larsen  McHugh.005.jpeg

Um, hi cheesecake cupcakes! GIMME!!


Amazing wedding! Thank you for sharing with Bitchless Bride!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Shane Webber Photography
Photo Booth Equipment: Pineapple Photo Booths
Apparel: WED2B
Makeup Artist: Beauty By Grace Mills
Band: Joel Valentine 
Reception VenueConstellations Liverpool
Film: Imagine Wedding Film

A Game of Thrones Wedding Disguised as a Styled Shoot


Bridey, see that stunningly gorgeous redhead in the exquisite wedding dress and sparkly shoes? That's Danyelle. And when the photograph was taken, Danyelle had no idea that moments later she was to walk down the aisle of her wedding disguised as a styled shoot; a shoot which she feverishly designed, handcrafted and created with her bare hands. How? Well, as the Creative Director at Fête & Frivolty Events (the planners who brought you this amazing underwater shoot!), Danyelle is surrounded with an extremely talented group of professional event planners, and these event planners surround themselves with only the best vendors. Vendors who have such a deep respect for the ladies of FFE, that they banded together to take part and contribute to a surprise of a lifetime. A surprise wedding!

The two cent tour? Teddy + Danyelle had a simple courthouse wedding three years ago. But, because Teddy is fucking awesome, he wanted to surprise her with an over-the-top wedding; one as fabulous as she is... So, he called Amanda (of FFE), and the planning began FOR 2019. But, while Danyelle working on an inspiration board for Fête's winter styled shoot, she had an epiphany and proclaimed, “This is it!”. She told Amanda that if she could choose any style, any look, any theme for her perfect wedding it would be EXACTLY like the Game of Thrones inspired winter styled shoot they had already begun calling ‘Winter is Coming’. And so it began... How? How did they pull it off? Well, I'll fill you in on the rest of the deets as you take in this A MAZ ING post... So, GO SCROLL, BRIDEY!!!!


The faux fur, the black invites, the blue... WOW!


Something sneaky? Amanda (of FFE) told Danyelle they couldn’t find a model and pleaded with her to alter the wedding dress her grandmother had bought her (the one she was saving for her "real" wedding to Teddy). Her intuitive grandmother, bought the dress for Danyelle when she and Teddy first began dating, convinced he was "the one" for Danyelle. Ma’am passed before she could see them wed – so the dress was a way of carrying a part of her grandmother’s love down the aisle when she couldn’t be there in person.

Donaldson Jones.005.jpeg

Teddy. Teddy. Teddy. You are the fucking MAN! I love your sneaky-awesomeness! 

Donaldson Jones.002.jpeg

Danyelle created and styled every element of what she thought was a styled shoot. From her handcrafted shoulder piece & belt, to the Game of Thrones house symbols on the wine glass favors, to the dragon’s egg votive holders... This girl redesigned an oversized throne chair and created a ceremony set! She sewed, painted, sculpted, and hammered away for four months on the DIY decorative elements. And Teddy worked alongside her!


Like... I am blown away with this décor! BLOWN AWAY! I love it because it's dark and fabulous.


Bridey, you know I preach being nice while planning your wedding? Well, the same goes for us (as in, event planners)! Because of the solid relationships Fête & Frivolity Events has within their network, and the respect they show for one another, service fees were drastically reduced or waived entirely... Simply because they were inspired by Teddy’s love for his wife and the opportunity to play a part in their love story.


Teddy, I can only imagine what you're thinking in these pics!!!

Donaldson Jones.006.jpeg

The clothes the kids are wearing are fantastic!!

Donaldson Jones.007.jpeg
Donaldson Jones.008.jpeg

Yeah, can we just talk about how Danyelle created these phenom elements of this wedding dress??? WOW!

Donaldson Jones.009.jpeg
Donaldson Jones.013.jpeg

This cake! This cake is EVERYTHING!!! Look at the kickass detail!!!

Donaldson Jones.010.jpeg

Definitely reminds me of Danyelle's dress!


Holy shit... The realization is starting to sink in... Look up! Look down! OMFG!



