Save Yourselves! Get Out Now!

Did you think I was lying? Did you think I didn’t know? Seriously, like I haven’t seen and experienced SEVERAL brides behaving like complete diva bitches when it gets to be their turn? C’mon… The day “The Reasons Why You Cannot Be a Bridesmaid” appeared on Gawker, BB received piles and piles of emails from our followers asking what I thought about the content. And not to sound like a complete asshole, but my initial thought was, “see, I told you so!” Finally, here’s some proof verifying that the people I have been trying to educate via Bitchless Bride DO exist. It’s all right there. This bride is not only real, but actually believes that her wedding day is more important than the next year of her bridesmaid’s lives. REALLY?

Brides can completely suck. Period. And the sad thing as much as I write about how it is often aimed in my direction or the direction of my peers in “the industry”, it’s not always the case. Brides can suck the whole way up the family tree, and all the way down to the roots. And your friends? Oh fuck… stand back ladies… As you can see from this email, some brides actually do think that their wedding is your life. Or that it should be… And they cannot for the life of them understand why you are so upset when you receive their ridiculous emails, or if they do, then they just don’t give a shit.

So… bridesmaids… If this scenario sounds familiar, then do yourselves a favor and get out now! If you’re worried about losing a friend, fuck it. The longer you stay in this toxic relationship, the more you are jeopardizing your friendship in the long run. Trust me. Read my last post about the Fire Breathing Bride. If I could have gotten out of being her PLANNER, then I would have. Although, as I mentioned previously, I was a bit stuck due to her connections to some peeps I know. But, you are not actually stuck (even though it feels like you are). So get out now. Seriously. GET OUT!

I kinda hate to admit it, but… I feel relieved. Relieved because the more this kind of shit gets out into the open, the better. No really, the more people talk and bitch about weddings and the realities surrounding them, then the greater the opportunity I have to teach the next crop of brides. It's a learning experience for all of us. And the more we can learn from these entitled, diva bitch brideys, the better! Got it? So stay Bitchless, and keep sharing your stories!