Be Smart... Hire a Professional

Remember the phrase “don’t shit where you eat”? I know I am being vulgar right now, but it’s the only way I can think of that will get my point across. How about this… Don’t hire your friends or family to perform a service for your wedding. Don’t have your soon to be brother-in-law photograph your wedding. Don’t have your best friend who enjoys baking make your wedding cake. And don’t have your cousin disc jockey. You know why? Because they will fuck it up… Yeah yeah yeah… I know they are like the most incredible photographer, and you’d save a ton of money on an already tight budget, or that your cousin is an A MAZ ING dj, and spins at the coolest clubs in Vegas, but it doesn’t matter because on your wedding day, you don’t want to have to worry about ANYBODY else besides you (and your groom).

Take this story and run with it... One of my brides DID have her now brother-in-law (BIL) photograph the wedding. And you know what happened? Her pictures sucked. They were pretty much all of the groom and his side of the family. Seriously, there is hardly a picture of the bride walking down the aisle with her father. This loser didn’t even get the most basic shot of ANY wedding. The bride and her father! The pictures are mostly reaction shots of the groom and his family (and not very good ones). You see her BIL is not a wedding photographer. He’s a fucking nature photographer, and takes pictures of zebras and shit… Clearly his point of view wasn’t in line with the bride. Like, at all. And insult to injury? They met several times prior to the wedding to discuss the photographs, and what was important, blah blah blah… Like it mattered! If he wasn’t photographing a lion or cheetah or whatever the fuck he takes pictures of, it’s was like he never held a camera in his life…

I can tell you without a doubt that my bride seriously regrets her decision not to hire a professional in “the industry”. There are no wedding day do-overs, so just listen to me right now, and don’t fuck it up in the beginning. Okay? You can’t rely on your friends and family to provide a service for your wedding. You shouldn’t. And, if you think about it, it’s actually unfair to place that kind of responsibility and pressure on them, not to mention that if they do fuck it up, you are no longer friends.

The worst part of the story? The bride can’t openly bitch to her husband about how bad the pictures are! Right? Totally sucks! Her husband knows the pictures weren’t perfect, but he doesn’t realize the extent of her disappointment. She just has to deal and keep her thoughts to herself. Unfortunately, family functions are a little awkward now… The lesson here if you haven’t totally absorbed my point through my vulgarity… Keep it professional. Don’t shit where you eat.