Donaldson Jones.011.jpeg
Donaldson Jones.012.jpeg

Thank you thank you thank you for sharing this fucking awesome "styled shoot" with Bitchless Bride! I love everything about the story, the design and details!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Brittany Barclay Photography
Event Planner: Amanda Travis of Fête & Frivolity Events
Unsuspecting Event Designer: Danyelle Donaldson of Fête & Frivolity Events
Invitations: Brown Fox Creative
Event Venue: Chapel Creek Ranch
Bakery: Adoughable Creations
DJ: All Access DJ
Videographer: Chevy Chey Photography
Veils + Headpieces: My Chic's Not Too Shabby
Beauty: Spivey lane Salon
Caterer: Lonestar BBQ Co.

An Elegant, 'Tacolicious', San Francisco Wedding Filled with Family, Fun and a Furbaby!


Bridey, how cool is that photograph? Right? Definitely a side of the Golden Gate Bridge you don't see very often! Although, I can't say I'm too surprised that Malorie + Ashley found a corner of something already so extraordinary, and made it even more exceptional... I mean, these two had TACOS at their wedding, which leads me to believe that anything is possible! TACOS! Yes, TACOS! And, on top of that, they served homemade banana pudding and whoopie pies! OMFG, if only I could have been there! But, these pics are so FAB that it totally feels like I was there (well, minus the fact that my stomach is growling!), and you will too!

The story? Well, Malorie + Ashley met at American University in DC, but the romance didn't begin until Malorie graduated and left the area (isn't that always the way?). Once they realized that what they had was well beyond friendship, they followed each other across the country. Awwww.... Sniff... Sniff... Anyway, I love their story (keep scrolling for more deets), I love their super chill and elegant vibe, and I love how they love each other. Enjoy!!

Kemper Sellers.001.jpeg
Kemper Sellers.002.jpeg

Are you dying over those bouquets? The dresses? RIGHT? Totally gorgeous! 


From the bridesOur actual ceremony took place at City Hall. That was the easiest and best decision we made for our wedding day. The ceremony was on the 4th floor balcony with a handful of family and a gorgeous backdrop.

Kemper Sellers.003.jpeg

Bridey, you know I am such a sucker for a good "look", right? And, this pic is no different... I LOVE it when we catch a glimpse into a relationship simply by a captured moment. So powerful!


Hooray! We did it!!


I mean... Talk about an amazing backdrop...

Kemper Sellers.006.jpeg

From the brides: We have a French Bulldog named Frannie who we are obsessed with and treat like a child, so we knew that we needed to find room in our day to include her. After our ceremony at City Hall, one of our best friends arrived on the building steps with Frannie who was dolled up in a special bowtie for the occasion! We were able to snap a few photos with our furbaby before continuing on to the reception.

Kemper Sellers.007.jpeg

From the bridesAfter the ceremony, we surprised our friends and family with a trolley tour of the city. We drove around the Embarcadero and through Fisherman's Wharf, then made a stop at Fort Point for incredible views of the Golden Gate Bridge and breaching whales. Most of our family hadn't been to San Francisco before, so this was the perfect "2-hour tour" to share the highlights with them.

Kemper Sellers.008.jpeg

From the brides: When we started planning our wedding, we fell in love with one venue only to find out that a construction project was scheduled for our wedding month. So we went back to the drawing board. Eventually, we found the perfect spot at the SF Film Centre in the Presidio. We knew we wanted a beautiful location that showcased an iconic part of the city and this checked all of our boxes.

Kemper Sellers.010.jpeg

LOVE LOVE LOVE the décor! It's light and refreshing, yet classy and elegant.

Kemper Sellers.011.jpeg

From the bridesWe LOVE tacos! And Tacolicious is one of our favorite spots in the city. Their catering is out of this world, and their event coordinator Brielle Gordon was incredible.

Kemper Sellers.009.jpeg

From the bridesWearing fancy heels for the wedding was fine and all, but we also wanted to be able to boogie on the dance floor at our reception. We had matching custom Chuck Taylor sneakers printed with our wedding logo so we could change into those after all the formality was complete.

