There is No Better Friend Than a Sister...

Happy Thanksgiving brideys!! I hope you all made it to where you're supposed to be and are enjoying some time with family and friends. But, wherever you are I hope you are happy to be there... Me? I am quite happy. Yeah, my fucking car might have been stolen (Is There Really Always Something to be Thankful for?) with no word from the police, but I still managed to make it home, and have been enjoying myself ever since. Plus, I have an awesome Thanksgiving story to tell these days...

The best part? Hanging with my sister. She is truly my bestie, and getting some time to chill out, and even do nothing with her is fun (seriously, we both passed out in her bed while watching Homeland). But, better than doing nothing or feeling comfortable enough to fall asleep basically spooning each other? Going out for dinner with our husbands, having a few dreamy cocktails and enjoying some real time together. And I am truly grateful for it. 

After so many rushed phone calls and being too busy to really catch up, as hung over as I might be as I write this, I am so happy to be sitting at her kitchen table watching her make sweet potato soufflé. I am happy to be exactly where I am. It doesn't happen as often as I would like, so just being here, living in the moment and not planning every detail (of my life and the lives of my brides) is simply lovely.

And because she's my sister, she asked me what this post has to do with weddings and brides, and all I said is "Nothing. It has to do with you. I hope my readers like seeing the softer side of BB."

That's all I got. Happy Thanksgiving Brideys!