Who Likes to Rock the Party? Six Definite Party Pleasers...

I am basking in the glow of a successful wedding. I just love this feeling. Seriously, I wish I could bottle it and sell it (similar to how I feel after a kickass workout!). THIS is why I do what I do. And sometimes brideys, I need a reminder. And as I watched my two friends tie the knot in their cute, quirky and loveable way, I felt all of the tension and excitement from an awesome, but somewhat intense wedding season just melt away. It's couples like this make me want to throw a parade for all of you good ones out there... And by "good ones", I mean the couples that understand that a wedding is a celebration of two lives forever joined, not a stressful mess of all the pretty details. 

So, I'll give you the highlights as to why this wedding went so incredibly well (besides the fact that I was their planner):

1. The officiant was one of their best friends, and she was absolutely incredible. Their friend became ordained for the day, and not only wrote, but spoke so beautifully that there was not a dry eye in the place! It's important to have a connection with the person who is marrying you, but it's amazingly special to have it be somebody that knows both the bride and groom so well. (A well versed speaker is nice too!)

2. The bride and groom recessed down the aisle the theme from Star Wars. It was funny and unexpected (even for the groom). Actually... if it were up to the groom, the whole wedding would have had rocked a Star Wars theme. But, because the bride wanted the day to be a bit more traditional, this was a lovely surprise and compromise. And the whole room chuckled. 

3. Photographs were taken before the ceremony. So other then a few moments alone following their nuptials, they were able to join the party and really enjoy their friends and family. 

4. Open bar, awesome food and delicious cake. Need I say more? (My only little teeeny tiny gripe? My piece of cake was a bit small. So, I had to ask for another!!)

5. They hired a great DJ! He really did an amazing job. Seriously, he was so good that I lost my voice from singing at the top of my lungs, my body hurts in strange places from dancing (in heels of course), and I might have broken my pinky toe. That's a good DJ!

6. The bride and groom were able to stretch their budget (and stay within it) by having their wedding on a Sunday afternoon. So, they were able to relax, drink and engage with their guests without feeling as though the wedding took them for every dollar they had. And because of it, they are going on a kickass honeymoon, with some money in the bank.

Brideys, I hope that these highlights help you when your wedding planning feels a bit overwhelming. Just remember that it's about celebrating the rest of your lives together. Allow yourself to have a good time with the planning, but remember that the overall goal of the day is to have fun and love each other. 

BB wants to know... How is YOUR wedding going to rock the party?