Kemper Sellers.012.jpeg

From the bridesWe had a baking extravaganza with our mothers a couple of days before our wedding and made all of our childhood favorites. Our guests loved the selection of sweet treats, everything from whoopie pies to banana pudding!

Kemper Sellers.013.jpeg

Thank you Malorie + Ashley for sharing your lovely story and your fabulous wedding with Bitchless Bride!! 

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Red Eye Collection
Event Planner: Buzzworthy Events 
Linens + Coverings: La Tavola Fine Linens
Design + Décor: Pieces by Violet
Equipment Rentals: Bright Event Rentals
Photo Booth Equipment: Magbooth 
Hair Stylist: CODE Salon
DJ: Heart of Gold
Caterer: Tacolicious 
Ceremony Location: San Francisco City Hall
Event Venue: San Francisco Film Centre

An Amazingly Bold, Art Deco Meets Vaudeville Styled Shoot Filled with Some Seriously Awesome "Entertainment"


Bridey, I have been DYING to share this styled shoot with you! Like DY ING to share this... Not only because it's fucking FAB U LOUS, but it's colorful and unique and striking and cool and different and kickass and contains a shitload of inspiration! And, did I mention that there's a contortionist? A FUCKING contortionist! OMG, can you imagine if you had a contortionist at your wedding? Oh, and there's a bearded lady and a burlesque dancer and a cake that makes me want to dig out my pasty bag and start decorating! I.CAN'T.EVEN.

Look, bridey, do I think it's realistic for you to incorporate all of these fascinatingly surprising elements into your wedding plans? Not at all, but I dare you to give yourself creative license to have fun, and break out of the traditional wedding planning mold. You have my permission to go a little cray... Seriously, just think about the conversations your guests would be having about a burlesque dancer or contortionist taking over the bar at your wedding? Combine that with a photo booth? Yeah... And, just like that, your wedding goes from standard to stupendous. Think about it... Enjoy, and be inspired!


See what I mean about the cake? Totally insane!


You'll never see a movie theater in the same way again!


So romantic!

Tuan Bamp.003.jpeg
Tuan Bamp.004.jpeg

A gorgeous burlesque dancer and the red carpet lady...


Look closely... RIGHT? See the bearded lady + contortionist! WOW!

Tuan Bamp.006.jpeg

I am in awe. Probably one of my favorite pics ever on BB!!!!


I want to frame this pic. For real.

Tuan Bamp.008.jpeg

Yes! A million times, YES!!!!!


Luscious. That's the only word that comes to mind... FUCKING LUSCIOUS.

Tuan Bamp.009.jpeg

To all of the FABULOUS industry peeps who put this incredible styled shoot together... THANK YOU for sharing with Bitchless Bride!!!!

Industry Peeps:

PhotographerTuan B & Co
Concept, Design + Event Planning: Fierce Productions
Furniture Rentals: Strangelovely
OtherNew Moon Chicago
Cinema + Video: Whitney Cinema
Place Settings: Vintage Place Settings
Hair Stylist + Make Up: We Only Do Pretty 
Cake: Bon Vivant Cakes
Invitation Designer: Spilled Ink Press 
Jewelry: Hopscotch & Soda
Groomsman Attire: Richard's Fabulous Finds
Millinery + Veil Designer: Debra Shirley
Bride ApparelEdith Elan
Floral Designer: Sprout Home 
Event Venue: Logan Theatre
Bearded Lady: Alma, Draqqueen

A Steamy Boudoir Sess or an Insanely Awesome PEACOCK Styled Shoot, or Both?!


I know what you're thinking, bridey. You're 100% thinking that this is a sexy + steamy boudoir shoot, right? Well, not quite... Although it definitely feels like it could be a boudoir shoot based on the photograph above and several of the pics below, it's actually an edgy styled shoot with loads of peacock inspiration running through it's veins! And, it all starts with the bride's hair (and nails too)! OMFG, just look at her FABULOUS locks!!! I can't even... Bridey, if you're looking for some fucking cool inspiration, executed in a fantastically classy + fun way, then today is the best day ever!

