Fool Me Once, Shame on You; Fool Me Twice, Fuck You

So.... remember that post BB wrote as a my OWN vendor vent? You know, the one about how I got fucked over in front of my client when one of my vendors didn't show up for an appointment? Well, all of the feedback I received on BB and via my personal contacts said to give him another chance. We all agreed that because he was protecting existing business (he had to deal with an issue that would have effected the success of a wedding he had that evening, and therefore he did not make our scheduled meeting), he HAD to take care of the business he already had versus potential new business.

Well, from this day forward I will never trust again. Yes, I am being dramatic (how does it feel brideys?). But, honestly, I defended this vendor who I have worked with several times in the past, and he fucked up... twice... WITH THE SAME CLIENT. Listen, I get that shit happens in this business, I get it. But, I am in this business too, and I was on time, prepared and fucking "on", so I'm sorry if I expect the same professional courtesy from you. You don't get to be a half hour late to this appointment. In fact, you don't even get the luxury of being on time after "no showing" at the last one. Be there early. Be there with fucking bells on. Be there on your knees apologizing for the last time. Because you already fucked up once. Because you got a second chance... and because we all know that second chances don't come along too often.

So, I fired you. I fired you before we even hired you. When you called, I told you not to bother showing up. Go home. And fuck you. Fuck you because now this bride is doubting "the industry" as a whole. She's doubting all of the hard work that we have already put into this wedding. And actually, now she's doubting if the other vendors (who we've already hired) will show up on her wedding day. Seriously, thanks for making me suffer through a three hour dinner reassuring my bride that "WE'RE" not all the same.