Read them. We all are guilty of signing (or checking a box stating that we have carefully read the content) contracts without fully reviewing each point. When it comes to your wedding, forget the insurance, just read the contracts! Is there an attorney in the family? Tell them that in lieu of a wedding gift, they can review all of your vendor contracts. Now, I am not saying that the people you have hired are trying to screw you over, but I am saying that you might be responsible for providing a hot meal to your vendors, or transportation expenses, etc., and you should be aware of this from the beginning so that you are not surprised later.

There could also be much bigger items that you could legally be responsible for such as attrition on the guest rooms or overtime charges. These items could end up costing you a lot of money, and will ultimately bring out the inner bitch because you didn’t realize the conditions upon signing. (FYI, attrition means that if your guests do not reserve all of the rooms that you have negotiated with the hotel, then YOU are responsible for the difference.) Just be smart, be knowledgeable and don’t be a bitch because you didn’t read.