Putting Things into Perspective... Hurricane Sandy and her Wrath

Here comes my favorite word again, perspective. And after the storm, I feel like it would inconsiderate to write about anything wedding related or super pretty, or pretty bitchy. Because perspective really is the bitch in this scenario… So, I abandoned my original post for today… And it was going to be a good one too. All about Barbie… no really, it was! I had an awesome correlation back to the wedding industry, but it seems almost inconsiderate to be funny or even bitchy when millions of people have been and continue to be affected by Hurricane Sandy. People lost their lives, livelihood and homes, so I just can’t seem to get my brain to be in a “wedding” place today. Plus, I really doubt that even the most coo coo bride is thinking about her nuptials right now.

I live on the East coast too, but I happened to be traveling for work (strange how things played out) and now I am currently stuck in the Midwest. But, I have been thinking about my husband, family and friends as I watch the news and see all of the destruction and anguish. And I feel grateful. Grateful that my husband is okay and grateful that while family might be powerless (quite literally), no real damage was done. So for all of you struggling right now, please know that BB is thinking about you and hoping for the best.

Take care of yourselves… Got it?