Don’t knock it. Several years ago, I met a “bridal therapist”. I walked away from her thinking that SHE was the nutcase. I thought that the whole idea was a giant hoax to make a few bucks from “the industry”. Turns out, she might have been on to something. This goes way beyond being a total bitch bride. This delves deeper into what happens from the moment you become engaged. You see, outside of the obvious stressors of planning a wedding that are enough to land you on the couch (budget, time management, etc.), there are the hidden pieces to the psyche, and not just yours. Whether it’s divorced parents, estranged parents, or just hating your parents, these feelings of abandonment or anger that you tucked away have a funny way of announcing themselves once that sparkly diamond is on your hand.

Think about it… you are bringing together family. And perhaps it is a family that has not been brought together for quite some time, and usually wouldn’t choose to be in the same room on a good day. Perhaps there is some animosity between your family and your soon to be spouse’s family? Either way, you need to deal with it now so that you are not dealing with it at your wedding. 

While I am not a therapist, I feel like I have earned an honorary title having played the role to so many of my brides. I believe that whenever there is money involved (and usually a lot of it), bad behavior soon follows (and again, not just your behavior… I give you permission to be a bitch when we are dealing with family shit). Whether you are planning a wedding or not, most fights between couples are about money and sex (lack thereof or a cheating sig other). When you throw in planning a wedding, it’s like adding fuel to the fire. So, if you feel as though you need some help getting through this difficult time in your life, look into seeing somebody. This is not a reflection of your relationship; this is you saving your relationship and probably the relationships you have with the special people in your life. It’s called bitch prevention.