Happy Bridey, Happy Wedding (Planning)

Good morning brideys… I must admit I had to take some time off this weekend. I just needed a break. So, I forced myself to go MIA on Twitter, FaceBook and even Pinterest (I know! Can you believe it?). Because sometimes I just need to completely disconnect... And all I really wanted to do this weekend is play all by myself. It’s strange; sometimes you even need a break from the things you love. Like really love, like the way I love everything about Bitchless Bride. And admittedly, there are even some days that I need a break from my reality, my marriage and basically all responsibility. That’s not to say that I go crazy, cheat on my husband or steal shit, but when I feel this way, it’s important to focus on something that it’s important to me. And this weekend it was shopping, reading, catching up with an old friend and working out.

Brideys please let me remind you of something crucial. Ready? It’s okay to take a break from your wedding planning. Seriously, I don’t care if your wedding is next week! Take a little bit of time to do something that you used to do before the planning took over your life. Even if you are a bride who truly enjoys the process (good for you!), do something else even if it’s for half a day. Linger over a cup of coffee and people watch out the steamy window of Starbucks or Dean & Deluca. Read an actual book. Do something crafty that’s not for your wedding. Whatever! But, just do it! I promise you bridey, it will make the rest of your experience so much better if you remember who you were before your ring, and took care of yourself the way you used to before you had all of these decisions to make.

Because I just cannot help myself here comes my favorite word… Perspective! And trust me, I am about to give you a dose! I caught up with a cool-ass mom friend of mine this weekend (her kid is two and is already a total hipster!), and she told me that she finally found some balance after having her kid. I won’t get into the nitty gritty (because there are plenty of other blogs to read up on if that’s your thing), but I will share the advice her doctor gave to her that surprisingly, is completely applicable to every single one of you brideys. Her doctor said, “Happy mommy, happy child. You must remember to take care of yourself first.” And right now you’re probably like, that’s great BB, but how the fuck does this apply to me? Am I right?

Well, think about it… Think about your wedding planning like a child, and then ask yourself… Are you putting your wedding planning before yourself? Are you a happy bride? Are you taking care of yourself? If you’re not, then perhaps if you start taking better care of yourself (hence, taking a break once in a while to do shit just for you that’s not wedding related), then your “child”, aka, your wedding planning, will be happier for you too… See what I mean? If you are happy bridey, then the rest of it will fall into place.

Got it?

Are you a happy bride? What are you doing to keep yourself sane during your wedding planning?