A Crazy Mother-in-Law, A Ripped Veil and A Broken Bustle... This is Pattie's Real Wedding Story

It doesn't get more real than this real wedding! A giant THANK YOU to Pattie for submitting her story and pictures of the how her wedding day really went down. Get comfy brideys, this is a juicy one!

Bridey, how did you meet your spouse?

Jeremy and I met in 2004 at Clemson University. Our roommates were dating and decided that we should meet! So we did! The rest is history!

How long were you together before you were engaged?

We were together just shy of 7 years! 

What was the length of time between the engagement and the wedding?

We were engaged for 14 months before our wedding. We had planned on a long engagement so that our families would be able to save some money to help pay for the wedding.

If you had to rate your wedding planning experience on a scale of one to ten with one being shitty, and ten being awesome, how would you rate it?

I would say my planning experience was about a 3! I was so excited to plan my wedding, and quickly realized that it wasn't going to be fun for me! I really hated most of it!

What was your favorite part of the wedding planning process? Least fave?

My favorite part of the wedding planning process was most definitely the brain storming sessions and extra time I had available to spend with my friends and family! My first wedding dress-shopping trip is probably my favorite memory! My least favorite part of the planning process for me was dealing with my mother-in-law who was just awful!

Did anything go wrong (that you were aware of) at your wedding? If so, we’d love to hear about it (and maybe even see a picture?). Allow us to learn from you, bridey! 

Actually, several things went wrong:

My father had purchased all of the liquor and beer for the wedding, and on the night of our rehearsal dinner, my mother-in-law threw the biggest shit fit about liquor and beer being on the property. So my dad backed down, and we didn't serve the liquor just beer and wine.

My bridesmaids and I had planned on getting ready at my in-laws house (like we were told we could do) so that we'd have plenty of room to spread out for hair and makeup. Once again my mother-in-law threw a shit fit, saying there wasn't any room at the house, and we'd just have to find somewhere else to get ready. Again, all of this mentioned at the rehearsal dinner.

The veil my mother had been making from the lace of her own wedding gown was ripped on a hanger on its way out the door to me! So, my mother and grandmother had to purchase a new veil for me the day of the wedding! (The original veil.)

My husband's rented tuxedo pants broke! They were super short! (I didn't realize this until after the fact!)

Because we (the bridesmaids) had to get ready at a hotel instead of at my mother-in-law’s house like we had planned, we missed taking photographs before the ceremony because we ran out of time. So we missed out on a ton of great shots!

Apparently, one of my bridesmaids and my mother-in-law got into an argument! Thank God I wasn’t there, because apparently it was awkward and awful! (Check out her cigarettes on the chair at the ceremony... So classy!)

The decorations were all wrong! From the ceremony arch to the centerpieces! Wrong, just wrong.

They played the wrong song during the sand ceremony.

Our wedding planner sucked. The whole day was completely unorganized and chaotic! She disappeared after my father paid her and before her job was finished. I think she left around 7:30 PM.

My bustle (that we paid to have changed from the manufacturer) came in wrong! It wasn't even the bustle we had paid for! What an annoying waste of money!

My husband and I are HUGE college football fans, so we decided to have the game on (our favorite team was playing) during the cocktail reception, which turned into basically an all night football fest. Around half of the guests surrounded the TV, watching football instead of enjoying the evening with us. Initially, I had said that the TV was fine during the cocktail hour, but once the reception started it was to be turned off. That didn't happen.

BB this list could go on and on! 

What was the biggest challenge you faced from the moment you were engaged to the day you walked down the aisle?

My mother-in-law. She was so pushy and obsessed about the wedding, that I literally could not enjoy a single thing. Even the things I was initially excited about were destroyed because of her! Everything from dress choice, to music, to food, to lighting! 

What advice do you wish you had before started planning your wedding?

That someone would have told me to hire a legit wedding planner! And, those friends of the family who do it for a living may not be the best option! I feel like if I had hired a wedding planner we didn't know, than my wedding would have been exactly what I wanted, and would have gone a hell of a lot smoother than it did!

Looking back, would you have done anything differently?

ALL OF IT! From day one down to every last piece of it! For one, we probably would have eloped. IF we didn't elope, I would have made sure the day went my way, and wouldn't care about someone else's opinion or feelings.

Bridey, please provide the most valuable lesson you learned while planning your wedding.

The most valuable lesson I learned is that it's only one day! So when it came down to it, soak it in and enjoy the day! Drink in the moment of celebrating the joining of your life with the person you love! I'm really glad that I never lost sight of what the day and the event were truly about!

Industry Folk (aka Vendors):

Photographer: Angela Cox of Angela Cox Photography

Rentals: Snyder Rentals

Dress: Casablanca via Deborah's Bridal

Bridesmaid Dresses: Allure via Dimitra's Designs out of Greenville, SC.

Tuxedos: JoS. A. Bank

Wedding Bands: Polly's Fine Jewelry

Venue: Family Farm

Decor: Family Farm

Officiant: John Carrignan

DJ/Cater/Cake/Florist/Planner: Family Friends