We've talked endlessly about how you want your wedding to be different, and stand out from the others, but in order to do that you must adjust your thinking from ordinary to extraordinary! You must act on your passions and whatever you do, don't be afraid to be driven by fearless ideas!! C'mon! Use this shoot as inspiration to tap into your inner peacock, or whatever drives you + your sig other! Dare to have your wedding be the wedding which compels your peers to outdo... If they can! And this shoot? Well, it's a great way to see how to rock a theme in a way that's unique + enchanting! Enjoy! 

Juan Zambrano Peacock.001.jpeg

The bride is amazing, but can we just talk about the hair on the makeup artist??

Juan Zambrano Peacock.002.jpeg

It's like she's so fucking hot without even meaning to be!

Juan Zambrano Peacock.003.jpeg

LOVE this pic! Do me a favor... Zoom in on her nails!! 

Juan Zambrano Peacock.005.jpeg

I mean... I can't even handle how amazing this is... The hair, makeup, jewelry and the dress! I'm in wedding heaven! And what I love most is that it's not pushed on us, it's just fantastic!!

Juan Zambrano Peacock.007.jpeg
Juan Zambrano Peacock.006.jpeg

Exquisite details... And, again, not too much, but definitely enough to get people talking about how cool the décor is! You should try it, bridey!


Holy shit with the cake. It's literally edible art and it's astonishing.

JZ Peacock.001.jpeg

Um.... Hi. If you see me rockin' some new color, it's totally because of this shoot! Like, I'm crying right now! It's that good!

JZ Peacock.002.jpeg

Thank you talented industry peeps for sharing this truly inspirational shoot with Bitchless Bride! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

Industry Peeps:

PhotographerJuan Zambrano Photography
Equipment Rentals: Cooke Rentals Cornelius
Floral Designer: Willow Floral Boutique
Cake Designer: Cake Expressions by Lisa
Dress Store: Fabulous Frocks
Reception Venue: The Oaks Events 
Event Planner: Wild Daisy Events 

A Super Sexy, Super Splendid and Super Spectacular Seattle Wedding


Holy hell that's such a passionate kiss. Right? I know it sounds creepy, but I can't stop staring at this fantastic photograph. And it's not because I'm a perv or because I'm weird or because I have issues, but simply because it's so REAL and beautiful. Plus, any time there is a hand on a face during a kiss, I truly feel weak in my knees. I love that Toby is smiling as he is kissing Maika, and that we can clearly see their joy. But, the best part? Neither Toby or Maika were looking to get into a relationship when they met (kinda like me when I met my hus at a bar!). They said, "In a transitionary point in our lives, when we were both only looking for friendship and something light, our universes brought us together... We bonded over our love for being active, healthy food, our neighborhood, travel, music and each other's refreshing grateful view of life."

Bridey, know what's crazy? M+T planned their wedding in three months! I know, right?? And, when you scroll down and absorb the fabulousness of the pics, you will be shocked that they were able to pull it off in so little time. Please do me a favor... READ every.single.word of this post because it's chock full of awesome advice from the B+G. And, this B+G? Well, they pretty much stand for everything that Bitchless Bride is about! They get it, and I LOVE them for it! So read, learn and be inspired!!

Manring McAuliffe.001.jpeg
Manring McAuliffe.002.jpeg

OMFG! Maika, this dress is A MAZ ING!!! Loving the backless sexiness! Plus the beads on the bodice are stunning!


WOW! Vibrant + luscious + bright, oh my! Gorgeous dahlias, roses, orchids, succulents, and eucalyptus!

Manring McAuliffe.003.jpeg
Manring McAuliffe.004.jpeg

When asked to give advice to other brides-to-be, Maika said, "If you are debating about doing photos before or after, I highly recommend doing them before! The first look experience was amazing, that moment when you look into each others' eyes knowing this is the day, this is the person you are pledging forever to. Know that everything will come together and be perfect, and just as it's meant to be. All that matters is you have your person, your loved ones and your cupcakes ;) If you don't like being in the center of things, remember, all those people are there to support you two, but they are also there to just be reminded how beautiful love is, it took some of the pressure I was putting on myself off when a friend told me that." A FUCKING MEN!!!!

