Kardashian Style

So, I’m just sayin’… I don’t blame Kim for calling it quits after 72 days of marriage. I know I’m like a little bit late (okay, like a lot late or whatever) writing this, but I can’t stop thinking about it, so I thought I’d share the Bitchless point of view on the topic. If Kim Kardashian wasn’t Kim Kardashian, and she was more like you or me or somebody without a shitload of money, fame and beauty, we WOULD feel badly for her and the situation she got herself into. But, because she IS Kim Kardashian, and she does have the money, fame and beauty, the press and every bride getting married crucified her for her decision to get out of a marriage she knew wasn’t right; quickly.

Yes, I know the wedding was televised. Yes, I know that the wedding cost about 10 million. Yes, I know that Kim Kardashian made out like fucking bandit pocketing 18 million. And yes, I know that we are all jealous. (I wish I could have had a hand in the planning, and I KNOW you wish you had that wedding! So we’re even!) But, the fact remains, if we strip away all of bullshit, she had her doubts as she walked down that incredible white and black aisle. Can you fucking imagine? Seriously, picture a “normal” wedding, and having aisle doubts, and now picture her wedding and having aisle doubts. That had to have been the longest walk of her life. I bet it probably felt more like walking the plank than an aisle. I mean, there’s pressure on all soon to be brides that can often be misconstrued as doubting your decision to marry the groom, but usually it boils down to nerves. But it wasn’t nerves with Kim, it was straight out doubt. And you know what? She got out. So it wasn’t before the wedding… so she made a ton of money, so so so…

Let’s not forget that Kardashian also managed to knowingly and publically humiliate herself by getting out of this marriage so fast. Think about it… she could have waited a few years. I mean it wouldn’t be unheard of for a celebrity marriage to end after 1-2 years and while the news would have had everybody talking, it probably wouldn’t have gotten the same amount of public scrutiny as it did after 72 days. Right?

So, for the haters out there that say it a publicity stunt to make money, I say that it was ballsy. I say we should thank her for setting an example for brides everywhere, for getting out of a marriage that wasn’t right and fast. And if this really WAS all about money, then don’t you think she would have rather turned to her very crafty mother, Kris Jenner, to find yet another way to make some more Kardashian quick cash? “I do.”