The Problem Planner – Vendor Management 101

Today on Huffington Post Weddings, BB wrote about the “problem guest” and what to do about it. But what if the problem isn’t the guest? What if you, bridey, don’t like the assigned wedding planner from the hotel or venue? Let me clarify, this is NOT the person YOU hire to help you plan your entire wedding. This person is hired by the fancy hotel or venue to walk you through the menu, floor plan, logistics (taking place at their establishment), etc. Basically your wedding is happening in their “house”, and this is the assigned manager you are going to be working with on the details. But, what if you don’t like them? What should you do?

Having held this position in my past, I suggest that you cut the cord. And soon. And bridey, you don’t have to be an asshole; just ask if there is anybody else you can work with… And tell the truth. If you don’t feel as though the two of you are the best fit, then say just that. Don’t beat around the bush, and don’t go into too much detail. But remember, this is your wedding, there is a lot to accomplish, so if it’s not “love at first sight” or you just don’t “feel it” with this person, now is not the time to suck it up. Be straightforward, be honest and move on.

BUT… there is one item I’d like to focus on before you are so quick jump ship. I have worked with plenty of planners who are incredible at their job, super detail oriented, but lack the “bedside manner” that most of you brideys desire (and might need) to get you through such an intense time in your life. However, that does not mean that this person is not good at their job or that your wedding will suck. It just means that they are not going to give you the sugar and fluff. And if it’s the sugar and fluff you are after, then ask to switch. But, if you want a well-organized, well-planned day, then get over the fluff and stick it out. Because while they won’t sugarcoat the bullshit, they are excellent planners, and oftentimes this can be misconstrued as rude. 

So, bottom line? THINK before you make the switch. If you truly aren’t feeling the love, then of course, move on. But, if this isn’t a fluffy kind of person, but comes across as put together and sharp, you might be missing out on a fantastic planner.