Cupcakes: Time to Climb Down from that Tree

Maybe it’s because I want to be alone with a pile of cupcakes at this moment (yeah… BB is nursing a gin hangover, and clearly the best remedy is something sweet and possibly even something greasy), or maybe it’s because I’m currently working with some cool-ass brides and have nothing to share with you this second, but I feel like I owe it to the world to write about cupcakes. You see, Bitchless Bride is absolutely obsessed with cupcakes and anything cake related, and when it comes time for your cake tasting, I (as your planner) always find a way to be present whether my opinion is needed or not. But here’s the thing… BB is not a fan of replacing your wedding cake for a cupcake tree.

I know that I am the minority here because cupcakes are the total rage, blah blah blah, and I am not hating on cupcakes, but a cupcake tree at your wedding screams “Sweet 16” to me. I also hate seeing you and your groom cutting into teeny tiny 6” cake, which I feel completely diminishes the effect of the cake cutting. Not to mention that the rest of us are left usually a very small, “wedding size” cupcake, and frankly as a guest, I prefer a big honking piece of cake with a chocolate covered strawberry and some raspberry coulis.

So, if you are looking for something different to get out of the cookie cutter wedding thing, a cupcake tree is not gonna break the mold. In fact, you’re sliding right into it one cupcake at a time. It has been done… and a lot. So, try something a bit more unique and cool. If you really want to get them talking… Have the pastry chef or bakery whip up a cake shaped like a hot red Ferrari, and your give your guests individual car cakes for dessert. Right? Even a Dr. Seuss style cake is fun and totally different. But, if you are crazy for cupcakes and you are hating me for writing this post, then try something a bit cooler than "the tree"… Look up and check out those small individual box cakes wrapped in chocolate... AMAZING! Or a pie cake (look down). Yup! That’s pie! Now that’s fucking cool!

But, no matter what you do, please… for the love of God, can we move on from the fucking cupcakes? I’d even settle for an old school tiered wedding cake with pillars (HA! Look up!) just so I don’t have to see one more cupcake tree. C’mon ladies, get those creative juices flowing… you CAN be different, just think out of the “cup”.