Work Hard, Play... Oh Wait, Work Hard

The industry” is recovering after working the entire Memorial Day weekend. While most of you were busy barbequing, beaching, Hamptoning, and even attending a few weddings, the peeps in the wedding industry were busy tending to your every need. And man we were busy! You see, a long weekend for us means long hours, long days, and sometimes long faces. We are on our feet creating that beautiful day for you, but you know what? We fucking love it!

As much as BB bitches about the crazy, bitch bride, the NON-CRAZY brides are what we live for… If you are nice to us, then we will give you as much as we possibly can because we WANT to make your day everything you imagined it to be, and then some! Hell, we might even get you a nice wedding gift! But, we also want to be compensated for our hard work, and fairly too. I really don’t know who started the whole negotiate with potential vendors until we are down on our knees begging for your business thing, but if I find them, then I’m gonna beat ‘em senseless (I won’t even take it outside)! It needs to stop.

A few weeks ago, Lauren Grove, founder of the blog, Every Last Detail, wrote an incredible blog post called, Why You Shouldn’t Negotiate with Wedding Vendors. You couldn’t see me, but BB stood up from our Eames desk chair and gave Lauren a standing ovation! We all did. Because EVERY vendor is truly passionate about this topic. And, why shouldn’t we be? I mean it’s only our livelihood we’re talking about. And everybody IS talking about it!

Paul Pannone of wrote yesterday that the, “Rising cost of operation and consumers demanding more value for less money has some business owners admitting the future doesn’t look bright.” Sad huh? And insult to injury? Do you have any idea how infuriating it is for us to have succumbed to lowering our prices only to watch you spend several thousand MORE dollars than you anticipated at the venue, and then shrug it off as if to say, “Oh well… It is my wedding after all”? And I gave you a discount? Fuck you!

In Lauren’s post, she offers a fantastic example of something you would never dream of doing:  “… telling the saleswoman at a Kate Spade store that you really love that yellow handbag that costs $300, and you only have $150, but you really really want it!” In a similar vein, you wouldn’t walk into Gucci, and demand that the sunglasses come WITH the scarf for the same price, would you? So why would you demand that our “extras” be included in our bottom line? In fact, it is even more offensive to us because most of us don’t have corporate backing…

Bridey’s, do your research because I am not suggesting or implying that you that should get or feel ripped off. I’m just saying that you need to know that WE have done OUR homework, and offer competitive prices to our peers. If that’s not what you’re finding, then you are not comparing apples to apples. Period. There is no negotiating with the best, because if you try, you might find that nobody’s reciprocating. These are our prices. Take it or leave it bitch.