This is How It's Done... Writing a Glowing Letter to Management

Good afternoon Mr. General Manager,

Please excuse the tardiness of this note; however it's taken me a while to determine exactly how I wanted to praise an absolutely incredible manager I had the pleasure of working with at your venue. Ms. Sarah Smith and I began our journey together last August 2011 upon signing the wedding contract of Ms. Amanda Frank and Mr. Samuel Counter to be married at your venue on October 13, 2012. We signed the contract with your sales team after much back and forth finally agreeing on the terms and conditions presented to us.

Sarah was quick to reach out and introduce herself. I immediately found her to be extremely knowledgeable, friendly and encouraging. And that was just the beginning... You see, Sarah and I went through a lot together as this bride held steadfast to her ideas, was very particular (almost bossy) and on occasion, borderline rude in her delivery. This behavior was challenging and frustrating at times, and Sarah was completely unflappable when most people wouldn't have been as calm or soothing.

Fast forward to the week of the wedding... There were several moving parts and details that still needed to be tied down. Again, Sarah was there orchestrating the logistics on her end so that I as a planner could fine tune the small yet important details on my end. To me, this was invaluable. Throughout the entire wedding planning process, we overcame several obstacles... and knowing that  Sarah was so well organized allowed me to truly take care of my bride and her family without the added pressure of worrying about the venue.

Mr. General Manager, I'm sure that my note won't come as a surprise to you. Sarah is a complete gem and you are lucky to have such a dedicated manager who is not only amazing during the wedding planning process, but also, on the day of the wedding. 

Thank you for providing Bitchless Bride the opportunity to work with such a star!


Bitchless Bride