The Big C... It's Not What You Think

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This post will make you angry. This post will upset you to your core (at least I hope it will). This post will piss you off. But, most of all this post will open your eyes to everything I have been saying since BB's inception... Brides can be a real bitch! Seriously brideys, if you feel nothing after reading this, then you are in desperate need some help and fast! I feel passionately that this story will move you, and help put your world of wedding planning into PERSPECTIVE! And if it doesn't, then please... lose my number.

After the Blogcademy in NYC a few weeks ago, I have adjusted my thinking. I have been trying to be more helpful and still keep my edge. I have been trying to truly educate brides on how to be a better version of themselves through anecdotes, etc. But, for one moment, I need to regress. I need to rewind back to the BB that is going to swear like a damn trucker if I am going to do this story any justice. So please, bear with me.

Recently, as I was about to dig into a decadent breakfast with a friend of mine in the industry, she told me a story so hideous about a bride-to-be that I could hardly enjoy my blueberry pancakes (and that's a pretty big deal for me). Actually... I completely lost my appetite. She told me the tale of a bride who made the decision not to work with her once she got wind of her cancer. Yes, my friend had cancer and amazingly enough was still able to balance her job at the fancy venue and go through the torture of chemotherapy. But, apparently this bride was "worried that the details of the wedding might get lost to due to her condition, and didn't want to take chance that it would take a toll on her work." I'll let you digest that...

SERIOUSLY? WHAT. THE. FUCK? While I obviously understand the enormity of planning a wedding, and know that it is extremely important to have a competent manager executing the big day, it is also important to have some common fucking decency. If my friend felt as though she couldn't provide proper service or if her BOSS felt this way, then she would have stepped down voluntarily. But, not for this bridey bitch, for herself. So that she could take the time to adjust to her new reality, and get through it. And survive. 

Brideys, thankfully my friend is in remission, but this story still haunts her. It reminds her of just how inconsiderate brides can be when something or someone might get in the way of their perfect day. But, the best part? Her cancer has taught her to brush off the bullshit of wedding planning, and truly enjoy the day with the brides that deserve her excellence.