Manring McAuliffe.006.jpeg

The proposal: Toby announced to his kids that Maika has been doing so many sweet things for us this week, let's do something sweet for her. They each read a note, Keenan, Toby's 12-year old son's said, "If I had to pick one word to describe how amazing you are, I'd have to combine all the nice words in the world in all languages. I love you, Maika." Eden, Toby's 9-year old daughter said, "Love is beautiful and so are you. I love you. P.S. You're a unicorn." Then Toby unfolded a piece of paper, shaking a little and looking a little teary read, "Maika, It's a good thing I'm so good at inventing words, because I keep running out of ways to tell you how amazing you are. (he and Keenan didn't even compare their notes!) Maybe if I combined them all into one whole word? FANTASTAMAZDERFULISCIOUSPARKLADOCIOUS? Still doesn't quite capture how amazing you are and how much you mean to me. How will I ever convey to you just how important you are to me? What can I do but try every day? How is it possible to love someone so much, and still be able to love them even more the next day? How did I get so lucky? So many questions, yet it seems there is really only one question left to ask..." He reached across the table where his mom had a ring box, he dropped to the floor on one knee next to Maika and asked, "Will you marry me?" She lost it crying in shock, turned to Eden and bawled into her hair to the point where Toby had to ask again! Maika finally got her composure and reached for Toby and said, "Hell yes!"

Manring McAuliffe.007.jpeg

Such lovely family pics...


Toby's favorite moment was when all four of the family - Maika, Toby, Keenan and Eden were at the altar and they read their vows to the kids.

Manring McAuliffe.009.jpeg
Manring McAuliffe.011.jpeg

Such a FAB photo booth (Shutter Bus)!! Apparently it was a huge hit with kids and adults! So many fun props to play with!!

Manring McAuliffe.010.jpeg

Um... YES!!! Love this mini cupcake display! M+T selected six flavors... Coconut, chocolate, lemon, red velvet, salted caramel and funfetti! 


Thank you Maika + Toby for not only sharing your wedding with Bitchless Bride, but for "getting it" too! You guys are fucking fantastic!!

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A Colorful, Fun and Spooktacular Halloween Wedding


I wasn't going to do it, bridey. I wasn't going to show you a Halloween wedding today. And it's not because I'm a grump or anti-Halloween, it's just because I am lazy. You see, I usually write The Truth Hurts on Tuesday's; something real, honest and educational for your reading pleasure. And, frankly, it's much easier for me than posting the pics + posts. I put my heart and soul into everything I post on Bitchless Bride, and while I love sharing real weddings with you, they take up a ton of time, and sometimes hurt my brain. But, then I received Gia + Travis' wedding, and all of that changed! I couldn't wait for Halloween just so that I could show you how fucking awesome this wedding was! 

This B+G rocked the shit out of their wedding! I mean, anybody who has the balls to host a Halloween wedding is a hero in my book, but more than that, you really can't NOT (I know, double negative!) have fun at a wedding in which you can go as a zombie!! Right? Right! And, the OMFG wait until you see the décor and the wedding cake! A MAZ ING! Bridey, enjoy this kickass wedding, and Happy Halloween from Bitchless Bride!


In my opinion, every.single.bride. should have a cape to wear on her wedding day!


Gia! I love everything about you! The dress, the gloves, the veil! Oh my!




How super cute is this? I love seeing all of the places they've been together! Gia! Love the purple hair!


Totally amazing...

Sylvia 2.001.jpeg

Yes she fucking did! LOVE THIS!


This pic is so special. It's the quiet after the storm....


Bright and colorful paper bouquet!


This photograph is EVERYTHING! 


Holy fuck with this pancake cake and the incredible cake toppers!!! Right? Please, somebody, anybody, get me a fork ASAP!


SHUT the front door... I can't even!

Sylvia 2.002.jpeg

Utterly fabulous + gorgeous!


Gia + Travis, thank you for sharing your kickass Halloween wedding with Bitchless Bride!

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