Mr. Big

I want to know… who married their Mr. Big?

You see, a group of us in “the industry” were talking, and while we’ve all had a Mr. Big in our lives, none of us actually married him. More often than not, Mr. Big seems to represent something to us ladies that until we met him, we didn’t even know we wanted or was missing in the first place.

One of the wedding professionals I was speaking with said that as a girl who played the field for a long time, this man made her ponder what life would be like on the “other side”. You know, the side with a beautiful wedding, marriage, kids and a lovely house somewhere in suburgatory? She had never even considered that these things could be something she wanted before she met him. But, in typical Mr. Big fashion, they didn’t get married because he dumped her ass. It’s like he gave her a glimpse of the future, and then took off… (Obviously I know they ended up together in the movie, but that’s just it… it’s a fucking movie! If this situation were real life, then I doubt they’d be together! Hence why I am writing this post! ) The silver lining? She said that it was the best worst thing that ever happened to her. Mr. Big opened her eyes to a life that could be, one she hadn’t contemplated, and ultimately to her current husband.

Which leads me to my opening statement…

Who married their Mr. Big?