You Did What??

Eloped. What?! Yup! They hopped on a flight to Vegas over the weekend, said, “fuck it”, and got hitched! No really they did… She had had enough, grabbed her fiancé and got married in Sin City. I could tell from the get-go that she wasn’t really into planning her wedding, but Vegas was the last thing on my mind. I mean, sometimes my brides just aren’t into it, and that is why they hire me in the first place, but she was different. She didn’t care… at all. It wasn’t like she even was indifferent; she just didn’t give a shit. And normally I love having free reign over the majority of the details and the planning, but something felt different with this bride. I started to wonder if this marriage was meant to be.

Funny (and sad) how my first instinct was doom and gloom. But, I hadn’t met her fiancé, she didn’t seem super thrilled discussing the details for the wedding, and our conversations would always tangent into talking about something else, so what was I supposed to think? It didn’t even occur to me that she would elope! She just didn’t seem like the type. But, I guess I have to ask… Is there a type?

I had know why. What happened? What goes through peoples’ heads when they go to the courthouse or Vegas or wherever, ALONE, and not have a wedding? How could they do that? And, you know what? What she told me will probably resonate with several of you. She was completely in love with her fiancé, but trying to please the families had become so draining that they felt like eloping was their only option. They wanted to get married, but the wedding itself had morphed into a giant mess of opinions, family dynamics and plain old torture. So after the second bottle of wine, and total honestly later… the plane tickets, fancy hotel and the silly little chapel were booked. 

My last question for her was if she had any regrets… Right? She said that while her mother hadn’t spoken to her in a month, she still wouldn’t have changed a thing because Pandora’s box would have been opened. If they invited parents, siblings or whomever, then they would be back to square one. Her only regret… Not getting to wear a real wedding dress. Her dress was lovely, but it wasn’t a wedding dress. “Oh well”, she said with a shrug… “Maybe for our 10th anniversary”…

What do you think?