Can we have a real conversation about budget please? Seriously… outside of purchasing a house, your wedding is probably the next biggest item you will ever “purchase” in your life. So don’t fuck it up. Each time you say, “what’s another hundred dollars… what’s another thousand dollars, what’s another…?” you know what it adds up to? A big fucking mess.

If you are working with a planner, they can and will help you manage your money, but ultimately it is YOUR responsibility. If you fell in love with a venue that is outside the scope of the budgeted amount (the venue is usually about 50-60% of the total budget), then you have to scale down the rest of your spending. Your planner has probably outlined the best places to trim the fat; areas that won’t get missed, but again it is your responsibility to listen. Calling and yelling or writing us a scathing email about how you don’t have the down payment for your new house because the budget went awry, won’t make it better. Shoulda listened to us from the beginning girls!

If you are not working with a planner, then follow some pretty basic advice. Do your research! Pretend you have a pile of money in front of you and when it’s gone, it’s gone.