Four Ways to Go From Bitch to Bitchless

Wait until you see our video rant tomorrow… I mean… All I have to say is you better sit down for this one… And this post is along the same vein… It’s called ENTITLEMENT bitches, and BB thinks it’s about time to lose it from your vocabulary.

If you saw our post on OneWed this week, you’ll read all about how Bitchless Bride made up a word that sounds as disgusting as the act itself. We call it Bridaldemia. And bridaldemia is what happens when brides start acting crazy once they get engaged. They literally transform into the darker version of themselves. I’ve seen it too many times, and the worst part? It’s contagious! It can easily spread to other newly engaged brides, and even your own parents. But, you have control over this ladies, you really do. And it’s up to you to make the choice not to be a total entitled bitch during your wedding planning. 

I’ve said it a million times, and if you saw our post from yesterday you know that shit will go wrong. It always does. But, instead of getting your panties in a bunch, here are a few ways you can drop the entitlement bullshit, and still get what you want:

1. Adjust your thinking. Recognize that things probably won’t go the way you expect them to during your wedding planning. And that’s okay. Just because it is different than you thought doesn’t necessarily equal a disaster. It’s just DIFFERENT than you anticipated, and different is okay.

2. Listen. Let the experienced wedding professionals educate you. Most of you haven’t planned a wedding before, and need some guidance; yet rage against the machine when offered a helping hand. So be open-minded. You don’t have to agree with every aspect, just be respectful of the professionals trying to help you because they don’t owe you anything. 

3. Watch your tone. You’re probably flashing back to childhood with this statement, but it’s true. You get more sugar with honey, and in this industry, if you are nice to the people helping you, you’ll be amazed at how much you get in return. So play nice. 

4. Fight the fights worth fighting. If your mom is driving you fucking nuts, then let her win a few arguments (like the ones that don’t really matter to you). Trust me, you’ll be able to use it as leverage later, and it’ll prevent you from transforming into a crazy entitled bitch.

So if she wants to add a chocolate covered strawberry to the cake plate, and you would prefer a simple and modern look, let her have it. That way when she wants to invite her pilates instructor to the wedding, you can say no and gently remind her that you are serving the wedding cake with a strawberry.

Well, there you have it! Add this to your wedding planning handbook brideys because I know it’ll come in handy. BB is all about bitch prevention, and it’s up to you to use it.