It was a beautiful day for a summer wedding. The air smelled sweet, the sun was shining and there was a light breeze to cool off the sweaty groom. The photographer led the bridal party outside for some lovely shots in the park when, all of a sudden a gust of wind carried the bride's dress across her face kissing her freshly painted lipstick. As I raced to my emergency bag for a remedy, I came back to find the bride.... Laughing? Huh? WTF? Wake up Bitchless, you MUST be dreaming… But, I wasn’t dreaming... I was wide awake, and listening to the sound of laughter. And you know what that bride said to me? "Now I know the dress is really mine." I shit you not. And I was baffled. Like SERIOUSLY fucking baffled.

But, I learned a lot that day. Outside of realizing that people still have the ability to surprise me, I learned that this bride was on to something. She knew that she could either let the stain on her dress become the stain on her day, or she could reapply her lipstick, smile at the camera and enjoy her wedding. I mean, she was marrying a great man, had all of her best girls around her, and got a beautiful day for her wedding. So what if a little lipstick got on her dress?

Brides, things will go wrong. Lipstick may end up on your dress, or your groom may forget your ring (happened to one of my brides recently... handed him the wedding band off of my finger and sent him down the aisle), or something worse. And if something does happen, remember this post because how YOU handle the situation will dictate how much you enjoy your wedding day. K?

(BTW… there’s really no good way to get lipstick out of a wedding dress. The best bet? Cover the stain with baking soda…)