"The Industry"

Throughout the blog, I refer quite a bit to “the industry”. I am talking about the hospitality industry. We are anybody stupid enough to choose a career in a profession where abuse is a common and everyday occurrence. From the time we cross the threshold into the crazy world of hospitality, we are taught that “the customer is always right” (even if they are dead wrong), and to bite our lip or else we can and WILL be replaced by a younger, more eager stupid-ass newbie who desperately wants to get a foot in the door. You see there is no hotline for us to call about getting help, and finding the strength to walk away from this abusive relationship. Instead, we party (a lot), we drink (a lot), smoke (a lot), and bitch (a lot) to numb the feelings of resentment we have towards “the industry”, because at the end of the day, the hardest part is to admit that we like it. In fact, we love it. 

“The industry” professionals typically work more hours than an attorney, sleep less than a doctor, and are not fully billable. In fact, if we actually broke down the number of hours worked versus the “acceptable” fee for what we do, odds are our salary is comparable to those asking, “Do you want fries with that?” No really… Just put a fucking hat on my head and mic me up to the drive through… 

At this point you are probably like “why the hell are you working in this industry if all of this is true?” The simple answer? We love it. We are masochists. While we don’t love the abuse, we love to bitch about it. In fact, when we go out for drinks with our friends who are not in “the industry” they are totally fascinated by our stories. And while the hours suck, and the customer is definitely not always right, we are in a job that encourages ADD. We are not expected to sit at a desk all day. We are expected to schmooze with our clients, and wine and dine them into signing a contract. We are where the action is, and that makes us love it because we need action like a drug, and “the industry” allows us the freedom to “use” and still be employed.

My advice to you bridey… Be patient. Be respectful. Make whoever is helping you with the details of your wedding want to help you because I can assure you that they are doing the best they can. And here’s a secret… If you are nice to us, you will get more. Make us like you, and we will give you the world. Make us hate you, and you will get the bare minimum.

Bridey… I seriously hope that this glimpse into the world you have entered, simply by getting engaged, will help you restrain yourself from being an entitled bitchy bride. Because do you really want to be the bitch we are describing to our friends over cocktails? Well then… consider this your first real weducation. Allow me to introduce you to Bitchless Bride.