Relax. Seriously. I am so sick of brides who are more then a year away from their weddings throwing a fit because they didn’t hear back IMMEDIATELY from a vendor or the venue. Yes your business is important to them. Yes the manager at the venue is competent. Yes, yes yes!!!! Chill! We are in wedding season ladies! And while it might not be for the year YOU are getting married, it is the year that all of those other people getting are married, and your vendors are trying to keep up with the demand for THIS season. So if you emailed them yesterday and haven’t heard back, they are not ignoring you. They are simply busy with what is currently on their plates.

Now I know you know this, but so often you forget… so let me remind you. The manager at the venue wasn’t hired because you are getting married. The DJ didn’t go into business because you are having a wedding. Your photographer sometimes takes pictures of other brides. I know, I know, now I am the bitch, but seriously, learn how to manage your expectations. And if you are working with a wedding planner, have them manage them for you.

Listen, I am not saying that it is appropriate or a good business practice for people not to get back to you in a timely manner. I am simply saying that you need to be patient. If they say that they are heading into a busy weekend with events/weddings and will get back to you at their earliest convenience, believe them. They are not being complacent or lazy. Just busy… You need to be patient. You cannot budge the line. You have to wait, and breathe. If you have chosen wisely, then your vendors will take good care of you. And when it’s time for your wedding, you will be first on their priority list and the brides for the following year will have to wait their turn. But for now when your wedding is thirteen months away, you haven’t even made it on the list. So just relax, take a xanyx and stop being a bitch!