She's a True Bitchless Bride, Nominated for Her Elegance and Grace

Hello brideys.... I didn't even know I wanted to do this. I mean, it wasn't on the radar or even near the radar, but as Bitchless Bride continues to grow, I am learning that it's not always about what I plan to do, it's about providing excellent content. And this, is excellent content.

I feel like it is my duty to share the following Bitchless Bride nomination with you. This story was submitted to me by a fellow wedding vendor, and it's so fucking fantastic, that I not only needed to show it to you, but it begs the question... Is there anybody you'd like to nominate as a true Bitchless Bride? 

Bridey: Christy

Wedding Date: 10/12/12

Submitted by: The Wedding Dress Shop 

As a vendor, I would love to nominate this bride as a true Bitchless Bride! She had ordered her gown for her wedding a little on the late side, but our ship date was three weeks before the big day, so we figured we were safe. About one week before the ship date, the designer told us that the dress was running late, so they would contact the factory and then follow up with us. We called the bride to let her know what was going on, and told her we would keep her posted.

For over a week, we called the wedding dress line every day, and kept getting the same run around... The designer was still waiting to hear back from the factory. Blah blah blah... With each call, we updated the bride, and ultimately she asked about a plan B. We decided to give the line one more day, and finally called her to come in to discuss her options. This bride was an absolute delight! And considering the situation... We were lucky she was so flexible!

A beautiful lace dress from another line happen to arrive that morning... The bride fell in love immediately, put it on, and it fit her body to perfection! It was amazing! She continued to try on a few more dresses (chiffon dresses that were similar to her original gown) and believe it or not, she found a chiffon dress that she loved too!

We felt so badly about the way the designer had handled the situation that we offered her a 30% discount on the lace dress, and since the chiffon dress had just been discontinued we offered her a 50% discount on that dress (neither dress had even been tried on!!!). So, she ended up with two dresses for the same price as her first gown.

This bride could have flown off the handle (and honestly, I wouldn't have blamed her one bit), but she breezed through the situation with grace and elegance!!! She was truly a Bitchless Bride!