Season 3 Episode 2: When a Jewish Podcaster Interviews a Catholic Wedding Planner


This show!! OMG! DON’T MISS THIS SHOW! Nicole DeNeane is a Catholic wedding planner + founder of She’s as absolutely sensational as she is educational and FUNNY! Listen as we talk (and laugh a lot) about getting married in a Catholic church. Try not to bust into hysterics at her funny anecdotes… Like when the nice, but rather bombastic priest said at a rehearsal that, “Sex is a gift from God” and told the B+G to kiss like they will at their wedding or when a priest stopped a wedding because the photographer was a little too aggressive with her photographing.

Nicole takes all the complicated do's and don'ts plus the rules of the church, and makes it all clear. She says that, “none of her weddings have ended up on Youtube!”, but Nicole’s stories and incredible knowledge about planning a catholic wedding are fantastic, and should be shared with the world! Even if you’re not Catholic!

Find out why she told me this… “I’m confident that I’ve never used the word “vagina” in front of my father.” Enjoy!