Shake it Like a Polaroid Picture

I know that this topic isn’t really BB material (more like material from my friends at Date Daily...), but I just HAVE to share the most amazing pick-up “line” I have EVER seen with my BB peeps. Like, I wish I were back on the prowl just so I could use this strategy. NO, seriously!

So, hypothetically, let’s say that I was on a mini East coast staycation (like you didn’t know I was East coast with my ‘tude), and that I was hypothetically having a few delicious cocktails at The Spotted Pig in the West Village. And let’s say that I was sitting next to some pretty hot chicks that were just hanging out enjoying some time with friends. When out of nowhere, this incredibly handsome man appears at the bar. He is carrying nothing but a POLARIOD camera. Yes, a fucking Polaroid camera. He places an order with the bartender and waits for his drink. When all of a sudden he has eye contact with one of these chicks. And so it begins… 

“Hi.” He said in the most suave voice I have ever heard. 

“Hi.” The hot chick said back.

“Your dress is beautiful. It fits you nicely.” He says in a matter of fact kind of way.


“Oh my God. Thanks!” she blushes.

“In fact, you all look beautiful this evening. I’d love to take your picture.” Said the handsome man.

REALLY? I am totally dying as I am watching this shit go down. But here comes the best part:

“Sure! Take our picture. Wait… is that a Polaroid camera? That is so funny! Who has a Polaroid camera anymore?” they asked.

You know who has a Polaroid camera? The dude that just took your picture, and who is taking you home! That’s who! Fucking genius!! Right? Not only do they have a memento of the evening, but it all happened in such a unique way, that even if it is just for the night, it’s definitely one that I bet she’ll never forget!

And you know what? Maybe they will get married. I did. I met my husband in a bar. There was no Polaroid, but he was pretty clever and handsome, so I took him home…

Where did you meet your sig other? Was there a fantastic line involved?