The Tube of Desperation: Nasogastric Tube

I’m really busy today, so this is going to be a quick one… But, I just couldn’t resist throwing in my two cents regarding the New York Times story about a bride using a nasogastric tube  to lose weight… All I have to say is “are you FUCKING kidding me”? Brides, are you so desperate to lose weight before your wedding that you are sticking a fucking tube down your throat? Really? REALLY?

I’ve the luxury of spending time with you crazy bitches when you’re on a restricted diet, but I’ve never done a final meeting with a bride sporting a tube for nourishment so she can lose those last finicky 10 pounds. My God… There are people in this world who HAVE to seek nourishment from a tube because they are ill and dying, who don’t have a choice, and you are volunteering! SO sad… and you know what? I bet those unfortunate people who NEED that tube are wishing they could just have a wedding…a future… This is an all time low… Makes me fucking sick.