Season 3 Episode 1: When Calling Off Your Wedding Feels Right


Welcome to Season 3 of Bitchless Bride + Beyond! On the Season 2 finale, I mentioned that I while I still want to talk about wedding planning, I’m opening Season 3 up to all of the other shit that happens after you tie the know. In a nutshell? Marriage and beyond! We’re definitely still going to talk about weddings, but we’re also going to prepare you for marriage with an amazing lineup of guests, anecdotes and experience!

In the Season 3 opener, Kerri + I invited Lindsey (of Lindsey + Tyler, Bitchless Bride the Podcast: Season 2 Episode 7, Wedding Planning 101) back to the show to share her story about calling off her wedding + ending the relationship after only being engaged for about three weeks! We brought her on Bitchless Bride + Beyond to tell her story, so if any of you are feeling the way she did, you would know that you are not alone. Don’t miss this very juicy, very brave tale of trusting your gut and smashing red flags…